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Ready to scrub in at Princeton Plainsboro? Take our quiz and find out how you'd fare working alongside Chase and Foreman, Cameron and Thirteen ... and, of course, the irascible Dr. House!

What legendary fictional character inspired Dr. Gregory House?

Holmes's creator, Arthur Conan Doyle, based Sherlock on a doctor named Joseph Bell, who was a gifted diagnostician.


Where did Hugh Laurie film his audition for the role of Gregory House?

He was filming "Flight of the Phoenix" in Namibia.


What did Rebecca Adler, the patient in the pilot episode, do for a living?

She collapsed in front of her class after being struck unexpectedly with an inability to speak clearly.


Which of the following was not a specialty of House's three original trainees?

Foreman was a neurologist, Cameron an immunologist, and Chase an intensivist. Technically, their position was called 'fellow', not trainee.


In the episode 'Heavy', which character has little sympathy for fat people?

The issue came up when the team treated a grade-school girl who had a heart attack.


In the episode 'Love Hurts', what actor guest-starred as a socially-awkward patient into S&M?

Cho only made one appearance, but his 'Harold & Kumar' co-star, Kal Penn, was a series regular.


In the 'Autopsy' episode, Chase does what highly unprofessional thing with a nine-year-old girl?

Yep, right on the lips.


In "Hunting," what crisis inspires Cameron to seduce Chase?

The pair finally married at the end of Season Five.


In 'House vs. God,' what unusual factor causes Wilson's terminal cancer patient to briefly improve?

She gets herpes from the teenage evangelist who is House's patient of the week.


What is the name of the patient who shoots House?

Professor Moriarty was Holmes's nemesis in the books.


What does House do to earn the enmity of cop Mike Tritter?

Tritter, played by former 'St. Elsewhere' regular David Morse, sought revenge for half a season.


What is hospital administrator Lisa Cuddy's medical specialty?

Oddly, Cuddy is revealed to have taken an herbal supplement to improve fertility, something a board-certified endocrinologist would be highly unlikely to do.


Why doesn't Foreman like the doomed patient in 'House Training'?

Foreman was implied to have a working-class background, which probably contributed to his disdain.


All of House's three fellows leave at the end of Season Three. Which of them is actually fired?

None of the three left Princeton Plainsboro for good -- at least, not then.


Why did some fans refer to the first half of Season Four as the "Survivor" story arc?

House hired several dozen candidates and winnowed them down, pitting them against each other.


Why does candidate Remy Hadley insist on going by her number, 'Thirteen'?

Hadley, played by Olivia Wilde, continued to be called 'Thirteen' throughout her time on the show.


The oldest of the candidates for House's team was revealed not to be a doctor. What career did he actually come from?

Henry Dobson was dismissed not because he wasn't an MD, but because he thought too much like House. "You don't need someone to tell you what you're already thinking."


Anne Dudek's character, Amber, was cut from the competition, but returned to the show in what capacity?

Tragically, their relationship ended with Amber's death in the two-part "House's Head/Wilson's Heart".


Before Cuddy named her adopted child Rachel, what name was she going to give a daughter?

The name comes up in the titles of episodes "Joy" and "Joy to the World."


Which of the following actors was not a guest star in Season Five?

The 'Hamilton' creator didn't appear on 'House' until Season Six's two-hour pilot, 'Broken'.


Michael Weston's PI character, Douglas, has what fashion tic?

In 'Not Cancer,' we see them under the hem of his lab coat when he impersonates a doctor at a key moment.


House and Wilson, estranged as Season Five begins, make up as a result of what crisis?

Wilson is tasked with driving House to his father's funeral, which House is desperate not to attend.


Why does Kal Penn's character, Kutner, commit suicide?

The show's writers seem to have made a deliberate decision not to provide a pat answer here. A suicide-awareness PSA followed this episode.


Why did actor Kal Penn actually leave the show?

Penn went to work in the White House. He later returned to acting, appearing in 'How I Met Your Mother.'


Why did Taub's wife have a secret bank account?

Rachel bought him a Porsche.


What unexpected result came from a gift of a Porsche?

Earlier, Taub left his plastic-surgery practice because of an affair he had there.


What was the name of Lin-Manuel Miranda's character, House's hyperactive roommate, in 'Broken'?

'Freedom Master' was the superhero name of the patient House takes to a county fair with disastrous results.


In "Teamwork," who refuses to come back to work for House?

Taub, Hadley and Chase returned. Martha Masters hadn't yet been hired.


Who of the following was not a guest star in Season Six?

The most famous guest appearance was probably Jones's; he played the African dictator whom Chase allows to die.


What makes Martha M. Masters different from House's other trainees?

Masters, played by Amber Tamblyn, also held degrees in art history and applied math.


In 'Bombshells,' Cuddy's dreams about House lead her to what realization?

House took Vicodin more or less throughout the show's run.


When House picks up Thirteen at the prison, what does he bring her?

The bottle and glass come in an elaborate carrying case.


In the episode 'Chase,' Robert Chase develops feelings for a patient training for what kind of work?

She was preparing to be a nun. Chase attended a seminary before turning to medicine.


Which actor did not return for the series finale, "Everybody Dies"?

That's right, it was easier to work two dead characters into the finale than Lisa Cuddy.


Who takes over the diagnostics department after House's "death"?

Foreman takes over Cuddy's position, while Cameron practices medicine in another city.


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