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A long time ago ... you used to know everything about the teen detective from Neptune. Do you still? We've created a quiz on Veronica and her coastal Californian, haves-and-have-nots world. Test your Neptune knowledge now!

What is the name of the show's San Diego-adjacent town?

Veronica calls it "a town with no middle class," though that's a bit of an exaggeration.


What is the nickname of Neptune High's wealthy in-crowd?

The full (fictitious) zip code is 90909.


What office did Veronica's dad, Keith Mars, use to hold?

Neptune is not incorporated, therefore doesn't have a police chief.


How did Jake Kane get rich?

On the day the stock went public, Veronica says, everybody in Kane's business became millionaires, even the secretarial pool.


What 80s heartthrob played Aaron Echolls?

His real-life wife, Lisa Rinna, played Aaron's wife Lynn.


What was the name of Veronica's dog?

The name supplied the punchline for a joke: "When you go after Jake Kane, take Backup," Keith says.


What was the name of Weevil's motorcycle gang?

Weevil's full name was Eli Navarro.


Throughout Season One, what mystery was Veronica trying to solve?

While Lilly Kane's murder is most often cited as the meta-story, Veronica was dealing with all three issues in Season One.


What is Wallace Fennel's extracurricular activity?

Though not very tall, Wallace is a standout on the court.


In the pilot, why does Veronica think Duncan broke up with her?

Duncan's motivations weren't revealed until the end of the season.


Who appears to be Lilly Kane's murderer, before Abel Koontz confesses?

As you probably know, it wasn't Koontz, either.


Where do Veronica and Logan first kiss?

The unexpected kiss, which took place on a second-story walkway, electrified the Mars fandom.


Who was actually revealed as Lilly Kane's murderer?

Neither Jake nor Celeste were ideal parents, but they weren't involved in her murder.


Who is Veronica dating as Season Two opens?

Duncan is a much more sane and together character in the second season.


Who was the sole survivor of the bus crash?

Alona Tal, who played Meg, went on to a recurring role in "Supernatural."


Which two characters fail drug tests in "Normal is the Watchword"?

They were dosed without their knowledge, via cookies in a gift basket.


Who does Lucy Lawless play in the pivotal episode, "Donut Run"?

The feds get involved when Duncan takes his baby and flees Neptune.


What does Duncan rename his daughter?

Faith was the name Meg's parents gave the child.


How do Mac and Cassidy embarrass Dick at the Winter Carnival?

The hooker poses as a student's mother.


What secret is Jackie's father, Terrence, hiding?

Terrence opens up about this to Keith Mars while he's under investigation in the bus crash.


What was the nickname that Cassidy Casablancas hated?

The show could be heavyhanded with its matching names: DIck and Beaver, Kane and Abel, Bishop and Knight, Mars and Neptune, etc.


What is Veronica diagnosed with late in Season Two?

Naturally, this was a setup that paid off in the next episode.


What popular 80s actor played child molester Woody Goodman?

Woody had chlamydia, which he transmitted to Veronica's rapist.


Who was arrested just before graduating from high school?

Weevil was suspected in the murder of the PCHer Thumper.


Who was revealed to be Veronica's rapist and the bus bomber?

He went out with a bang, blowing up a plane before leaping from a hotel roof.


What secret does Jackie Cooke reveal in "Not Pictured"?

The second season ended Tessa Thompson's run on the show.


Who killed the newly-released Aaron Echolls?

Clarence committed the murder on behalf of Duncan Kane.


What is the name of the fictional university that Veronica enters as a freshman?

Yes, that's right -- Neptune is too small to have its own police department, but hosts a major university.


Who else from Neptune High is at Hearst?

Despite what some fans wanted, Mac and Veronica weren't roommates.


What was the overarching mystery for much of Season 3?

The campus-rape plotline was introduced in Season 2, when Troy Vandegraff was accused.


Where did Rob Thomas get financing for the Veronica Mars movie?

Kristen Bell joined him in the successful Kickstarter effort.


What is Veronica's career path in the movie?

She's also living with "Piz" Piznarski in New York.


What is Logan's surprising career in the movie?

He's come a long way since his "obligatory psychotic jackass" days.


What currently-hot actress reprised her role as Gia Goodman from Season 2?

Ritter can now be seen in Netflix's "Jessica Jones."


Which band wrote and performed the theme song for "Veronica Mars"?

The theme was reworked in a slower, moodier style for the third season.


Who played shady, buffoonish PI Vinnie Van Lowe?

We just had to include one question about Keith and Veronica's lovable but not-so-principled nemesis!


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