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Okay, Quentin Tarantino might have miscast himself as a demi-god inthis semi-supernatural neo-noir! But there's a lot to like here, too. Find out how well you remember "Destiny Turns on the Radio" with our quiz!

In what city does "Destiny" take place?

The film's opening scene is in the desert, miles from Vegas.


Who plays stranded hitchhiker Julian Goddard?

Female viewers tend to love his piercing blue eyes.


What kind of car is Johnny Destiny driving?

It's a 1969, and relatively few of these models were made.


Where has Julian been previously?

Julian has broken out; he wasn't released.


What event aided Julian in his prison break?

Perhaps a lightning strike overloaded the circuits, causing electronic locks and gates to fail.


Who plays Johnny Destiny?

Tarantino is cast against type as a man of few words.


What is Julian's destination in Vegas?

A neon sign of the actress has her white skirt blowing upward in classic fashion.


Who do Destiny and Julian first meet at the motel?

She's apparently a down-on-her-luck hooker.


What is Harry's last name?

LeGros was the actor who played him, James LeGros.


What does Thoreau say happened to the money from the heist?

Destiny also took Thoreau's Plymouth RoadRunner.


Who does Julian see when he looks in the mirror at Thoreau's place?

Thoreau then tells him his father is "camped out up north."


Where did Johnny Destiny come from?

Yup, he rises from the waters like a Sin City Venus.


What is Julian's ex-girlfriend's name?

Julian -- of course -- has her name tattooed on his arm.


Who plays Lucille?

Earlier, Travis starred opposite Mike Myers in "So I Married an Axe Murderer."


What is Lucille's line of work?

Julian fell in love with her after seeing her sing.


Why does Lucille think Tuerto's underwear is too tight?

This gives James Belushi a funny speech about how he'll touch it if he wants to: "It's arm's reach!"


What are the rooms at the Marilyn named after?

Hey, doesn't every Vegas motel need a gimmick?


Who plays Tuerto, Lucille's current lover?

What kind of name is "Tuerto," anyway?


At what casino does Lucille perform?

Her lover Tuerto is a bigwig there.


Why didn't Lucille leave town with Julian, three years earlier?

Frankly, you never need a reason not to hit the road with a bank robber.


What is the name of the record executive who comes to see Lucille?

Translated, his last name means "I saw, I conquered."


What song was Lucille singing when Julian first saw her?

It's love at first sight for Julian.


Why does Johnny Destiny want the pool refilled?

Thoreau always suspected the pool was important to Destiny.


What is the name of Julian's father?

He's only listed as "Pappy" in the credits.


How does Julian incapacitate Tuerto, who catches him with Lucille?

He couldn't have had a gun in his boot -- Julian is naked in this scene.


How did Lucille get pregnant?

Julian at first has a hard time buying that the baby isn't Tuerto's.


Which song does Lucille perform for Vinnie Vidivici?

The song also plays under the end credits.


How many songs are in Lucille's set at the Stardust?

It's enough to win over Vinnie Vidivici, who offers her a record contract.


Who does Destiny set Escabel up with at the movie's end?

He takes her hand as they sit at the bar together.


What does Destiny tell Lucille is in the pool?

Jumping in is a gamble, like so much in Sin City.


How many people jump in the pool at the end?

Dammit, Lucille's turning her back on her big break, the record contract!


What's in the bag Thoreau throws in the pool?

The cops believe it's the heist money, though.


What do the cops decide they're going to tell the brass?

It's easier than explaining a motel pool in which people and things just disappear.


What color is the bottom of the swimming pool?

The water glows a fluorescent banana color at night.


What percent "fresh" rating does "Destiny" have on Rotten Tomatoes?

Yep, it's only 13. If you're a fan, maybe you should go pitch in!


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