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This anthology film, with segments directed by four very hot 1990s directors, delighted audiences and put Tim Roth on the map! Can you still remember the details of Ted the bellboy's wild, wild night at work? Take our quiz on this '90s anthology film and find out!

Which fictitious L.A. hotel are the "Four Rooms" in?

The hotel is on the wane from its glory days in the 30s and 40s.


Which "Reservoir Dogs" star plays Ted the bellboy?

The animated opening credit sequence shows him "unzipping" his "Mr. Orange" identity to climb out as "Ted."


Which "Reservoir Dogs" star was the role of Ted written for?

Schedule conflicts kept Buscemi from taking the role.


In which room do the coven of witches meet?

They worship the virgin goddess Diana -- who, oddly, was there on her wedding night.


How many witches are in the coven (at first)?

"Kiva" joins them later, making it six.


Who plays Elspeth, the black-leather clad, occasionally hissing witch?

Madonna "won" a Worst Actress Razzie for the role.


Which is NOT an item that the witches request Ted bring up?

Kiva also wants French fries, but is overruled by the witches.


Who plays Eva, the young witch who fails to provide her ingredient?

Julia Roberts did not appear in "Four Rooms".


Who plays Angela, the damsel (maybe) in distress?

Whether the kidnap scenario is real or a game is never quite clear.


What does Angela's jealous husband reveal his name to be?

He reveals it after Ted gives a long impassioned speech about not being called "Theodore."


What does Sigfried do after revealing his name to Ted?

We did NOT see that coming.


Why is there confusion over which room the party guest who wants is in?

This also causes a party guest to stumble into Sigfried and Angela's room.


How much money does Ted accept to watch the two kids in 309?

Antonio Banderas's character initially offers $500, then unsuccessfully tries to go down to $300.


Who is the dancing girl on TV who entrances the little boy?

Hey, we can't blame the kid for not being able to tear his eyes away.


What does the little girl use her mother's lipstick to do?

Her brother uses a syringe, which she finds in the room., for the dart.


Ted offers the kids cookies before bed, but brings what, instead?

What's worse, the saltines are stale.


Other than Ted, who else does the little girl speak to on the phone?

This clears up the confusion about the room number -- the little girl calls "409."


What do the children find inside the mattress?

Ted doesn't believe the kids when they call down to report this.


What question does the father ask Ted when he returns to find the room engulfed in mayhem?

Banderas's character warned the children twice: "Don't misbehave."


Who plays Margaret, the stoner at Betty's place?

Tomei won an Oscar for her work in "My Cousin Vinny."


Who plays Betty, Ted's boss?

She talks Ted down from the ledge when he's about to quit.


Who greets Ted at the door to the penthouse?

She met Chester and his group at the pool -- in fact, her black bikini can be seen drying on the bar.


Who plays the beleaguered film executive Leo?

He went uncredited to appease the Screen Actors Guild, which objected to him taking the role without pay.


Which actor does Chester Rush praise as an unrecognized genius?

Rush predicts his genius will be recognized only after his death.


What is the name of Rush's movie?

"The Day After Yesterday" was Paul Giamatti's unpublished novel in "Sideways."


The men want to play a game inspired by which Alfred Hitchcock episode?

The episode was named "The Man from the South"; the Hollywood guys misremember it as "Rio."


Who is putting his finger on the chopping block?

He's willing to lose his pinky -- or rather, he believes it can easily be sewn back on.


What will Norman win, if his Zippo lights ten times straight?

The car is lovingly described as a 1964 red ragtop convertible.


Why do the men want Ted to hold the hatchet/cut off Norman's finger?

Chester worries that when it comes down to it, he won't be able to swing the hatchet.


On which try does Norman's lighter fail?

Norman's lighter fails on the very first try, and Ted chops off his finger with absolutely no hesitation.


How much money does Ted earn in the movie?

The math goes like this: the $50 the witch tips him, the $500 for babysitting, the $100 for listening to Chester's proposal, and the thousand for cutting off Norman's finger.


Who wrote and directed the "Missing Ingredient" segment?

This independent filmmaker comes from Kentucky and claims Hatfield ancestors.


Who wrote and directed the "Wrong Man" segment?

Linklater was supposed to direct a "fifth room" segment, but wasn't available.


Lawrence Bender, Tarantino's longtime producing partner, appears in what role?

He appears in the "Wrong Man" segment.


Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino would reunite on which film project?

Rodriguez's half of "Grindhouse" was "Planet Terror" and Tarantino's was "Death Proof."


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