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The Walking Dead is a blood-soaked, violent and occasionally heart-touching American television series based on a comic book series by the same name. The comic books, which were written by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore and Charlie Adlard, were first published in 2003 and after winning several awards, it was picked up and adapted into the television series by AMC which first premiered in the fall of 2010.

Set in a post apocalyptic world, the series is centered around the lead character Rick Grimes, who after being in a coma, wakes up to find the world which he once knew is now overrun by zombies. Throughout the first five seasons, we see him and his newfound family of survivors struggle to find food, fight off zombies  and opposing groups of survivors alike.

The villains are usually not the undead, leading to one of the show's underlying themes that we humans are our own biggest enemies.

Now in the middle of its 8th season, let's take a look back at some of the best and most memorable moments from the first 5 seasons. Just how much do you remember? Do you know the timeline of certain events? And would you be able to identify a character from season 1 if you were shown one? There is only one way to find out, and that's by taking this quiz!

What was Glenn's occupation prior to the apocalypse?

He delivered pizzas before walkers started eating BrAiNs!!!


What did the residents of Terminus eat to survive?

Occupants of Terminus were taught to believe that no good was left in the world. They adopted a new ideology built on the idea of taking advantage of trusting people so that they themselves can survive. This is evident in their motto: "You're the butcher or you're the cattle."


How many family members has Maggie lost?

Hershel (father), Josephine (mother), Annette (step mother), Shawn (brother), and Beth (sister).


What caused Gabriel’s guilt?

"You’ll burn for this", were the last words written by Gabriel’s congregation before they were eaten.


In season 4, when Daryl was separated from the main group, he temporarily joins a group of men. What word did they say to gain ownership of newly found supplies?

The first person to say "claimed" kept the item.


Which sinister decoration did The Governor have in his house?

His walker trophy case was a wall of fish tanks containing the heads of walkers floating in murky water.


Which location was the group navigating towards in the 5th season?

They were headed to Washington DC since Eugene believed it would be the best place to survive the apocalypse. He lied to convince the group to head there.


What noise did Rick hear right outside of Alexandria?

He heard the laughter of children from outside the gate, that is how he knew that Alexandria was legitimate.


Which character attacked Terminus from the outside in an attempt to free Rick and his group?

Carol = Badass (She blew up a propane tank which breached the fence of terminus).


Where are Daryl and Merle from?

Daryl and Merle were raised on the mountains in Northern Georgia.


What did the group learn when Shane died?

The moment that Shane came back as a zombie was a shock to us all, the group then learned at the CDC that the virus was already inside of them.


How long was Rick in a coma?

Rick was in a coma for 45 days. The whole world changed in only a month and a half.


Which character did Rick first meet after leaving the hospital?

After getting hit with a shovel. "Daddy! Daddy! I got the SOB! I'm going to smack him dead!"


Where did the group find Carol's daughter?

The group spent days looking for Sophia in the woods, but it turned out that she was with all the other walkers in the barn.


In season 1, what did Rick use for transportation to get to Atlanta?

The car ran out of gas, so naturally the next best option is a pure-bred horse.


What was Hershel's occupation?

The group finds out that Hershel is a veterinarian before he saves Carl's life in season 2.


Which letter is being carved onto the foreheads of walkers in Season 5?

W is short for Wolves--a band of nefarious survivors.


Which character lied to Abraham and the group about his knowledge of Washington D.C.?

Eugene lied about his knowledge regarding a possible vaccination or cure to the virus in order to gain the trust and protection of Abraham.


Which character has the most on-screen walker kills through the Season 5 finale?

As of Season 5, Daryl had 141 on-screen confirmed walker kills. Who knows how many squirrel kills?


What is the reason Eugene gives for his mullet hair style?

When asked, he insists that he just likes it. Business in front, party in the back!


In Season 4, Daryl got in a fight with his temporary group over which animal?

Daryl and Len both shoot and kill a rabbit. Len then claims the rabbit and argues with Daryl in front of Joe, the leader, interrupts them and explains to Daryl that the group only has one rule, if they want something, they claim it. Joe then cuts the rabbit in half giving each a piece, since Daryl was not aware of the rule.


When in the prison, who was leaving rats at the fence to attract walkers?

She also mutilated the animal Tyreese found in the prison tombs. She never grasped the danger of a walker and was found playing tag with one later on in the show.


Which character killed and burned two people in the prison and was later exiled by Rick?

There was a sickness outbreak in the prison which threatened the safety of the group. Fearing for their safety, Carol killed and burned two people who were infected.


What snack treat does Carol make once she's settled in Alexandria?

Carol's world famous chocolate chip cookies. All that walker killing really does improve baking skills.


Whose weapon killed Hershel?

The Governor still had possession of Michonne's katana and used it to sever Hershel's head after failed negotiations with Rick over ownership of the prison.


How did The Governor lose his eye?

While fighting The Governor, Michonne managed to stab him in the eye with a piece of glass..


Who was the recruiter that brought the group to Alexandria?

Aaron watched Rick’s group from a distance to establish that they were good people. When his mind was made up he approached the group about coming to Alexandria.


When Rick first arrived in Atlanta, where did he hide when overrun by walkers?

He was pulled from his horse by a walker horde and found refuge inside of a conveniently placed vehicle of mass destruction.


What emblem is on the back of Daryl's vest?

He is an angel in his own way!


Which hand did Merle cut off while being handcuffed on the rooftop?

He sawed off his right hand to get away from walkers.


What was written on the Terminus sign?

This message was scrawled on buildings and signs along the road to Terminus.


What type of building was Terminus?

Terminus was the hub where the tracks meet.


How many times does Rick get shot in the car chase shootout scene of Season 1, Episode 1?

Rick gets shot once in the bulletproof vest and once in the side of his back.


Which is Daryl's weapon of choice?

With a crossbow, it's "One shot, one kill!"


In the Season 1 finale, which location does the group end up at?

The group finds protection inside the impenetrable walls of the CDC--well, until it self-destructs.


What life threatening event happened to Carl in the second season?

A neighbor of Hershel’s farm, Otis, accidentally shoots him when trying to hunt deer.


Where did Glenn propose to Maggie?

In season 3, Glenn proposed to Maggie with an engagement ring that he cut off a walker’s finger.


How many non-walker inmates does the group encounter in the Jail?

In Season 3, Episode 1, the group finds 5 individuals while clearing walkers: Axel, Thomas, Oscar, Andrew, and Big Tiny.


Who are "The Walking Dead?"

All of them are!


What does Dr. Jenner at the CDC whisper in Rick's ear in the Season 1 finale that leaves Rick visibly shaken?

It becomes evident that everyone is infected later, after Shane dies.


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