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Edward Scissorhands is an imaginative and romantic film, appealing to the average moviegoer and the outsider as well. This 1990 film became a cult classic for its unique take on a loner who discovers a different kind of civility in suburbia. Think you know enough about the film? Take this quiz and find out!

Edward Scissorhands was directed by which unconventional American filmmaker-artist?

Tim Burton grew up in Burbank, California. He was an introverted person whose outlet was the arts. Aside from filmmaking, he dabbled heavily in sketching and painting.


Tim Burton collaborated with writer Caroline Thompson in developing the screenplay of Edward Scissorhands. On which other Burton film did they also collaborate?

Thompson’s collaborations are either fantasy-based or dark/gothic in nature. Sometimes, these genres combine with humor in her other works. An example of such is her screenplay adaptation for the film, The Addams Family.


Who played the title character in Edward Scissorhands?

Depp broke into the world of television first, before venturing into films. He was the lead character in the 1980s series, 21 Jump Street. After that show, he wanted to break out of his teen idol mold, and Edward Scissorhands helped him do that.


Who played the romantic love interest of Edward Scissorhands?

Ryder first became popular playing teen goth roles in the 1980s. She had such a role in Beetlejuice, a film also directed by Tim Burton. Edward Scissorhands is their second collaboration.


In the film, where was Edward Scissorhands discovered?

The Gothic mansion on the hill is somewhat of a mystery to the suburban folk living below. It wasn’t explained why a Gothic mansion exists in a suburb, near a row of colorful suburban houses.


Peg Boggs was the one who “discovered” Edward Scissorhand’s existence in the Gothic mansion. What was her occupation, that led her to visit the mansion?

Peg wanted to up her sales stats. She thought of venturing into untapped markets. The Gothic house had never been visited by anyone, hence the potential for sales.


Peg Boggs was a saleslady of which company?

Avon Products is one of the biggest companies in the US, focusing on beauty and personal care products. They are also one of the leading direct-selling companies. This means they don’t sell in stores, but through catalogs and door-to-door selling.


Which actress played Peg Boggs?

Dianne Wiest was a respected Broadway stage actress before venturing into films. She won several Academy Awards for her roles in the Woody Allen-directed films she appeared in. She also ventured into TV acting, currently playing the role of Joan Short in the series, Life in Pieces.


Peg Boggs brought Edward Scissorhands home, and her kind husband Bill didn’t object much at first. Who played Bill Boggs?

Alan Arkin won Academy Awards for his film roles. He also dabbled into directing films early on. He is also a published author, having written children’s books and other books of different genres.


Peg and Bill Boggs have a preteen son, Kevin, who immediately took a liking to Edward Scissorhands. Who played Kevin?

Robert Oliveri was previously known for portraying the bespectacled boy in Honey I Shrunk The Kids. He also appeared in two other films connected to Honey I Shrunk The Kids. After a stint as a Hollywood teen actor, he quit the business and went to college.


Winona Ryder played Kim, the teenage daughter in the Boggs family. How is she related to Kevin Boggs?

Kim and Kevin appeared like your typical teen siblings. Of course, the usual sibling rivalry ensues in this kind of uneven-aged household, and so does sibling protection. As an older sister-younger brother tandem, it could get quite ugly sometimes. But when it came to Edward Scissorhands, they bonded even more.


Kim has an obnoxious jock boyfriend named Jim. Who played him?

Anthony Michael Hall made his mark as a child actor and then a teen actor, with roles in popular 1980s films like Sixteen Candles and The Breakfast Club. He also starred in the now-classic Weird Science. In later years, he appeared in more mature films, including Six Degrees of Separation and Pirates of Silicon Valley. Hall still does television shows.


Edward Scissorhands was an android creation who appears to be near-human, except for what unique feature?

Edward was created in the Gothic mansion, but he was not the first of his kind. However, he was meant to be the near-perfect creation of his creator, before tragedy struck.


Edward Scissorhands was made by the owner of the Gothic mansion, known as The Inventor. Which actor portrayed him?

The versatile Vincent Price started his career on stage and in the movies in the late 1930s. He spent decades making a name for himself in the horror genre, not only in films but also in other media, such as radio. Because of his expressive eyes and commanding voice, he was well suited for horror films. Edward Scissorhands was his last film appearance.


The Inventor treated Edward Scissorhands as what?

As a loner, The Inventor treated Edward as his own son, even though the latter was an artificial being. He taught Edward the manners of human beings. He also taught him care and love.


While trying to fit into the ways of modern society, Edward Scissorhands accidentally became what kind of skilled worker in the Boggs' suburb?

Edward tried to help his adoptive family by doing household chores. When he spotted the garden, he crafted sculptured figures in the hedges. This prompted the neighbors to hire him to trim their hedges the same way.


In addition to trimming hedges, Edward also provided what grooming service?

Edward gave his adoptive mother figure, Peg, a haircut one day. The end product was a bit stylish for an average suburban woman, which attracted other housewives to ask for a haircut from Edward, too.


