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Think you know all about the NFL and it's Draft Day? Challenge yourself and your Fantasy League nemesis with this quiz!

The 2016 NFL Draft is the _____ annual meeting of National Football League franchises?

The draft was started in 1936!


What is the purpose of the draft?

The NFL franchises get a chance to select these newly eligible players. 96 underclassmen announced their intention to enter the 2016 draft!


The Tennessee Titans traded the right to the top pick in the draft to what team?

The Titans traded the right to the Los Angeles Rams. It was the first time the top pick was traded before the draft since 2001.


What is another name for the draft?

Teams select eligible college football players. It serves as the league's most common source of player recruitment!


In 2016’s Draft, who has first selection?

The Los Angeles Rams kicked the Draft and make the first overall selection. The Eagles made the second pick!


In what year was the draft finally televised?

1980 was the first time the NFL draft was on TV. Chet Simmons, president of ESPN, asked the NFL commissioner if ESPN could broadcast the event. Rozelle’s response? “Why would you want to do that?” In 2013, nearly 8 million people watched the draft on TV!


Which team set a record for first-round selections in the 2000 NFL Draft?

The New York Jets made a record four first-round selections in the 2000 NFL Draft. The four players they selected, TE Anthony Becht, QB Chad Pennington, DE John Abraham and DE Shaun Ellis – would spend at least 11 seasons in the league!


What order are draft positions given?

The basic design of the draft is that each team is given a position in the drafting order in reverse order relative to its record in the previous year, which means that the last place team is positioned first!


What do the teams have the option of doing?

The team can either select a player or trade their position to another team for other draft positions, a player or players, or any combination thereof! This gives them lots of leeway to get the players they want.


How many rounds are currently in the draft?

Currently the draft consists of seven rounds. The original rationale in creating the draft was to increase the competitive parity between the teams as the worst team would, ideally, have chosen the best player available.


What month is the Draft held?

The NFL Draft is always held over a weekend in April - It is halfway between the date of the Super Bowl and the beginning of training camp in July!


How many picks are in each round?

The average round consists of 32 picks, which allows each team approximately one pick per round (since there are 32 clubs). Some teams have more than one pick in a round, and some teams may not have any picks in a round!


Until the advent of ____ in 1993, a team that drafted a player could force him to play for that team.

A team that drafted a player could force him to play for that team as long as the team still wanted him for his whole career! Yikes.


How are draft players chosen?

In the early years of the draft, players were chosen based on hearsay, print media, or other rudimentary evidence of a player's ability. In the 1940s, some franchises began employing full-time scouts. The ensuing success of their corresponding teams eventually forced the other franchises to also hire scouts.


In December 1934, the NFL introduced a ______.

Any player released by a team during the season would be able to be claimed by other teams. The selection order to claim the player would be in inverse order to the teams' standings at the time.


In what year did the first NFL draft begin?

The first draft began at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Philadelphia in 1936. Ninety names were written on a blackboard in the meeting room from which the teams would choose and there was no scouting at the time!


Who was the first scout?

Kotal became the first scout in 1946. He was hired by Dan Reeves of the Los Angeles Rams. The team was moved to St. Louis for many years and in 2016 they are back in LA!


In what round was Tom Brady drafted?

Brady was selected by the New England patriots, a compensatory pick, in the sixth round of the 2000 NFL draft. He is still currently their Quarter Back!


What television network broadcasts draft day?

Fans can watch the draft in its entirety on NFL Network and ESPN/ESPN 2. Chet Simmons, president of ESPN, asked the NFL commissioner if ESPN could broadcast the event. Rozelle’s response? “Why would you want to do that?” In 2013, nearly 8 million people watched the draft on TV!


This event, in February, is another chance for teams to get familiar with the players?

The combine is an annual event where more than 300 of the top draft-eligible players are invited to showcase their abilities!


What is a Pro Day?

Scouts can look at players. Each university has a pro day, where NFL scouts are allowed to come and watch players participate in the events that take place at their own school. This is done as it is believed that players feel more comfortable at their own campus than they do at the Combine and therefore should perform better.


How many clubs currently participate in the draft?

Currently, each of the 32 clubs receives one pick in each of the seven rounds of the NFL Draft (the number of teams drafting has changed over time, and there have been as many as 30 rounds in a single draft).


Who approves a trade between two clubs?

Both clubs call the head table, where Fiore and staff monitor the league’s phones. Each team must relay the same trade information to the league to have a trade approved!


What is the “war room”?

Where a draft decision is made by a team. On draft day, the team's key personnel huddles together in the War Room. It's in this room that the decision is made about whom to draft. The selection is then relayed to a team representative at Madison Square Garden, who submits the selection to an NFL official, who then announces it!


When determining selection in draft order, if two teams tie, which is a tiebreaker?

1. Strength of schedule%0D2. Division tiebreakers (if the teams are in the same division).%0D3. Conference tiebreakers (if the teams are in the same conference).%0D4. Coin flip(s), which occur(s) at the pre-draft NFL Combine.%0DThese were all the ways to break ties in draft order!


Why do teams trade?

Once teams are assigned their draft positions, each pick is an asset: It’s up to the club’s executives to either select a player or trade the pick to another team to improve its position in the current or future drafts. Teams may negotiate trades at any time before and during the draft and can swap draft picks or current NFL players to whom they hold the rights.


To be eligible for a draft, a player must have been out of high school for at least ___ years.

Players must have been out of high school for at least three years and must have used up their college eligibility before the start of the next college football season. Underclassmen and players who have graduated before using all their college eligibility may request the league’s approval to enter the draft early.


Besides trading their players for players from other teams, and drafting college players who have declared themselves eligible, what is the 3rd method NFL teams use to develop their roster?

Signing players is the whole point of the 2-day event!


How many college football seniors are drafter by an NFL team?

Only one in 50 college football seniors are drafted by an NFL team, according to the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). That means that just nine in 10,000, or .09 percent, of high school senior football players are eventually drafted by an NFL team!


What team has drafted someone with no prior football experience?

The Dallas Cowboys have drafted two players with no football experience! Olympic gold-medallists Carl Lewis in 1984 (12th round) and Bob Hayes in 1964 (7th round). Hayes took the ball and ran with it, while Lewis turned down the Cowboys for more Olympic gold.


How much are tickets to the Draft?

Tickets to the NFL draft are free and made available to fans on a first-come first-served basis. The tickets are distributed at the box office the morning of the draft, one ticket per person!


The rounds are ____.

The rounds are timed, with the first being 10 minutes per team, the second 7 minutes and the remaining rounds are 5 minutes!


The NFL allows each team to spend a limited amount of __________ to sign rookies (including undrafted players).

Teams with higher picks get a higher rookie salary cap allocation! Everyone is hoping to be in earlier rounds.


Unlike drafted players, rookie free-agents will get paid what?

The drafted players are paid salaries commensurate with the position in which they were drafted. High first-round picks get paid the most, and low-round picks get paid the least. These rookie free-agents usually do not get paid as well as drafted!


This Denver Bronco’s player was selected in the fist round of the 1998 NFL Draft?

Peyton Manning, was selected in the first round with the first overall pick of the 1998 NFL Draft. (and what a good choice he was!) 2015 was his final year playing!


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