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Can you pass the CSI Test? How well do you know your CSI facts? If you are a fan of the hit show, CSI, then you'll want to see if you score high enough to beat out the competition!

What does CSI stand for?

Due to the show’s popularity, UK's CSI counterparts called SOCO or Scenes of Crime Officers started referring to themselves as CSIs, too.


In which US state does the original CSI show take place?

Contrary to popular belief, Las Vegas is not the capital of Nevada; Carson City is.


What is the name of the CSI night shift supervisor, and the show's main character over the first nine seasons?

Gil Grissom headed up the graveyard shift for the Las Vegas CSI office.


What actor portrayed Grissom?

William Petersen starred in nearly 200 episodes of the series.


CSI supervisor Gil Grissom is a forensic entomologist, meaning he specializes in what?

Forensic entomologists not only study insects but also centipedes, millipedes, crustaceans, and arachnids.


What longtime assistant shift supervisor was promoted to shift supervisor when Grissom departed?

Willows was proficient as a blood spatter analyst.


What actress portrayed Willows?

Marg Helgenberger was nominated for two Emmys and two Golden Globes for her performance on CSI.


What was Willows' “occupation” prior to joining the CSI team?

A fancier term for stripper is “exotic dancer".


Who is the lab-based DNA specialist who later asked to experience being assigned on the field?

Warrick Brown had to school Greg on dressing up properly when arriving at crime scenes.


Who is the wacky lab technician who fancies himself to be above the rest of the lab rats?

Wallace Langham, who plays David Hodges, actually got his start by appearing in a science-themed film by John Hughes called Weird Science.


Sara Sidle developed what kind of problem during season 4?

In the series finale, Sara was even arrested for driving while under the influence of alcohol.


Of all the CSI agents, Nick Stokes has a noticeable accent because he was born in...

Nick Stokes first worked at the Dallas Crime Lab where he started as CSI Level I.


Archie Johnson is the crime lab’s expert on which specific area of interest?

Aside from analyzing audio clips like phone calls and watching surveillance cameras for clues, Archie also expanded his talents by starting handwriting analysis.


What kind of personal problem was Warrick Brown recovering from?

Warrick’s character is surrounded by gambling and casinos since he was small, as he is the only CSI character who’s a native of Las Vegas.


Detective Jim Brass discovered, to his dismay, that his daughter Ellie held this “occupation" in Los Angeles.

Brass knows that his daughter is not his own, but his daughter doesn’t know it.


Which CSI agent was the subject of the miniature killer’s envy?

Jorja Fox had a solid fan base portraying CSI agent Sara Sidle. They even sent money and gifts to the show’s creators when rumors started flying around about Fox’s imminent departure from the show.


How come Grissom knows sign language?

Deaf actress Marlee Matlin guest stars in the episode where Grissom’s deaf mother is featured, entitled “The Two Mrs. Grissoms."


What was Warrick Brown’s reason for turning down a seductive singer’s advances when he saw her doing drugs?

Gary Dourdan played Warrick Brown who only appeared until the 9th season of the show.


During Sara Sidle’s lonely days in earlier seasons, what does she do in her home outside of her work?

These activities show Sara’s dedication to her work but also shows how she is such a recluse, which she tried to overcome.


Which CSI agent was kidnapped and buried alive in a glass casket?

The glass casket episode ran in two parts with the title “Grave Danger."


One of Grissom’s iconic but weird trademarks is which particular fetal animal preserved inside a jar?

When Grissom left CSI, the pig in a jar remained there at the office.


The coroner Dr. Al Robbins has prosthetics for which part of his body?

Robert David Hall, who portrays Dr. Al Robbins, also has prosthetic legs as a result of an accident when he was younger. He is an advocate of disability.


Where was Warrick Brown when he was gunned down and assassinated?

Warrick was shot from the passenger side window opposite the driver’s side.


Grissom once experimented on Greg Sanders’ feet because of the latter’s racial origin, which was what?

Greg’s Norwegian heritage comes from his mother's side.


Warrick Brown and Nick Stokes had the same professional job level, which was...

In the US, one doesn’t need to be a police officer to be a CSI agent.


Catherine Willows’ father, Sam Braun, owns which casino?

One of these casinos was blown up in the series’ finale episode triggering the temporary return of Catherine to CSI life.


Dr. Ray Langston killed Nate Haskell, who was this type of criminal.

Nate Haskell appeared in three seasons of CSI, identified as the nemesis of Langston.


Which character wrote a book on the untold story of Vegas, with special chapters on Mob bosses?

His book is entitled Sin City Secrets.


Catherine Willows left the CSI team to start working with which agency?

The fourth CSI franchise series, CSI: Cyber, is actually about a special FBI unit, unlike the other CSI shows


Laurence Fishburne took over as the series' male lead after William Petersen left. What was the name of Fishburne's character?

Fishburne portrayed Langston in Seasons 9, 10, and 11.


After Langston left the show, D.B. Russell became the lead male character. He was played by what former "Cheers" star?

Ted Danson was on the final few seasons of CSI, as well as the second season of CSI: Cyber.


Elisabeth Shue portrayed the female lead the final few seasons, after Marg Helgenberger departed. What was the name of Shue's character?

Finn, as she's better known, is an assistant supervisor.


What kind of criminal was the CSI team facing during the finale, prompting Grissom to return again for a visit?

This finale episode was shot to have two episodes to conclude the series.


CSI: Las Vegas ran for how many seasons?

A total of 337 episodes of CSI aired during its 15-season run.


CSI's theme song was also a 1978 hit for what rock band?

The song "Who Are You" was written by Pete Townshend, The Who's lead guitarist.


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