Every housewife seemed to be enamored with the new Edward character on their block, except for which neighborhood religious fanatic?

Esmeralda is a bit eccentric, too - much like Edward. She “prays over” things that are strange to her. Naturally, since Edward wore black all the time, she immediately tagged him as demonic.


Which older female neighbor seemed to like Edward beyond neighborly relations?

Kathy Baker played Joyce with a humorous tone. The stage and film actress saw this role as a good chance to try comedy, however dark its treatment. She also appears on TV from time to time.


In order to get closer to Edward, neighbor Joyce talked him into opening what kind of business with her?

Edward liked the idea of contributing to society in the best way he could. Opening a business seemed like a good idea. But after Joyce seduced him one time, he backed out of the scheme.


While inspecting a site for their planned salon business, Joyce seduced Edward, prompting him to panic and leave in a hurry. Afterward, what rumor did Joyce spread about Edward?

Edward had a hard time explaining to people what really happened between him and Joyce. Joyce exploited this, saying he wanted to rape her. This placed Edward in a negative light in the neighborhood.


Kim’s bully of a boyfriend, Jim, tried to befriend Edward for what reason?

Jim wanted to steal money from his own bully of a father. He tricked Edward into picking the locks of their house for this, but the burglar alarm went off and Jim left Edward there for the police to find.


Edward revealed to Kim that he knew picking locks was wrong, even before he got caught. So why did he do it?

Edward tried to protect Kim from everyone, because he was in love with her. He was willing to be the sole fall guy of this incident. This endeared Edward to Kim, unexpectedly.


While the Boggs family decorated their house for Christmas, what sort of decoration did Edward make in the garden?

Edward artfully created an ice sculpture in the Boggs' yard. The sculpture is in the form of an angel, but the angel clearly looks like Kim.


As Edward was busy sculpting the ice angel, Kim was drawn to it and did what?

As Edward was sculpting, the ice shavings were whirring all over the garden. The shavings mimicked snow falling, something that rarely happened in this suburb. Kim felt free and happy, and she danced to that feeling.


When Jim interrupted Kim and Edward's magical moments with the ice sculpture, what happened?

The injury came from a touching gesture, but with Edward’s scissor hands, it was painful. Edward’s accidental cutting of Kim led Jim to panic, and he used this panic to escalate the growing hatred of people for Edward. This made Edward feel like an outcast again.


Due to Jim’s overreaction, what does Kim finally decided to do?

Kim was slowly seeing the evil side of Jim, thanks to Edward’s presence. She didn’t want Jim to bully Edward, too. She finally got fed up.


After Edward accidentally injured Kim, he passed by Esmeralda’s lawn and cut her hedge in what shape?

Even if Edward acted unaware of the suburban gossip about him, he still knew. Esmeralda had been trying to stop her neighbors from befriending Edward, because of his supposed evil presence. Edward kept quiet until that devil hedge scene.


In a drunken rage, jilted Jim drove around, nearly hitting which character?

Kevin was trying to find Edward. Good thing Edward spotted the incoming van - he was able to get Kevin out of its way.


When confronted by Jim for the last time outside the Boggs’ house, Edward finally decided to do what?

The film reveals themes about society and human relationships. Edward discovered that society was not all good, after all, so he chose to become a loner again by running back to where he came from.


Jim and Kim ran after Edward toward the mansion, where the two men had a confrontation. What happened to Jim eventually?

Gentle Edward would not intentionally hurt anyone, but when he saw Jim hit Kim, he reacted. Edward used his scissor hands to stab Jim, then pushed him off the side of the house to die.


In order to protect Edward, Kim grabbed a spare set of scissor hands in the mansion and said what to her neighbors at the bottom of the hill?

After stabbing and pushing Jim to his death, Edward needed Kim's protection from the townsfolk. Edward and Kim had a sweet moment of understanding before she finally left the mansion. The moment revealed that they shared feelings of love - which would have to end tragically.


Edward Scissorhands opens and closes with the same scene, featuring an old lady telling this whole story to her grandchild. Who was this old lady?

During the opening scene, it wasn’t revealed who the old lady was. The film uses a fairytale-like structure to tell Edward’s story. It was only towards the end of the film that Kim revealed she was the girl dancing in the snow.


The grandmotherly version of Kim says she knows Edward is still alive and hiding in the mansion how?

Grandmother Kim knows in her heart that Edward is still alive. It had never snowed in their suburb until that time with the ice sculpture. Thus, she thinks that Edward still makes them once in a while, prompting “snow" to fall all over town.


The haunting melodies of the musical score were composed by which longtime Tim Burton collaborator?

Danny Elfman was once the lead singer and songwriter for Oingo Boingo. He has provided music for many Tim Burton films, including Pee-Wee's Big Adventure, Beetlejuice, and Nightmare Before Christmas. He also wrote the theme for The Simpsons, back in 1989.


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