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Glory osky, do we miss "Psych"! This USA Network comedy, both cynical and warmhearted, gave us something to look forward to on Friday night for eight glorious seasons. Now, revisit the fun with our quiz!

'Psych' was set in what idyllic Southern California city?

In fact, the series was mostly filmed in Vancouver, B.C.


What was Gus's car nicknamed?

The car was auctioned off for charity at the end of the show's run.


Who does Henry end up with at the end of the series?

Henry has also become a criminology professor by the series' end.


Which early episode was remade in the final season?

The remake was titled "Remake AKA Cloudy ... With a Chance of Improvement."


In the fashion-themed episode, what was the professional name of Shawn and Gus's modeling duo?

Typically subversive, Shawn named himself "Black," and Gus was "Tan."


Why is Shawn so upset about losing his handheld Nintendo at the resort?

The episode was titled "Neil Simon's Lovers' Retreat."


Which WWE tough guy guest-starred as Juliet's brother?

His episode was titled "You Can't Handle This Episode."


Shawn realizes that Lassiter and his partner are having an affair when Lassiter does what?

Shawn sees the discreet gesture in the interrogation room mirror.


In the diner where they meet, how does Shawn realize that Juliet is a rookie cop?

Oddly, for an observational genius, Shawn doesn't guess Juliet is a cop at all until she draws her weapon.


The show's writers included many, many homages to which decade?

For much of the series, every episode started with an 80s flashback segment.


In the episode "Sixty-Five Million Years Off," Shawn knocks on a man's door pretending to be what literary character?

Shawn was trying to gain access to a suspect's home.


In "There's Something About Mira," we learn what shocking fact about Gus?

It's never a secret that Gus's first name is Burton.


Who turns up on the doorstep at the end of Season Two?

The divorce was implied to be a significant source of the early tension between Shawn and Henry.


What was Juliet's nickname in the roller derby episode?

'Babe Ruthless' was Ellen Page's roller-derby name in "Whip It."


What was the name of Jimmi Simpson's profiler character?

Yup, it was Mary -- as was his father's and grandfather's name, too.


In the "Dual Spires" episode, a town festival is celebrating what kind of food?

The diner features "cinnamon pie," which Gus and Shawn eat copiously.


What "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" actress played Lassiter's love interest?

Tom Lenk, from the TV version, also appeared in this episode.


What iconic 80s actress appeared as a psychiatric nurse in "Shawn, Interrupted"?

Her "Breakfast Club" co-star, Ally Sheedy, already had a role in the "Mr. Yang" trilogy.


When Lassiter's apartment building starts driving him crazy, Shawn brings him a refreshing cup of what?

The episode was a Kubrick homage, with the building representing the hotel from "The Shining."


Who directed the Woody-centric episode "Autopsy Turvy"?

Glenne Headly was Kurt Fuller's co-star in this episode.


Why did "100 Clues" have different endings on the East and West Coasts?

The episode was loosely based on the board game "Clue."


Who played Rachael, Gus's single-mother love interest?

Gus got very little action compared to Shawn in earlier seasons; this helped balance the scales.


What game-changing thing happens at Lassiter and Marlowe's wedding?

To underscore the seriousness of the situation, the producers stripped the theme music from the closing credits.


What was released as a separate DVD from the Season Seven disc set?

Ally Sheedy's recurring character, Yang, was killed in this episode.


At the end of his story arc, Cary Elwes's recurring character is ultimately revealed to be what?

The final episode with Elwes implies that he was Desperaux all along, but we can't be sure.


To which city did Juliet follow Chief Vick?

At first, the new job is simply in "the Bay area," but it's later shown to be San Francisco.


In "A Touch of Sweevil," Vincent Ventresca's psychic has what other hidden talent?

He doesn't have to rely on it, as his reputation is restored by the end of the episode.


Who plays the dream therapist in "A Nightmare on State Street"?

Certainly Englund, who played Freddy Krueger, would have been a natural for this episode, too.


Which famous actor makes a cameo in the finale as a never-before-seen detective?

Mira Sorvino came in earlier, as Lassiter's head detective.


Four of the five "Breakfast Club" stars guest-starred on "Psych." Who was the holdout?

Ally Sheedy logged the most time as "Yang," the not-quite serial killer.


How many Emmys was "Psych" nominated for?

Finally, in 2014, the show won a People's Choice award.


The pilot of "Psych" won a little-known "Independent Investigations" award on what basis?

"Psych" implicitly debunks the idea of psychic phenomena. No show has ever featured a case being solved by a 'real psychic.'


Which "Psych" actor landed at #62 in People's 100 Most Beautiful" list in 2007?

Gotta be the hair.


What wildly popular show was the lead-in for "Psych" on the USA Network?

Adrian Monk is implied to be just off-screen in the series finale, set in San Francisco.


What fruit appeared, in some way, in nearly every episode of "Psych"?

The motif got started with Roday's ad-lib in the pilot: "Should I slice this up for the road?"


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