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Star Wars: Episode IV - A Hew Hope singlehandedly paved the way for many of today’s practices and traditions in filmmaking, from spectacular special effects to merchandising tie-ins. And yet, it incorporated classic storytelling techniques. Do you know the details of the movie that started it all? Take this quiz to find out!

The action in Star Wars generally happens where?

As the name implies. Star Wars depicts conflicts that are happening in outer space. Outer space refers to worlds and places outside of planet earth.

Star Wars practically elevated what genre of film storytelling to more respectable heights?

Before Star Wars emerged, sci-fi films were often relegated to “B Film” status. B Films of the 1950s and 1960s were small in budget, production values, and general appeal.

Who wrote and directed the first Star Wars film?

George Lucas was fascinated early on by stories happening in outer space. He wanted to create his own space story saga with the Star Wars film series.

Star Wars opens with which classic phrase before the theme song plays?

The phrase "A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…” appears just before the film title in the film. This standard opening line became one of Star Wars’ signatures, among many others.

As the opening theme song plays, the film is given context through words presented in what moving format?

The standardized opening crawl of each Star Wars film contains text that narrates the back story. The paragraph appears to be floating in space and appears to crawl from beneath the frame towards the center, until it disappears in the horizon.

The opening sequence reveals a fight scene between the villains' group and which group?

The Rebel Alliance is on a mission when the film opens. This establishes the existence of a civil war in outer space.

What is the name of the huge entity that the Rebel Alliance is fighting against?

The Galactic Empire is responsible for running a dictatorial rule over the known galaxy. As with other empires, its leaders are ruthless and tyrannical.

Who is the leader of the Rebel Alliance, the first one we see shooting it out with the Galactic Empire’s forces?

Princess Leia is dressed in white robes with her hair fixed in her signature bun style on the sides. The unusual princess is no damsel in leading the rebels against the empire.

Who is the main antagonist in the film?

Darth Vader commands and leads some of the attacks against the rebels. While recognized as one of the stellar dark lords, he still answers to a bigger evil boss.

What are the robotic white soldiers of the Galactic Empire?

The stormtroopers are the foot soldiers of the Galactic Empire. They’re trained to do one thing: shoot and kill the enemy.

Princess Leia records a distress message within which specific droid.

In the Star Wars universe, R2-D2 is considered an astromech droid. This is a droid, programmed with artificial intelligence, functioning as a mechanic that fixes spaceships.

R2-D2 is sent to which planet, to deliver Princess Leia’s message?

Tatooine is a planet with a desert-like surface, making it arid and hot. But it’s a significant planet for many reasons in the Star Wars universe.

R2-D2 lands on Tatooine with which other droid?

C-3PO is considered a protocol droid. His main purpose is diplomat-like, explaining his vast knowledge of cultural norms and varied languages.

R2D2 and C-3PO are picked up by what scavenger creatures after they land in Tatooine?

The Jawa traders are the scavengers that procure useful items and resell them. They are the hooded small creatures with glowing eyes.

After the Jawas sell the droids to moisture farmers, who ends up cleaning them?

Luke Skywalker’s uncle and aunt are simple moisture farmers in Tatooine. But Luke yearns for a better and more exciting life — which he will get soon enough.

Princess Leia’s message is intended for which recipient, that the droids try to find?

Obi-Wan Kenobi is disguised as a hermit in Tatooine. This is how Luke knows him, as “Old Ben” Kenobi.

The Jedi Knights, peacekeepers of the galaxy channel what ethereal matter for their so-called “powers"?

According to the Star Wars universe, The Force envelopes the galaxy, thereby guiding all living creatures. But The Force has a light side and it also has a dark side, as the film reveals.

Who played Princess Leia?

The iconic Princess Leia role went to Carrie Fisher when she was barely in her twenties. She resurrected this role in the latest Star Wars film, prior to her death.

Who played Luke Skywalker?

Mark Hamill portrayed Luke Skywalker in all of the Star Wars franchise films in which this character appeared, including the latest one. But he also made a good career as a voice actor, especially for animation projects.

From Obi-Wan’s stories, Luke learns that his father was originally a Jedi Knight. What is his father’s name?

Luke learns that his father, Anakin Skywalker, was Obi-Wan’s former student. Luke gets more excited by discovering his true heritage.

Who portrayed Obi-Wan Kenobi?

Sir Alec Guinness was a well-respected Shakespearean actor in England. But he also had a successful Hollywood acting career.

All of the trouble in Star Wars revolves around the rebel plot to destroy which Empire space station?

The Death Star’s existence is the main plot device that will glue the seemingly random characters in this first Star Wars film together. The rebels stole its plans so they could study how to destroy it.

In the R2-D2 hidden message, Princess Leia instructs Obi-Wan to take the stolen Death Star plans to her planet, Alderaan. Who does Obi-Wan contract to take him there?

Han Solo is a sort of rogue smuggler, out to make a quick profit with less trouble. But he soon finds out that he has bitten off more than he can chew with this crew.

Han Solo flies which spacecraft?

Han Solo makes a deal with Obi Wan to take him, the droids, and Luke to Alderaan. They all fly inside the huge but swift Millennium Falcon.

Who is Han Solo’s flying partner?

Chewbacca is a very tall creature, called a Wookiee. He doesn’t speak like humans, but Han seems to communicate well with him as his first mate.

What weapon, that originally belonged to Luke's father, Anakin, does Obi-Wan give to Luke?

The lightsaber is the signature weapon of the Jedi Order. It comes in various colors, depending on who’s using it.

Aside from being a farmer’s apprentice, Luke Skywalker is training to become what?

Back in Tatooine, Luke is shown with his own ship. His pilot knowledge will soon be utilized by the Rebel Alliance.

Who portrayed Han Solo?

Harrison Ford’s acting career was slowly starting when he chanced upon being cast as Han Solo. After this iconic role, he went on to play other iconic roles in Hollywood cinema.

Prior to arriving at Alderaan, Leia’s home planet was already destroyed upon the orders of which empire commander?

Grand Moff Tarkin ordered Alderaan to be destroyed to spite Princess Leia. This is also to goad her into revealing where the rebels are based.

The huge Millennium Falcon is easily captured by the magnanimous Death Star, using what kind of technology?

The Millennium Falcon is captured using the tractor beam that emanate from the Death Star. But our heroes try to fight this off, albeit a bit futile.

When Luke learns that Leia is imprisoned inside the Death Star, what does he do?

Despite Han Solo’s solo ways of doing things, he finds himself helping Luke rescue Leia. While Leia acknowledges the rescue effort, the Princess still doesn’t act like a damsel in distress.

Obi-Wan makes a huge sacrifice for Luke aboard the Death Star, upon encountering Darth Vader. What happens to him?

Obi-Wan knows that he’s the only one capable of distracting Darth Vader as Luke and Leia escape with Han. He gets killed during their duel, but only after the others have successfully escaped.

In the film’s climax, Luke fights alongside the rebel forces out to destroy the Death Star while piloting what kind of ship?

The X-wing fighter is a kind of assault ship used for dogfights in space. Luke powers one and fires the winning shot which destroys the Death Star.

As Luke suffers from insecurities while flying with the rebels, Obi-Wan manifests to help him, in what form?

When a Jedi Knight dies, he can come back in spirit form with the use of The Force. Thus, Obi-Wan talks to Luke, but in spirit form. Sometimes he appears, but in the pilot sequence only his voice is heard.

Who composed the monumental musical score, heavily identified with the Star Wars series?

John Williams’ epic music score is now part of global pop culture. He recorded it with the help of the London Symphony Orchestra.

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