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With over 395 episodes and 14 different detectives, spanning the course of more than 17 seasons, there's a lot to remember when it comes to "Law and Order: SVU" trivia. How much do you know about this epic show? Let's find out!

What comes next? "In the criminal justice system, sexually based offenses are considered especially _________."

This is the opening line to "Law and Order: Special Victims Unit."


"The dedicated detectives who investigate" sexually based felonies are members of what?

This is the second line of the introduction. Since the show's beginning, a total of 14 different detectives have been part of this elite squad. Olivia Benson and Fin Tutuola are the only characters who have remained with the squad through the show's current (18th) season.


What is the "elite squad" known as?

The full text of SVU's introduction is: "In the criminal justice system, sexually-based offenses are considered especially heinous. In New York City, the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad known as the Special Victims Unit. These are their stories."


Detective Elliot Stabler was in season 1 thru what season?

Christopher Meloni's character, Elliot Stabler, was discontinued beginning with the first episode of the thirteenth season. Meloni and the show couldn't come to an agreement on a new contract, so his character was written off.


What is the name of Elliot's eldest son?

Dickie and his twin sister, Elizabeth, were born in 1993. He appears in 17 episodes.


Kathleen Stabler was diagnosed with what in season 10?

In season 10, episode 3, "Swing," Kathleen was diagnosed with the same condition as Elliot's mother, Bernadette.


Where did Kathy Stabler, Elliot's wife, give birth to their youngest son, Eli?

Olivia was escorting Kathy to an ultrasound appointment when they were hit by a drunk driver. The impact caused Kathy to go into early labor, and she delivered a healthy baby boy in the ambulance en route to the hospital.


Which U.S. vice president made an appearance in a season 18 episode?

Vice President Biden made a cameo on SVU to address the national rape kit backlog with Olivia Benson.


This ADA faked her own death and went into witness protection for some time, until testifying against her would-be murderer. Who was it?

Liam Connors, an assassin also known as the ghost, took a shot at ADA Alex Cabot, and everyone but Olivia and Elliot believed she was dead. But, after living under witness protection, she returned years later to testify against Connors, who was convicted on all counts of murder and attempted murder.


Before New York, what state did Amanda Rollins live in?

Rollins is an Atlanta Braves fan. The character is played by Kelli Giddish.


What does Captain Ed Tucker do in the NYPD?

Despite his career-long crusade against NYPD corruption, Ed Tucker was accused of participating in a sex-trafficking ring during season 17. At the same time, it was revealed that he and Benson were in a relationship. Fortunately for them both, Tucker was cleared of all accusations.


Before taking on the regular role of Amanda Rollins, Kelli Giddish played what role in a season 8 episode called "Outsider"?

After her season 8 "Outsiders" performance, Giddish returned to the show years later, starting in season 13, as the regular character Detective Amanda Rollins.


Detective Lake transferred into Manhattan SVU from where?

Detective Lake transferred out of Brooklyn and into Manhattan SVU at the end of season 8. He was partnered with Fin, but left the show after killing two police officers who got away with assaulting two undocumented girls 10 years prior.


Olivia Benson went undercover as what to investigate alleged sexual abuse by prison guards at Sealview Correctional Facility?

In the season 9 episode, "Undercover," Benson went undercover as an inmate and was assaulted by Captain Harris. Fortunately, Detective Tutuola was also undercover as a guard, and he was able to stop Captain Harris's attack on Benson.


How many times has Munch been divorced?

Munch's first wife, Gwen, appeared in the season 10 finale of SVU. During the episode, it was revealed that Gwen has paranoid schizophrenia.


At the end of season 16, Detective Amaro was planning to move where?

After learning the NYPD would not allow his promotion and suffering from an on-the-job shooting injury, Amaro announced that he'd be resigning from the force and moving to California to be closer to his family. Maria and Cynthia, the mothers of his children, both planned to move to California as well.


How many months of vacation did Captain Cragen have saved up when he retired?

Captain Cragen was approaching the NYPD maximum retirement age when he announced his plans to ride out his remaining 6 months using his accrued vacation time. He intended to join his girlfriend on a cruise.


Bart Ganzel legally ran what business?

