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Nants ingonyama bagithi baba!! (There comes a lion!!) Think you are Disney-smart enough to ace this ultimate Lion King quiz? All of the land upon the horizon is yours with this quiz!

The Lion King premiered in ________.

The Lion King was released around the US on June 24, 1994.


The Lion King is a ______ film.

The Lion King is an animated musical film produced by Walt Disney Feature Animation.


The Lion King is a story about a young lion named ______.

Simba grows into an adult lion as the movie progresses.


Which actor speaks the voice of Young Simba?

Jonathan Taylor Thomas was 12 years old when he recorded Simba's voice.


What is the name of Simba's father?

King Mufasa does not have the greatest relationship with his brother.


Who is King Mufasa's brother?

Scar is the younger brother of Mufasa and he is jealous of his brother's power as King.


Where does The Lion King take place?

Within the Pride Lands is Pride Rock where the King lives.


What is the highest mountain in Africa that appears in The Lion King?

Mt. Kilimanjaro stands 19,341 feet tall.


Which famous actor records the voice of King Mufasa?

James Earl Jones recorded the voice of Mufasa for the Lion King video game as well.


Rafiki is a ________.

A mandrill is a member of the monkey family.


Who are Mufasa's best allies?

They are a group of three spotted hyenas.


Who recorded the voice of the lead hyena Shenzi?

Whoopi Goldberg was born Caryn Elaine Johnson on November 13, 1955.


Who is Simba's best friend?

Young Nala's voice is recorded by Niketa Calame.


Where does Rafiki live?

Rafiki lives in a large baobab tree.


What is the name of Mufasa's hornbill who serves as his majordomo?

Zazu's voice is recorded by Rowan Atkinson, a British actor, writer and producer.


Mufasa tells Simba that one day he will rule of everything that the _____ touches.

Their kingdom spans a great wide distance!


What song is playing during the opening scene of The Lion King?

The Circle of Life refers to Mufasa's advice to Simba that there is a balance to all life which eventually comes full circle.


Who tells Simba about the elephant graveyard?

Scar deviously recommends that Simba should never go there, but he knows curiosity will get the better of him.


What is the name of Nala's mother?

Sarafina's voice is recorded by actress Zoe Leader. She only has one line in both The Lion King and The Lion King II.


Who is Sarabi?

Actress Madge Sinclair speaks the voice of Sarabi in The Lion King.


Sarabi gives Simba and Nala permission to head off for an adventure so long as _____ goes with them.

Nala and Simba scheme and ditch Zazu to venture off on their own!


What does Hakuna Matata mean?

In Swahili! "It means no worries, for the rest of your days! It's a problem free philosophy!"


Be prepared for the death of the king! Why, is he sick? No, fool we're gonna kill him, and _______ too!

This is Scar's song he intends to kill them both so that he may reign as king.


Pumbaa is a ________.

Warthogs are a genus of wild pigs!


Who is Pumbaa's sidekick?

Timon's voice is recorded by actor Nathan Lane.


As an adult lion, who does Simba fall in love with?

The Lion King made more than $422 million at the box office during its run.


How does Mufasa die?

He was trampled by a stampede of wildebeests, organized by Scar of course.


Who does Simba blame for the death of his father?

Scar later taunts Simba, "I killed Mufasa!" to which Simba replies, "Murderer!"


Which famous singer wrote and sang several tracks on The Lion King soundtrack?

Elton John and Tim Rice wrote five original songs for the soundtrack, and John performed two of them.


Which songs plays over the ending credits to The Lion King?

Despite being performed during the movie by other singers, Elton John's version plays as the credits roll.


At the end of the movie, who does Rafiki present to the Pride Lands?

And had a baby... the Circle of Life continues!


Which actor plays the voice of adult Simba?

Matthew Broderick is married to Sarah Jessica Parker.


What was the full name of The Lion King II?

This sequel to the original film went 'direct-to-video' and was released on October 27, 1998.


The three hyenas were Shenzi, Banzai and ______.

Ed was a dim-witted hyena who only communicated through laughter.


As a young cub, what did Simba always practice?

His roar was pretty weak as a young cub but as he grew older, he developed a powerful roar which echoed through the Pride Lands!


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