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The only rule of fight club is that we never talk about fight club. We do, however, take lengthy and tricky quizzes about it. Climb into the ring (okay, there were no rings in "Fight Club") and show us what you've got!

Who directed "Fight Club"?

Fincher reunited with Brad Pitt to make this film.


Who wrote the novel of the same name?

Palahniuk has said he was pleased with the adaptation.


What is the name of Edward Norton's character?

He's commonly referred to as "the Narrator."


What automotive company does the Narrator work for?

His job is crunching the numbers on whether it'll cost less to recall a vehicle or just pay the legal settlements.


What medical issue plagues the Narrator as the story opens?

He flips through catalogs late at night in his perfect IKEA-furnished condo.


What odd pursuit helps him with his insomnia?

One such group walks him through finding his spirit animal and visualizing his pain as a white ball of healing light.


What name did he assume in attending the testicular-cancer support group?

Apparently, he calls himself "Rupert" and "Travis" at other meetings.


Who plays Bob, the testicular cancer patient that the Narrator befriends?

A capable actor, Aday has appeared on shows including "House M.D."


What ruins his enjoyment of the support groups?

Marla Singer is eventually key to the Narrator learning the truth about Tyler Durden.


What does Marla do in the laundromat?

Marla's not exactly a class act.


Where does the Narrator meet Tyler Durden?

The Narrator calls the people he meets on flights his "single-serving friends."


What does Tyler do for a living?

He also has side jobs, like running the projector at a movie house.


After meeting on the plane, why does the Narrator meet Tyler again?

He has the phone number because Tyler gave him his business card.


Where does the Narrator hit Tyler, after much encouragement?

This comes just after the notorious "I want you to hit me as hard as you can" line.


Which street is Tyler Durden's house on?

The house is a wreck; the narrator says Tyler might be squatting there.


What question does an onlooker at one of the early fights ask?

This, of course, leads to the formation of the club.


Everyone knows the first rule of Fight Club is "You do not talk about Fight Club." What is the second?

The others were among Fight Club's eight rules.


What is the Narrator's response when his supervisor asks, "Is that your blood?"

For good measure, he has a cigarette dangling from his lips.


Where does Fight Club meet?

The fights started in the parking lot, then moved to the basement.


Complete the sentence: "I'm wondering if another ______ is really the answer we need."

The film was famously about "a generation of men raised by women."


As they board the bus, which celebrity does Tyler say he'd like to fight?

Asked specifically about historical figures, Tyler said he'd like to fight Abraham Lincoln.


In the same bus scene, who does the Narrator say he'd like to fight?

Answering the question about historical figures, the Narrator says he'd fight Gandhi.


What is the first "homework assignment" Tyler gives the men?

Most of the men whom the Fight Clubbers challenge back away, or even run away.


Of the men the Fight Club guys provoke, which one actually fights back?

Even he tries to be conciliatory at first.


What does Tyler make soap from?

The Narrator says that Tyler was selling "rich ladies' fat asses" back to them.


What name does Tyler give his group of anti-consumerist pranksters?

"Operation Latte Thunder" was a specific assignment -- to destroy a piece of public art and a gourmet coffee shop.


Who played the Project Mayhem member Angel Face?

The Narrator badly injures him in a fight, saying, "I felt like destroying something beautiful."


When he holds the convenience-store clerk at gunpoint, what does Tyler demand the man do?

Tyler threatens to come back and kill the man if he isn't on the way to being a vet in six weeks.


What is the nickname given to new Project Mayhem recruits?

One of the rules of Project Mayhem is that they don't have names.


How does Bob (Meat Loaf Aday) die?

This was the notorious "Operation Latte Thunder."


In the motel room, what life-altering fact does Tyler reveal to the Narrator?

The Narrator essentially knows this -- a bartender and Marla have both called him Tyler.


How does the Narrator destroy Tyler?

The shot goes through the Narrator's cheek, nonfatally, yet Tyler disappears.


What does Tyler destroy at the end of the film?

With the record of everyone's debt erased, things will "go back to zero." Sounds good to us!


What year was "Fight Club" released?

Fincher's feature film debut was in 1992, with "Alien 3."


Finally, what is the eighth and last rule of Fight Club?

Now get out there and make some mayhem!


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