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"Attack on Titan" is a bloody show that is bloody good! If you agree, take this quiz and find out how much you know about the characters trying to survive in this world!

What has been terrorizing humans?

The titans appeared over a century before the start of the series. They have nearly knocked out the human population.


What surrounds the area where humans live?

Humans built walls to protect themselves from the Titans. There are three walls in total.


What is the outermost wall protecting the humans called?

Wall Maria stands 50 meters in height. The Wall was breached five years before the current events in the series.


Which branch of the military protects the Royal Family?

The Military Police Brigade is a corrupt police force. Not only do they protect the Royal Family, but they also maintain order inside the walls.


Which family member does Eren watch get eaten by a Titan?

When the Colossal Titan knocks a hole in Wall Maria, Eren's mother is a casualty in the aftermath. Eren is dragged away by a member of the Garrison as his mother is pulled from their house and devoured.


What is the name of the second outermost wall?

When Wall Maria was breached, the residents were forced to retreat inside Wall Rose. However, five years later, Wall Rose was also breached.


What is the name of the innermost wall?

Wall Sheena protects the king and the royal family, along with many citizens. Inside, the wall is protected by the military police force.


Who is Eren's adopted sister?

Mikasa's parents were killed when she was a young girl. With no place to go, Eren told her she would come home with him and his father.


In the story, who is the first human shown to be a Titan?

Some humans have the ability to transform into Titans. This was unknown until Eren made his transformation, putting both fear and hope into those inside the walls.


Where does the Colossal Titan knock a hole in Wall Maria?

Eren is from the Shiganshina district. He was forced to leave when the Titans broke through.


Who is ranked first in the Southern Division in the 104th Training Corps?

Mikasa is able to quickly master the skills necessary to combat the Titans. Keith Sadies believes she is the most valuable trainee under his command.


What was Grisha Yeager's job?

Grisha Yeager was married twice. His first wife, Dina, killed Eren's mother when he was young.


Which branch of the military tries to reclaim land from Titans?

The Scout Regiment is made up of the best soldiers from inside the walls. Still, they have the highest mortality rate of all the branches.


What's the equipment used for grappling called?

Vertical Maneuvering Equipment allows soldiers to combat Titans by jumping around between buildings and trees. The problem with the equipment is that it doesn't work on flat ground.


Who is considered "humanity's strongest soldier?"

When Eren gets angry during his trial, Levi jumps in and beats Eren to a bloody pulp. Levi's intention is to show everyone that he is capable of handling Eren despite Eren having Titan abilities.


Who is the Female Titan?

Annie is one of the best soldiers in the 104th Cadet Corps. She first appears as the Female Titan during the 57th Exterior Scouting Mission.


Which branch of the military guards the walls and the general population?

The Garrison Brigade is the largest of the three divisions. They are in charge of maintaining and protecting the wall.


Who is the commander of the Scout Regiment?

Before Levi joined the Scout Regiment, he was a criminal inside the walls. Erwin convinces Levi to join.


Who is Eren's best friend?

Armen isn't known for his physical strength and abilities. However, he makes up for it with his brain.


Who is Eren's father?

Eren believes that knowledge of the Titans lies in the basement of his childhood home. He thinks this because his father gave him a key to the basement and told him answers were inside.


What kind of Titan is Eren?

After the breach in Wall Maria, Eren lived for five years without knowing he was the Attack Titan. After being eaten by a Titan, Eren transformed and started attacking the Titans around him.


Which branch of the military does Mikasa join?

Mikasa saves Eren multiple times throughout the series. In fact, she joins the Scout Regiment to keep an eye on him.


What does Annie do when she is captured?

To capture Annie, Eren and his friends try to lead her underground so she can't transform. However, she discovers their strategy, and Eren is forced to fight her in Titan form.


Who finds out Annie is the Female Titan?

Armin noticed that Annie used someone else's gear when everyone was investigated for the death of two captured Titans. When he discovers there is another Titan shifter, Annie becomes his first suspect.


Who is the instructor of the Southern Division in the 104th Training Corps?

Keith was once the commander of the Scout Regiment. He is a harsh commander who demands everyone's top performance.


Who is NOT ranked in the top ten of the Southern Division in the 104th Training Corps?

Armin is not looked down upon when he doesn't make the top ten in his class. This is because his analytical skills exceed everyone else's​.


Who seals the hole in Wall Rose?

Although a capable fighter, Eren is not considered the strongest soldier. However, he has a will to succeed that pushes him beyond his limits.


What does Dot Pyxis command?

After the military discovers that Eren is a Titan, they decide to kill him. However, Dot Pyxis intervenes and stops them.


Which name was given to one of the captured Titans before it was killed?

Bean and Sonny were two Titans captured by the humans when Wall Rose was sealed. They were both Killed by Annie before they could be fully investigated.


Who leads the entire Military?

Zachary is in charge of Eren's trial. He must decide if Eren will join the Scout Regiment or be killed.


Who is the Minister who wants Eren killed?

Minister Nick is a member of the Church of Walls. They worship the walls that surround humanity.


Who is in charge of protecting Eren when he tries to seal Wall Rose?

Ian is one of the first people to recognize Mikasa's skills as a fighter. When Mikasa threatens to sacrifice her life for Eren, Ian says that would be a great loss.


What group is Eren forced to join so they can assess his Titan powers?

During Eren''s trial, Erwin Smith offers to bring him along with the Scout Regiment. If Eren disobeys, he says Levi will kill him.


Who is the commander of the Military Police Regiment?

Nile Dawk believes Eren is useful in his Titan form. However, he still thinks Eren should be killed since there is a Civil War brewing.


Which is considered the most incompetent branch of the Military?

The Military Police Regiment are the last line of defense against the Titans. However, that also means they have little to no encounters with the Titans.


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