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For those in Sin City, corruption and crime run rampant in the streets. Take this quiz and find out how much you know about this crooked city and its inhabitants!

What is the real name of the city?

The street sign leading into Basin City has the B and A marked out. This leaves the city with the famed name, "Sin City."


Which assassin kills the Customer?

The Salesman is also referred to as the Colonel. He's an assassin for the mob who apparently gets to have two cool names.


How does the Salesman kill the Customer?

The Salesman rose up the ranks as an assassin for the mob. He handles both training and deals with clients.


Who hired the Salesman to kill the Customer?

The Customer is running from a mobster she had been sleeping with. Rather than being tortured by this mobster, she hired an assassin to kill her. That's one way to avoid torture.


Who is a police officer?

There aren't many good cops left in Sin City. John Hartigan happens to be one of them.


How old is Nancy Callahan when she first appears?

Nancy isn't the first girl to be kidnapped in Sin City. In fact, it becomes a regular occurrence, thanks to crooked cops.


Where does John Hartigan find Nancy Callahan?

Nancy is being held in a warehouse at the docks. John is one of a few cops willing to search for her.


Who kidnapped Nancy?

Roark Junior is a dark character with a serious problem. He's a serial killer who hunts children.


What's wrong with John Hartigan's health?

John Hartigan is a brave man. Not only is he willing to save Nancy, but he suffers through a heart issue that is almost crippling while fighting men trying to guard Roark Junior.


Who is John Hartigan's partner?

Bob tries to stand in the way of John saving Nancy. Turns out, Bob is being paid off by the Roark family.


Where does John Hartigan shoot Roark Junior?

John shoots off Junior's hand and ear, but the most important shot went between his legs. Junior ran across the wrong cop that night.


Who shoots John in the back at the docks?

Trying to keep John from killing Junior, Bob put several bullets into his back. Even after being shot, John's only focus was on Nancy.


Who is accused of raping Nancy?

For going against the Roark family, John is arrested and charged with raping Nancy. However, he refuses to admit guilt and is held in jail.


What does Nancy send John every week?

Nancy knows she has to go into hiding to protect herself from the Roark family. Before she does, she promises to write John every week.


For how many years does Nancy write letters?

Nancy sent letters to John for eight years under the name Cordelia. John says the letters were the only thing that kept him going.


What's delivered to John Hartigan after eight years?

Roark Junior brings a finger to John, which John believes belongs to Nancy. John is forced to confess to raping Nancy, so he can be released from prison to search for her.


Where does Nancy work?

Nancy is a stripper when John is released from jail. She uses a cowgirl theme while performing.


Who follows John to the saloon?

John was tricked into believing that Nancy was in danger. Instead, Roark Junior followed him, so he would know where Nancy was hiding.


What color is Roark Junior's skin?

Junior has several surgeries to repair his genitals and other severed body parts. The procedures leave him with yellow skin that emits a horrible odor.


Where does Roark Junior take Nancy the second time?

Junior finds and kidnaps Nancy from a motel room where she was staying with John. He then takes her to a farm, while leaving John hanging from a tree.


Who kills Roark Junior?

John locates Junior before he kills Nancy. After rescuing Nancy, John bashes Junior's head into the ground, killing him.


How does John Hartigan die?

John decides that there is only one way to keep Nancy safe, and that is by taking his own life. However, he sees it as a fair trade.


Who is framed for Goldie's murder?

Marv and Goldie have sex the first night they meet. That same night, while they are sleeping, Goldie is silently murdered, and Marv is set up for it.


Who killed Goldie?

Kevin is a mute who was taken in by Cardinal Roark. He lives at the farm where Roark Junior was killed. Kevin was present during his death.


What is Lucille's job?

Lucille is Marv's parole officer, who tries to help save his life. However, due to her association with Marv, she is murdered.


What does Marv use to kill the Painted Cop?

The Painted Cop is a crooked police captain. He gets his name from the tattoos that cover his face.


Who does Kevin target?

Kevin is a cannibal who believes he is eating his victims' souls. Cardinal Roark takes on Kevin's beliefs and starts eating people too.


How does Marv defeat Kevin?

Kevin proves to be too fast for Marv to fight one on one, so Marv is forced to handcuff himself to Kevin. After Marv knocks Kevin out, Marv lets Kevin's wolf eat Kevin.


How is Marv executed?

It takes multiple attempts for the electric chair to kill Marv. He mocks the cops the entire time.


Who is Shellie's new boyfriend?

Dwight has a long history with the Old Town girls. He tends to help them out when they are in the middle of a crisis.


What is Jack Rafferty's job?

Jack is considered a hero around town for his performance as a police officer. However, he lives a much different night life, where his alcoholic and abusive tendencies get the best of him.


Who kills Jack Rafferty?

Miho is an assassin from Japan. Katanas are her choice of weapon.


Where does Dwight take Jack's body?

The Pits consist of multiple tar pits that were once part of a tourist attraction. After the attraction was shut down, criminals started dumping bodies there.


Who betrays the Old Town girls?

Becky never wanted to live the life of a prostitute. To get out, she betrayed the other girls by telling the mob about Jack's death.


Who does Manute work for?

Manute shows up in Old Town to collect Jack's head. However, the trade turns into a shootout, and Manute doesn't stand a chance against the Old Town girls.


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