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"Ahhhhhh!" (Cue the palms-on-your-cheeks facial expression as you cry out in alarm!)

This might be your reaction if this quiz were to come to life and tell you to stop "eating junk food and watching rubbish, you better come out and stop me!" 

John Hughes' classic holiday film "Home Alone" catapulted Macaulay Culkin into Hollywood stardom overnight. Culkin played 8-year-old Kevin, who had accidentally been left behind by his family as they dashed to the airport to catch a flight to Europe, where they planned to spend Christmas. The movie follows Kevin, who, left to his own devices, finds himself having to defend the family's home against two burglars. The film was a smashing success,  becoming one of the highest grossing movies of its kind and eventually spawning a series of sequels.

Kevin's adventures began when his family forgot about him. But will yours start with this quiz? What were the names of the two burglars that Kevin had to thwart? What kind of pizza does he like? What were some of the iconic quotes that came out of this movie?

Don't worry, this quiz isn't a booby trap. But it will test your memory. So let's see if you can make it through. It's time to prove that you're the ultimate "Home Alone" fan by taking this quiz!

What does the family eat for dinner the night before their flight?

Kevin loves his cheese pizza and becomes angry when he learns his older brother, Buzz, did not save any cheese-only slices for him. This leads to the famous line later in the film, when, home alone, Kevin orders "a lovely cheese pizza, just for me."


Where is the family traveling to for Christmas?

The family had planned to spend the holidays in Paris with Kevin's uncle, Rob. The capital of France is a popular setting for Hollywood films, often depicted by iconic landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower.


Kevin gets into a fight with his brother and is sent off to bed ...

While lying on the bed up in the attic, Kevin, who is still fuming, wishes his family would disappear! When he wakes the next morning to find everyone gone, he believes he actually had caused them to vanish.


What is the name of the neighbor whom Kevin and his siblings are afraid of?

"Old Man Marley," played by Roberts Blossom, at first appears to be a crabby hermit. But Kevin befriends him and learns that Marley just misses his family. He later comes to Kevin's rescue just as it looks like Harry and Marv have the boy cornered.


Why did the family think Kevin was with them when they left for the airport?

Mitch Murphy, a boy about Kevin's age who lives across the street, was in one of the shuttle vans with his back turned when he was mistaken for Kevin during a head count of the kids. Mitch was played by Jeffrey Wiseman.


Whose BB gun does Kevin use to practice his shooting?

Using Buzz's BB gun, Kevin practices his aim by shooting sports figurines into the laundry shoot. "Home Alone" was not the first time the BB gun played a role in a classic holiday movie. "A Christmas Story," released in 1983, tells the story of a boy who wishes for a BB gun for Christmas.


The burglars in "Home Alone" called themselves the _______.

Harry and Marv called themselves the Wet Bandits. They would leave their mark by plugging up the drain and leaving the water running to cause flooding in every home they broke into in the film.


Where do Kevin and his family live?

They live in a quiet suburb of Chicago. In real life, the house used to film "Home Alone" is located at 671 Lincoln Ave. in Winnetka, Ill. The 4,200-plus square-foot brick house was reportedly sold in 2012 for about $1.6 million.


Why doesn't Kevin want to sleep with Fuller?

Kevin doesn't want to sleep with Fuller because he wets the bed. Fuller was played by Kieran Culkin, the younger brother of Macaulay Culkin. They have another brother, Rory, who also acts.


What does Harry step on when he climbs into the window of the McCallister house?

Harry steps on Christmas ornaments, the first of Kevin's many booby traps. What we've come to associate with the modern-day Christmas tree is said to have originated from Germany in the 16th Century.


Why did everyone oversleep the morning of their flight?

The clocks reset due to a power outage. Levi Hutchins, of New Hampshire, is credited for inventing the first mechanical alarm clock. But the first person to invent an adjustable alarm clock — in which a person could set the time that the alarm would go off — was a Frenchman named Antoine Redier.


Who is the first family member to make it home to Kevin on Christmas morning?

Kevin turns around to find his mom standing there. She's afraid he's mad at her for abandoning him, but he rushes to hug her. The rest of the family rolls in soon after, and everyone is impressed to learn that Kevin went grocery shopping on his own the day before.


Complete this line from the movie: "This is my house. _______."

Kevin proclaims he'll defend the family's home when he realizes the burglars are coming his way. According to FBI crime statistics, home burglaries accounted for 67% of all burglaries in 2017, and the average loss for the victim of a burglary incident was $2,416.


Which famous actor plays the role of the lead member of the polka band?

John Candy played the role of Gus Polinski, the lead member of the traveling polka band. The Canadian actor had appeared in more than 65 shows and movies, including a movie called "The Last Polka," before dying of a heart attack in 1994.


What do Harry and Marv do with Kevin once they catch him?

Harry and Marv pick Kevin up and hang him on a door hanger. They discuss what they're going to do to him next when Old Man Marley sneaks up behind them and knocks the thieves on the head with a shovel.


Which famous actor played Harry, one of the two burglars?

