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It was one of the most infamous days in American history. So much so, they made a movie about it. Take this quiz and find out how much you know about the movie based on the events of Pearl Harbor!

During which war does the movie take place?

World War II saw countries from across the world pick sides in a global conflict. There were two major sides in this conflict, the Allies and the Axis.


What is the name of one of the two boys at the beginning of the movie?

Danny and Rafe are best friends. The two have a long history, as they grew up together during the Great Depression.


Where is Danny from?

Danny's father was a soldier in World War I. He shows remorse for the war and hopes there isn't another one.


What do Rafe and Danny accidentally start as children?

Although the plane goes into flight, the boys manage to land before any serious damage could be done. However, Danny's father is not happy about the boys' little trip.


Which branch of the military do Rafe and Danny join?

By the time World War II erupted, major countries across the world possessed capable air fighting technology. For the United States, the Air Force was a major reason for the victory over Japan.


Who is the commander over Danny and Rafe?

Jimmy Doolittle was a General for the United States Air Force. During his career in the military, he served in several wars, including World War I and World War II.


What is Rafe accepted into?

Before the United States entered World War II, pilots from the U.S. volunteered to fight for the British. These pilots formed the Eagle Squadrons.


Why couldn't Rafe pass his medical exam?

He couldn't read. To be a United States Air Force pilot, strict vision requirements must be met. This is to make sure pilots are capable of operating military aircraft.


Which nurse does Rafe start a relationship with?

Evelyn is the nurse who completes Rafe's medical exam. She passes him despite his inability to read.


Who does Rafe lie to about why he is being sent to Britain?

Rafe is offered the opportunity to join the Eagle Squadron, which he accepts. However, he tells Danny he was ordered to go.


Whose boat do Rafe and Evelyn steal?

After a night of dancing, Rafe and Evelyn take a police boat out to enjoy the rest of their evening together. Of course, they were just borrowing the boat without asking.


Where is Danny transferred to, after New York?

Danny and Evelyn are stationed in Hawaii, where they get to enjoy the nice weather and the beach. Meanwhile, Rafe is sent to Britain.


Who is Rafe fighting in Britain?

With the German occupation of France, German forces in the West were capable of attacking Britain. Luckily, British pilots, with help from elsewhere, were able to hold back these German attacks, preventing a full invasion.


What happens to Rafe's plane in Britain?

Rafe is unable to escape a German plane that is on his tail. He is hit and crashes into the ocean.


Who tells Evelyn that Rafe died?

Word reaches Danny that Rafe's plane went down, and he is presumed to be dead. Danny is left having to deliver the news to Evelyn.


Who does Evelyn start a relationship with after Rafe is reported dead?

Months go by before Evelyn and Danny speak again. However, they finally meet up after exiting a movie theater they were both attending.


Where do Danny and Evelyn have their first romantic encounter?

Parachutes were used during World War II to help distribute soldiers and supplies across the battlefield. Soldiers trained to use parachutes were called paratroopers.


How is Rafe rescued after crashing into the English Channel?

A fishing boat rescues Rafe from drowning and carries him to France. However, he is unable to get a letter out of France because it is occupied by Germany.


When does Rafe return?

When Rafe arrives in Hawaii, he seeks out Evelyn to tell her that he is still alive. However, he soon finds out that she has started a relationship with Danny.


Which country attacks Pearl Harbor?

On December 7, 1941, Japan attacked Pearl Harbor. Many people believed the attack woke a sleeping giant, referring to the United States.


Where are Rafe and Danny sleeping when the Japanese attack?

After fighting at a bar, Danny and Rafe escape in a car and park outside of town. They fall asleep after discussing their situation involving Evelyn.


Who is the cook on the USS West Virginia, that shoots down Japanese planes during the attack?

Dorie Miller fought in the battle of Pearl Harbor after his ship, the USS West Virginia, was attacked. After the attack, his actions became well-known throughout the United States.


Which nurse is killed by a bomb?

While the bombs from the Japanese planes drop, nurses run for the hospital. Sadly, a bomb hits close to Betty, and she is killed.


What do Danny and Rafe look for when they realize they are under attack?

Danny and Rafe board two planes and take to the skies. They are able to take down a few Japanese planes, but the devastation is still immense.


Who announces to the country that the United States will enter World War II?

Franklin Roosevelt took to the airwaves to announce that December 7, 1941, was a day that would live in infamy. After the attack, the United States finally entered the war.


What rank are Danny and Rafe promoted to, after the attack on Pearl Harbor?

Danny and Rafe are both recognized for their bravery during the attack on Pearl Harbor. After being promoted, they are both asked to be part of a mission that Jimmy Doolittle is in charge of.


Where are Danny and Rafe supposed to bomb?

Jimmy Doolittle's mission involves bombing Tokyo, Japan, which seems like a straight-forward plan. However, the mission requires Danny and Rafe to fly airplanes they are not familiar with.


Which boat takes Danny and Rafe towards Tokyo?

The USS Hornet fought in other battles during the war. However, the ship was eventually damaged beyond repair and sunk by the Japanese after the Americans abandoned it.


Where are Danny and Rafe supposed to land their planes after bombing Tokyo?

After bombing Tokyo, the U.S. planes are supposed to head for China. There, Chinese forces, who are also at war with Japan, are going to help them.


Who attacks Rafe after his plane crashes?

Rafe's plane runs out of fuel, and he is forced to crash-land it on an island occupied by Japanese forces. After seeing the plane crash, the Japanese forces come in, shooting at him.


Who saves Rafe from the Japanese military?

Danny comes in with his plane, shooting Japanese forces that are closing in on Rafe. Despite his heroics, Danny's plane crashes in the distance, after flying overhead.


How does Danny die?

When Rafe finds Danny after the crash, a piece of metal has pierced his neck. Although Rafe tries, he is unable to save his best friend.


Which African American is awarded the Navy Cross?

Dorie Miller was the first African American to ever receive the Navy Cross. He was given the award because of his actions during the battle of Pearl Harbor.


Who does Evelyn marry?

When returning from the attack on Tokyo, Rafe exits the plane carrying Danny's coffin. Outside, Evelyn is waiting. When she sees Rafe, she immediately knows that Danny is dead.


What is the name of Danny and Evelyn's son?

After Rafe and Evelyn marry, Rafe raises Danny as if he were his own son. At the end of the movie, they are seen flying away in a plane.


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