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Life as a teen can be difficult, especially when you're bouncing around between suburbia and the Big Apple. How well do you remember 'The Carrie Diaries'?

"The Carrie Diaries" is the prequel to what show?

The Carrie Diaries is the prequel to Sex and the City where we see Carrie Bradshaw balancing her life as a teenager.


Which city does "The Carrie Diaries" take place?

"The Carrie Diaries" is based on Carrie Bradshaw's life in New York City, just like in "Sex and the City."


What state does Carrie live in?

Carrie Bradshaw lives in Castlebury, Connecticut with her father and younger sister.


Which one of these isn't one of Carrie's best friends?

Larissa Loughlin is not one of Carrie's best friends, but rather an editor that she meets in New York.


What is the name of the student that Carrie has a crush on?

Carrie has a crush on Sebastian Kydd, a transfer student who was kicked out of his previous school.


What actor plays Sebastian Kydd?

Sebastian Kydd's character is played by actor Austin Butler, who currently stars in MTVs "The Shannara Chronicles."


What kind of office does Carrie's father get her internship?

After Carrie is having a hard time after the death of her mother, her father gets her a law firm internship in New York City to lift her spirits.


Which of Carrie's classmates is dating Walt?

Although Maggie and Walt are dating, their relationship is on the rocks at the beginning of the series.


What does Larissa initially stop Carrie for?

When Carrie initially meets Larissa, she gets stopped because of the design on Carrie's purse.


Where do Carrie and Sebastian share their first kiss?

Although Carrie initially had plans with Dorrit, she flakes so she can meet Sebastian at the pool.


Why does Sebastian get kicked out of his previous school?

When Carrie finds out that her father represented Sebastian in his case, she goes through his files and finds out that he had an affair with a teacher.


Who does Carrie invite to Larissa's Halloween party?

Since Walt likes fashion just like her, Carrie decides to invite him to Larissa's Halloween party in the city.


Who almosts gets caught smoking marijuana with Sebastian?

When Mouse and Maggie attend Sebastian's Halloween party, Mouse joins him in smoking when they are almost caught by the cop that Maggie is seeing.


Who does Carrie date when Sebastian decides that they shouldn't see each other anymore?

After Sebastian decides that they shouldn't see each other anymore, Carrie starts dating George Silver, an old friend who also works at her internship.


What is the name of the magazine that Larissa works for?

When Carrie met Larissa, Larissa invited Carrie to watch a photo shoot and eventually come work for her at Interview Magazine.


Who does Sebastian date after his break from Carrie?

After Carrie gets invited to George's house the first time, she returns to Castlebury only to see Sebastian and Donna together, who soon start a relationship.


Who catches Maggie with the deputy that works for her father?

After Donna catches Maggie with Deputy Simon at the Winter Wonderland dance, she blackmails her into spying on Carrie.


What ballet does Dorrit and Tom bond over?

Although Tom's relationship with Dorrit is more strained than his relationship with Carrie, he makes an attempt to bond with her by taking her to see The Nutcracker.


Who is the first person that Walt comes out to?

When Donna tries to go after Walt, he ends up confiding in her about his confusion.


Who reveals to Maggie that Walt is gay?

In the last episode of Season 1, Sebastian reveals to Maggie that Sebastian is gay, leading to a fight between the two friends.


Who does Carrie decide isn't her friend at the end of Season 1?

When Carrie finds out that Maggie and Sebastian kissed, she decides that they're not friends anymore.


In the first episode of season 2, who does Carrie run into on 4th of July?

After Carrie has been living in NYC for the summer, she runs into Sebastian and Donna, who are visiting Donna's cousin.


Which Sex and the City character does Carrie meet at the beginning of Season 2?

When Carrie runs into Sebastian and Donna on the 4th of July, they are meeting up with Donna's cousin, Samantha Jones.


Who does Samantha give sex advice to?

When Samantha and Mouse finally meet, she gives Mouse sex tips, as Mouse is now dating West.


Who does Samantha clash with when she meets them?

When Larissa finally returns from vacation, her personality immediately clashes with Samantha's.


Who gets pregnant in the second season?

As Maggie and Sebastian grow closer in the second season, she discovers that she's pregnant.


What does Mouse put in West's bag to spice up their relationship?

When Mouse slips a topless picture of herself into West's backpack, she freaks out when it goes missing.


Who do people initially think is the father of Maggie's baby?

So Maggie doesn't have to reveal the real child of her father, Sebastian allows people to think it's him.


What jeans brand does Carrie get to interview in Season 2?

When Carrie lands an interview with BONGO Jeans, Larissa lets her know this is her last chance to land an article for Interview Magazine.


Who does Walt live with when his parents kick him out?

When Walt tells his parents that he's gay, they kick him out of the house, forcing him to take residence at Carrie's house.


Where does Sebastian move to after leaving Connecticut?

When Sebastian pursues a skateboard clothing line, he decides that he's moving to Los Angeles, but Sebastian soon returns. At the end of the series, he is shown moving to LA permanently.


What NYC school does Carrie want to attend?

Carrie has plans to attend college and hopefully NYU, but Larissa tries to change her mind by offering her a full-time job at Interview Magazine.


How does Carrie lose her job at Interview magazine?

In the series finale, we see Larissa get fired from Interview Magazine, which leads to Carrie losing her job as well.


Who does Carrie move in with after leaving her father's house?

Carrie temporarily moves in with Sebastian before he reveals to her that he is moving to California.


What job does Carrie get at the end of the series in order to support her life in NYC?

When her father refuses to let her move back in and Sebastian moves to California, Carrie decides to stay in New York City to focus on her writing and gets a job as a waitress.


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