Joe Pesci played the role of Harry, the "brains" behind the burglary operations. Born on Feb. 9, 1943, in Newark, N.J., Pesci has appeared in more than three dozen movies and shows.


What song was playing when the burglars show up at the house and think that there's a party taking place?

"Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree" was blasting from the house when the burglars pull up to the house — part of Kevin's attempt to make the house appear like it's full of people. Singer Brenda Lee first performed this song in 1958, at age 13.


Where does Kevin officially meet Old Man Marley?

Kevin encounters Old Man Marley at church on Christmas Eve. Marley is there to watch his granddaughter sing in the choir. Roberts Blossom, who played Marley, was born in New Haven, Conn., in 1924 and died in Santa Monica, Calif., in 2011.


After searching the whole house, Kevin realizes his family is gone. He then ...

Kevin jumps on the bed and runs up and down the stairs, screeching with joy, when he realizes he's home alone. He believes he made his family disappear — something which he had wished for the night before.


What's the name of the main family in the movie?

The McCallisters was a large clan, with 8-year-old Kevin the baby of the family. He was often bullied by his older brother, Buzz, played by actor Devin Ratray. In one scene, Kevin manages to escape from the burglars by placing Buzz's pet tarantula on Marv's face, causing the thief to freak out.


What does Kevin make himself for dinner on Christmas Eve?

Kevin is about to sit down to a Christmas Eve dinner of microwaved mac and cheese when the clock strikes 9 p.m. He quickly blows out the candles and gets ready to meet the burglars.


Who yells, "Kevin! What did you do to my room?!" at the end of the movie?

Buzz, Kevin's older brother, yells this final line right before the movie credits role. The rest of the family arrives home Christmas morning, shortly after Kevin's mom does, by catching a flight home.


What causes Marv to fall down the back stairs?

Kevin made the steps icy by hosing them down with water and allowing the water to freeze. Conversely, in areas of the country that snow, people pour salt on the roads to help prevent water from freezing.


How did the burglars know that the McCallister family was going on vacation?

Kevin's mom told Harry about the trip. Harry had come to their house, dressed as a police officer and pretending to be checking up on things in the neighborhood. In actuality, he was casing the neighborhood and gathering information about which families would not be home for the holidays.


Finish this sentence: "Keep the change, ya ______."

The line was, "Keep the change, ya filthy animal." This was the famous line in the gangster movie that Kevin plays when a pizza delivery boy brings him a pizza — seconds after slipping $12 through a doggy door to pay for the pizza, which cost $11.80.


What does Kevin see when he looks out the window in the final scene of the movie?

Old Man Marley has gotten his Christmas wish, too — a reunion with his son, daughter-in-law and granddaughter. Marley sees Kevin at the window, and the two wave at each other in this final scene.


Which of the following does Kevin NOT purchase at the grocery store?

Kevin picks up several items from the store, but not pizza. When the cashier asks if he's shopping by himself, Kevin denies it and explains that his mom is waiting for him in the car.


What was the name of the business where Kevin and his family order pizza?

"Little Nero's Pizza" is the fictitious business which delivers pizza to the McCallister house throughout the movie. In 2015, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment and UberEATS teamed up to offer "Little Nero's Pizza" delivery in select cities for one day.


Identify the missing word in this line from the movie: "I'm gonna give you to the count of 10 to get your ugly, yella, no good _____ off my property..."

The rest of the quote continues with "...before I pump your guts full of lead! 1, 2, 10!" Throughout the movie, Kevin draws inspiration from an old gangster movie called "Angels With Filthy Souls." This film does not exist in real life but was made up for "Home Alone."


How does Kate McCallister make her way back home?

A polka band traveling to Milkwaukee learns of Kate's plight and offers to drop her off in Chicago. Polka music originated in Bohemia, in a region that is now part of the Czech Republic.


Where is the family when they realize they've forgotten Kevin?

Kevin's mom, Kate, realizes on the plane that the family has left behind the 8-year-old. Played by Catherine O'Hara, Kate spends the rest of the movie trying to get home to her son.


Kevin has how many siblings?

Kevin has two brothers and two sisters in the movie: Buzz, Jeff, Megan and Linnie. In real life, Macauley Culkin also came from a large family. He had seven siblings or half-siblings.


Why isn't Buzz concerned about Kevin being home alone?

Buzz believes their neighborhood is too boring. Asked if he's concerned about Kevin, he says: "No, for three reasons. A) I'm not that lucky. Two) we use smoke detectors and D) we live on the most boring street in the whole United States of America, where nothing even remotely dangerous will happen."


In which year was Home Alone released?

"Home Alone" was released on Nov. 16, 1990. The movie cost about $18 million to make and grossed about $533.8 million in Box Office earnings. "Home Alone" was nominated for two Oscars and two Golden Globes.


Since the original "Home Alone" movie, how many sequels have there been?

There have been four more movies in the "Home Alone" series since the first movie was released. Macaulay Culkin starred in the first two, but subsequent movies featured other child actors.


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