On paper, Ganzel owned an escort service. But, in reality, he was also a pimp and a criminal. He was in prison for prostitution, attempted first-degree murder, and two counts of first-degree murder.


Brian Cassidy left after the 1st season, but returned undercover, as what, in season 13?

Brian Cassidy wasn't really cut out for the stress and trauma SVU detectives deal with on a daily basis, so he transferred out of SVU and into narcotics halfway through the first season.


How did Rollins react when her sister, Kimmy, told her she was pregnant, in the episode, "Deadly Ambition"?

Kim Rollins appeared in 3 episodes of SVU. She skipped town in season 14 after setting Amanda up to kill her boyfriend, then returned in season 17 amid accusations of assault and robbery of a musician.


Detective Rollins and Captain Cragen both struggled with what?

Amanda struggled with a gambling addiction while Cragen worked to maintain his sobriety from alcoholism.


How many days did William Lewis hold Olivia as a prisoner?

William Lewis was a psychopathic, serial rapist and murderer who, after taking Benson and a young girl hostage, killed himself in season 15.


After having her blood tested for blood-relative matches, Olivia discovered what?

Simon Marsden is the paternal half-brother of Olivia Benson. They share a biological father, Joseph Hollister, who Olivia never met.


What is the name of Detective Tutuola's son?

Kenneth Randall was born with the name Kwasi Tutuola. He's a gay social worker who has a strained history with his father, Odafin Tutuola. Throughout the seasons, their relationship gradually improved.


In season 14, Cassidy was wrongly accused of what?

In the episode, "Undercover Blue," a prostitute conspired with Ganzel and falsely accused Cassidy of rape. He was cleared of all charges.


In what season did Sergeant Munch retire?

In episode 4, "Wonderland Story," John Munch wore a white tuxedo to his retirement party. At the end of the episode, he accidentally answered the SVU phone saying, "Homicide, I mean SVU," which was a reference to his early days as a detective on the show "Homicide."


Before SVU, Fin used to work:

After a career in Narcotics with frequent undercover work, Detective Tutuola transferred to Manhattan SVU in season 2 of the show.


Captain Cragen was framed for what in season 13?

Captain Cragen was framed by Delia Wilson, a high-profile madam, and Bureau Chief ADA Paula Foster. In return for her loyalty to Delia, Foster was given large sums of money, which she used to pay her daughter's medical bills. Benson and the SVU team exposed Foster and cleared their captain of all charges.


Detective Jeffries was transferred out of SVU and into what department?

After confessing to engaging in a sexual relationship with a former suspect, Jeffries was placed on desk duty. Fed up with pushing papers, she transferred out of the squad soon thereafter.


How many bodies did the detectives find in Dead Horse Bay during the episode, "Hunting Ground?"

Dead Horse Bay is a small body of water located in the NYC Brooklyn borough. In the past, the area had a horse rendering plant, then a landfill.


Before Diane Neal took on the recurring role of Casey Novak, she appeared in an episode as:

Diane Neal appeared as Amelia Chase in season 3, episode 10, "Ridicule." ADA Alex Cabot, who Diane Neal's character Casey Novak replaced as ADA in the 5th season, was the prosecutor assigned to the case. Amelia pleaded guilty.


Nick Amaro was involuntarily moved to patrol duty after...

Amaro was arrested for assaulting Simon Wilkes, who was an SVU suspect at the time. As punishment, Amaro was removed from SVU and assigned to patrol duty at the 116th precinct in Queens.


How long did Detective Carisi work Staten Island SVU?

Dominick Carisi Jr., also known as Sonny, spent 2 months with Staten Island SVU, almost a month with Brooklyn SVU, and 1 week with Queens SVU before transferring into Manhattan SVU to temporarily replace Amaro, who was on reassignment in Queens.


What was the name of Amanda Rollins' dog?

Frannie, a pit bull, chased down William Lewis, a serial rapist and murderer, in Central Park after he flashed 2 tourists.


Mike Dodds was fatally shot during:

Dodds was shot in the stomach during a hostage situation in the episode, "Heartfelt Passages." He survived the surgery, but died after having a stroke in the ICU. He was the son of Deputy Chief William Dodds.


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