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Donald John Trump was born in New York in 1941, to an extremely wealthy family (his father was a multi-millionaire) who were able to send him to the best schools. He spent most of his life as a real estate developer, selling off his enormous inheritance of apartments in the outer boroughs (which would now be worth many billions), and instead focusing on Manhattan, and later other cities. He tried a few other fields, such as casinos, steaks, and an airline, but sadly these all folded. His university was likewise shut down for fraud, and even a number of his real estate projects ended up in bankruptcy. Still, he managed to walk away unscathed personally, which no doubt his creditors found quite bewildering! In a couple of cases, his father was able to swoop in and save the day, even though they were not close in other ways. Mr. Trump has been fortunate enough to have three very beautiful wives, the current of whom is Slovenian-born model Melania Knauss. He is known by the nickname "The Donald" and had a successful reality TV show, "The Apprentice".

It was not expected that he would become president, but a combination of weighting of votes in the Electoral College, plus a $2 billion of free coverage from the media, and a few other factors boosted him over the line. How well do you know him? Let's find out!

How old is Donald Trump?

Even though his fans think he has the energy of a 12 year old, that is not the correct answer. He will turn 70 on June 14 in 2016.


Which college did Donald Trump graduate from?

Although he started at the Fordham University in Bronx, he never graduated from there. He transferred to Wharton School after two years and graduated in 1968 with a Bachelor of Science in Economics.


How long has Mr. Trump been married to Ivana Trump?

Mr Trump and Ivana Zelickova divorced in 1992 after tying the knot in 1977. So the correct answer is 'Divorced after 15 years'.


What is Mr. Trump's nickname?

Mr. Trump has been called many things, but the monicker 'The Donald' was given to him by his first wife Ivana in a Spy Magazine cover story and the name stuck.


How many children does Mr. Trump have?

He has 5 children: Donald Trump Jr, Ivanka Trump and Eric Trump from his first marriage to Ivana Zelnickova, Tiffany Trump from his second marriage to Marla Maples, and Barron William Trump from his current marriage to Melania Knauss-Trump.


Which of his wives is Mr Trump known to have cheated on?

He is known to have cheated on his first wife Ivana with Maples, which led to a confrontation between the two women in 1991.


What is Donald Trump's ethnicity?

Mr. Trump's paternal grandparents emigrated from Germany. His grandfather Friedrich Drumpf, a Klondike Gold Rush restaurateur anglicized the family name to 'Trump'. His mother Mary Anne Trump was a Scottish immigrant.


How much did Mr. Trump sue the comedian Bill Maher for in 2013?

Trump sued Bill Maher for $5M based on Maher's offer of $5M payable to a charity if Trump produced his birth certificate to prove his mother had not mated with an orangutan. Trump sued Maher claiming his offer was legally binding, but withdrew the suit after 8 weeks.


Why did Mr. Trump's father pull him out of 'Kew-Forest' prep school in the eighth grade?

According to his father, Donald was a 'rough fellow when he was small'. So he enrolled him in the New York Military Academy for the duration of his high school. And according to The Donald himself, it gave him military training.


How did Mr. Trump's business career get started?

Mr. Trump started working in his father's real estate company even before he graduated from college. His first project was the revitalization of the foreclosed Swifton Village apartment complex which his father purchased for $5.7M in 1962. They spent another $500K to revitalize the village and sold it for $6.75M in 1972.


Which famous TV personality turned down Mr. Trump when he asked her out?

Trump was smitten by Candice Bergen, the homecoming queen at Wharton. In the words Donald himself, "she had the good sense to say, 'Absolutely not.'"


What is Mr. Trump's net worth?

It is difficult to put an exact number, but many estimates put his net worth somewhere between $4B and $10B. Mr. Trump filed a defamation suit against author Timothy L O'Brien in 2011 who claimed that Mr. Trump was in fact worth less than $250M. The judge dismissed the suit.


How many books has Mr. Trump authored or co-authored?

A search on returns more than 10 books that Mr. Trump has authored or co-authored.


How many lawsuits has Mr. Trump been involved in?

If you count all the individuals who sued Trump for their losses, the answer is 'greater than 100'. According to his lawyer, being the 'target of hundreds of civil lawsuits was a natural part of doing business in this country.'


Which one of these quotes cannot be attributed to Mr. Trump?

The third quote is from Dan Quayle.


How many of Mr. Trump's businesses have declared bankruptcy?

Four of his businesses filed for bankruptcy. The last one of these was 'Trump Entertainment Resorts' in 2009. Although it filed for bankruptcy again in 2014, Mr. trump claimed that he no longer runs or controls the company and filed a lawsuit asking his name to be removed from the associated properties.


Which professional sports team scouted Mr. Trump when he attended NYMA?

Mr. Trump excelled at many sports when he attended NYMA, but his piching and hitting got the most attention.


Which professional sports team did Mr Trump purchase?

Mr. Trump purchased the New Jersey Generals of the United States Football League in 1983 and tried, unsuccessfully, to merge it with NFL. The USFL eventually folded.


How did Mr. Trump avoid being drafted for the Vietnam war?

Although Mr. Trump was a hall of fame athlete at NYMA, he received medical deferment when he became eligible to be drafted.


Where did Sarah Palin endorse Donald Trump from?

Although Sarah Palin claimed that Russia was in her backyard, she was not in Russia when she endorsed Mr. Trump.


Which one of these is not a Trump tweet?

The third tweet is from Ted Cruz


Why does Mr. Trump not drink alcohol?

Mr Trump gives the tragic loss of his brother to alcoholism as the reason for his abstinence. However, Mr Trump abstained from alcohol long before his brother's death. His abstinence originates from a deep seated belief in its ill-effects.


Which of these is not associated with a Trump marketing campaign for alcohol?

Mr Trump launched the Trump Vodka in 2006 and both 'Success Distilled' and 'Trump Tonic' were used in marketing Trump Vodka.


Why will Trump not shake your hand?

The Donald claims that his aversion to shaking hands is based upon a dislike of germs and considers the practice barbaric.


Is the Donald's hair real, or is it a toupee?

As far as we know, it his real hair. He blow dries it forward and then combs it back to show a deceptive hair line.


Which show earned the Donald his Hollywood Walk of Fame star?

In 2007, The Donald became the 2327th star to receive the honor for his role as producer of 'The Apprentice'


What was the name of the board game that Mr Trump launched?

He launched the board game 'Trump: The Game' in 1989. It was ultimately discontinued after dismal sales.


If elected as US president, what will The Donald's first words be?

Our guess is as good as yours, but his most likely phrase to Obama's staff will be 'You are fired!'


What was Trump's reaction to his loss in the Iowa caucus?

Although his initial public reaction was quite graceful, he was less graceful in interviews and on Twitter on the following day. "Cruz didn't win Iowa, he stole it", "Based on the fraud committed by Senator Ted Cruz during the Iowa Caucus, either a new election should take place or Cruz results nullified" were a couple of his tweets.


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