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The Riddick franchise includes three movies that follow an antihero named Riddick and his adventures across the universe. Take this quiz and find out how much you know about this movie franchise!

What is Riddick's first name?

Richard B. Riddick is a convict who turns into an anti-hero throughout the series as he risks his own safety to help others.


Where is Riddick from?

A Necromonger officer by the name of Zhylaw traveled to Riddick's home of Furya when Riddick was young to kill all the male infants, but Riddick survived.


What is unique about Riddick?

Riddick has unique eyes that allow him to see in the dark. He claims he received the eyes from a surgeon for a pack of cigarettes.


What is the name of the first film?

The science fiction movie Pitch Black was released in 2000, which was the start of the Riddick franchise.


Who is the bounty hunter transporting Riddick in Pitch Black?

At the start of the movie, William Johns has captured Riddick and is transporting him to a prison because he wants to collect the bounty money on Riddick's head.


What is the name of the ship that crashes in Pitch Black?

The Hunter-Gratzner crashes on an unknown planet after a comet damages the ship. The crew and passengers are forced to seek Riddick's help escaping.


How many suns surround the planet in Pitch Black?

The Hunter-Gratzner crashes onto a planet that has three suns which makes it day time constantly. However, a rare eclipse occurs not long after the crash, and it blocks out all the light.


Who was the pilot of the Hunter-Gratzner?

Carolyn Fry wants to detach the part of the ship that contains the passengers, so the pilots won't crash. However, her co-pilot Greg Owens won't allow her to do it.


Who is a girl disguised as a boy?

Although Jack shaved his head and dresses like a boy, Riddick quickly determines that Jack is actually a girl.


What are the underground creatures sensitive to in Pitch Black?

The underground creatures finally come out from their dwellings when a rare eclipse blocks out all the light on the planet.


What do the passengers need from the crash site before they can escape?

The passengers discover a ship that was left on the planet by someone else. However, they need power cells from their own wrecked ship before the one they discovered will start.


Who dies trying to save Riddick in Pitch Black?

Riddick is wounded after saving Jack and Imam. When Carolyn comes to help him, she is killed, and Riddick makes it back to the ship.


What is the name of the second movie in the Riddick franchise?

The Chronicles of Riddick was released in 2004. The story takes place five years after the events in Pitch Black.


Who does Riddick reunite with in New Mecca?

Five years after escaping from the planet in Pitch Black, Riddick meets up with Imam on New Mecca. Imam is the one that tells Riddick he might be from Furya.


What solar system is New Mecca part of?

A group of religious fanatics are taking over planets, and the people that live in New Mecca believe their planet, Helion Prime, is the next target.


What group of religious fanatics attack New Mecca?

In a single night, the Necromongers take over New Mecca and force everyone to convert to their religion. Imam is killed during the attack.


What is a Necromonger saying?

When a Necromonger kills someone, they get to keep the possessions and titles held by the person that was killed.


Who captures Riddick in New Mecca?

When Riddick escapes from the Necromongers, he is captured by Alexander Toombs and his group of bounty hunters who plan on cashing in on Riddick's bounty money.


Where does Toombs take Riddick?

Crematoria is a planet with an underground prison. The surface of the planet gets so hot during the day that humans can't go outside.


Who does Riddick find on Crematoria?

In the prison on Crematoria, Riddick runs into Jack, who is now named Kyra. They had a falling out since the last time they saw each other because Riddick did not want Kyra turning out like him.


Who is sent to Crematoria to find and kill Riddick?

The Lord Marshal is worried that Riddick will fulfill a prophesy and kill him, so he sends Lord Vaako to find and kill Riddick after Riddick is captured by Alexander Toombs.


Who do the Necromongers take when they leave Crematoria?

When Kyra believes Riddick is dead, she boards the Necromonger's ship. She is later converted to the Necromonger religion.


Who commits suicide on Crematoria?

After discovering that Riddick is a fellow Furyan, the Purifier begins to regret his actions as a Necromonger. Instead of living with the regret, he kills himself by walking out into the deadly sunlight on Crematoria.


Who is an air elemental?

After finding out that Riddick is Furyan, Aereon believes that Riddick is the only one who can stop the Necromongers.


Who does the Lord Marshal kill while fighting Riddick?

When the Lord Marshal is about to finish off Riddick, Kyra stabs him in the back. He turns around and knocks her backwards into a spike, which kills her.


Who kills the Lord Marshal?

Lord Vaako jumps in the fight because he wants to kill the Lord Marshal before Riddick can. However, the Lord Marshal escapes Vaako's strike, and Riddick stabs him with a knife.


Who takes over as the leader of the Necromongers after the Lord Marshal is killed?

After Riddick kills the Lord Marshal, all of the other Necromongers bow to him as their new leader.


Who does Riddick want to succeed him as Lord Marshal?

After five years as Lord Marshal, Riddick wants to return to Furya, so he asks Lord Vaako for a ship. In return, Vaako can take over as Lord Marshal.


Who does Lord Vaako send to kill Riddick?

After arriving on a planet that Riddick thought was Furya, Riddick realizes that Lord Vaako sent him to the wrong planet and that Krone was sent by Vaako to kill him.


What animal does Riddick train?

After healing from a leg injury, Riddick finds an alien jackal puppy that he trains to accompany him as he tries to find a way off of the abandoned planet he is stuck on.


What creatures inhabit the planet that Riddick is trapped on in the third movie?

Mud demons are venomous creatures that inhabit the unknown planet that Riddick is trapped on. They become an obstacle for him as he tries to escape the planet.


Who is the first mercenary leader to arrive in the hunt for Riddick in the third movie?

After Riddick sends out a beacon to mercenary groups around him, Santana arrives to collect the bounty on Riddick's head.


Who is the father of William Johns?

After hearing about the death of his son, "Boss" Johns searches for Riddick because he wants answers. However, he finds out that his son deserved to die.


What does Riddick use to kill Santana?

When Santana threatens Riddick with a machete, Riddick promises to kill Santana with the same weapon. Riddick keeps his promise as he uses the machete to cut off Santana's head.


Who tries to kill "Boss" Johns?

Diaz tries to kill "Boss" Johns and take the power cells back to the ship. However, Riddick saves Johns as they kill Diaz and team up to escape the planet together.


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