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Take it back to the '80s with your favorite bachelor and slob-in-charge - Uncle Buck! Let's see how much you remember about this comedy film that stars John Candy.

In which year was the premiere of Uncle Buck?

Uncle Buck premiered on August 16, 1989. It grossed more than $8 million in its opening weekend!


Which famous actor plays the role of Uncle Buck?

John Candy passed away on March 4, 1994, at the age of 42. He died of a heart attack in Durango City, Mexico.


What was Buck's last name?

Buck Russell had a brother, a sister-in-law, two nieces, and a nephew. Buck led a different lifestyle than his brother's family.


What is the name of Buck's brother?

Bob was played by actor Garrett Brown. He also played roles in other films such as Fun with Dick and Jane in 2005, Gridiron Gang in 2006, and Hello, My Name is Frank in 2014.


What is the name of Bob's wife?

Cindy Russell was portrayed by actress Elaine Bromka. Bromka has been an actress for more than 30 years, also appearing in shows such as Days of Our Lives, Law and Order, and Sex and the City.


Who are Miles and Maizy?

Miles is 8 years old, while Maizy is 6 years old. Miles is portrayed by Macaulay Culkin and Maizy by Gaby Hoffmann.


What is the name of the Russells' flirty neighbor?

Marcie Dahlgren-Frost is portrayed by actress Laurie Metcalf. Laurie was born on June 16, 1955, in Carbondale, Illinois. She is also known for her role as Jackie on Roseanne from 1988-1997.


Who is Buck's oldest niece?

Tia Russell is portrayed by actress Jean Louisa Kelly. She was born on March 9, 1972, and, following her debut in Uncle Buck, she went on to appear in Mr. Holland's Opus, The Fantasticks, and CBS Sitcom Yes, Dear.


Who is Tia's boyfriend?

Bug was played by actor Jay Underwood. Jay started his film career in The Boy Who Could Fly in 1986, and his most recent film was called No Greater Love in 2010.


What color car does Buck drive?

Buck drove a dilapidated 1977 Mercury Marquis. The car poured smoke and backfired to a T and everyone had to cover their ears every time!


What does Buck keep in the trunk of his car?

At one point in the movie, Buck takes out a golf club and hits a few balls that hit Bug as he runs away down the street. Buck does this out of his love for his niece, Tia.


What is the name of Buck's girlfriend?

Chanice was portrayed by actress Amy Madigan. She is not only an actress, but also a producer and singer. She attended Chicago Conservatory of Music and Marquette University.


What is wrong with the clown that Buck hires for the Miles' birthday party?

Pooter the Clown was played by actor Mike Starr. Buck ends up punching him in the face, to tell him to get out and that he's not coming into the house for the kid's party like that!


What is the name of the school assistant principal?

Assistant Principal Anita Hogarth was portrayed by actress Suzanne Shepherd. She also appeared in Goodfellas and The Sopranos.


What does Buck give to Mrs. Hogarth?

Buck says to the assistant principal, who has a mole on her face, "Take this quarter, go downtown, and have a rat gnaw that thing off your face! Good day to you, madam."


What is Chanice's last name?

Chanice and Buck have been together for 8 years and Chanice wants to get married and start a family. Buck agrees to work with her but when Bob calls to watch the kids, Buck has to delay and Chanice thinks Buck is lying to get out of working!


Where does Chanice work?

Kobolowski Tires is the name of her shop. She takes her work seriously and wants Buck to work there too, so they can get married!


Where does Buck dry his socks and other laundry?

Buck can't get the washer to work, so he decides to take matters into his own hands. Maizy tells her teacher that her uncle microwaved their socks because he couldn't get the "goddamn washing machine to work!" She was sent to the principal's office after that!


Why do Bob and Cindy call Buck to watch the kids?

Cindy's father has had a heart attack. She and Bob need to fly to Indianapolis to go see him.


How does Buck make a living?

Buck goes to the race track and bets on horse races that are rigged. He makes money that way and is otherwise unemployed, much to the dismay of his family members and girlfriend.


Where do Bob and Cindy Russell live with their family?

The Russell family has moved from Indianapolis to a Chicago suburb, much to the dismay of their oldest daughter, Tia. She makes sure her parents know how miserable she is in their new hometown.


Where does Cindy's father live?

Tia is upset that the whole family is not traveling back to Indianapolis to see Cindy's father. She lays a guilt trip on Cindy about having left Indianapolis and moving to Chicago in the first place, but they did so because of Bob's job.


Which kid gives Buck the most trouble while he is watching them?

Tia Russell is played by Jean Louisa Kelly, who also appeared in many television series. Some of the shows include Law & Order, Cold Feet, Yes, Dear, Ally McBeal, and Grey's Anatomy. Her most recent TV appearance was in Sin City Saints in 2015.


What does Buck make for Miles on his birthday?

Buck makes giant pancakes the size of the kitchen table! Miles is stunned when he walks into the kitchen and sees his uncle making him birthday breakfast.


What team sport does Buck play regularly?

Buck belongs to a bowling league. He and Chanice have bowling shirts with their names on them!


What does Buck do with Bug when he finds him with another girl?

Buck goes to find Tia at a party and he finds Bug hooking up with another girl. He kidnaps Bug, ties him up, and throws him in the trunk of his car. He then lets him out while hitting golf balls at him, while Bug runs away down the street.


Where does Buck live?

Buck lives in an apartment in downtown Chicago. He smokes, eats too much, and doesn't have a job.


Buck tries to tell Tia that Bug is only interested in ________.

Buck can see right through Bug and knows that he's not a good choice for Tia to get involved with. Tia doesn't see this and resents Buck for getting in her way.


Who does Chanice think Buck is cheating on her with?

Marcie certainly flirts with Buck but he is not really interested in her. He appeases her, but deep down he really loves Chanice. Tia suggests to Chanice that Buck is involved with Marcie, but that is not the case.


By the end of the film, where will Buck go to work?

Chanice has offered him a job for a long time and Buck has been putting it off. Finally at the end of the movie, life is moving in a positive direction for Buck.


Upon Bob and Cindy's return from Indianapolis, who does Cindy reconcile her differences with?

Cindy and Tia were at odds throughout the movie. Specifically, Tia was upset with Cindy and blamed her for moving the family to Chicago when Tia wanted to stay in Indianapolis.


The film ends by freezing on a frame of what?

The final scene shows Buck saying goodbye to the family. He shares a nice smile and wave with Tia and the movie cuts to the credits.


Who was the director of Uncle Buck?

John Hughes was a writer and director of many great '80s teen films. He died on August 6, 2009, at the age of 59 from a heart attack.


How old is Tia?

Tia is only 15 but growing up fast. She acts, and tries, to be older, often having an attitude with not only her younger siblings, but also her parents and uncle.


What does Buck do with Marcie in the living room?

Buck says to Marcie, "What is this? Dirty Dancing?" Then he dips her several times and they end up bashing heads together!


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