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Have you watched every episode of Arrested Development, from the pilot to "Blockheads"? Test your knowledge of this faux-documentary style sitcom.

Which character said “You lied to me... you said my FATHER was my father, but my UNCLE is my father. MY FATHER IS MY UNCLE.”

Buster said this to Lucille when confronting her about his birth father.

After Michael and George Michael torch the Banana Stand, why does George Sr become angry with Michael?

This moment spawned a classic Arrested Development line: “Cash, Michael. What the hell did you think I meant when I said... [strangles Michael] there is money... in... the banana stand!”

In the pilot episode, Maeby suggests that she and George Michael do what in order to teach their parents that they need to see each other more:

In fact, Maeby goes through with her suggestion and kisses George Michael just as the family is about to pose for a photo - at which point the SEC raids the ship.

George Sr. gives his retirement speech in the pilot and appoints the new CEO to be:

The Bluth patriarch, George Sr, is played by Jeffrey Tambor, and he was never intended to be a regular on the show. It wasn't until the actor tested so well that the writers ended up putting him regularly in the series.

Michael and George Michael eat “cornballs” for breakfast in an early season 1 episode, a Bluth family tradition since the mid-1970s when George Sr tried to market a device called the:

This invention spawned another classic Arrested Development line from Michael Bluth: “It's the carpenter who blames his shoddy [touches cornballer] [bleep] stupid corballin' piece of [bleep].”

Michael Bluth's older brother is known as G.O.B., which stands for:

G.O.B. is the eldest Bluth child, and a professional magician, played magnificently by Will Arnett.

Lucille Austero suffers from:

Lucille Austero, also known as “Lucille Two,” is the friend, neighbor, and chief social rival of Lucille Bluth. She dates Buster and G.O.B. for a short while.

Which of the following is NOT true about Tobias Fünke?

George Michael actually founded the antisocial network/privacy software company Fakeblock. Tobias Fünke also once deemed himself to be the world's first Analrapist (pronounced "uh-NAHL-ruh-pist"- a portmanteau of analyst and therapist) because he combined his analysis and therapy skills. Needless to say, it almost got him arrested.

In season 1, episode 8, Michael loses his short term memory due to:

In the same episode, Buster also gets a knock on the head when, while dining on Lucille Austero's balcony, he spies his mother on her own balcony and jumps through the window to get inside and hide.

What is the name of the Newport Beach holiday started by Lucille and George in 1982 as a way to destroy all Cinco de Mayo food and decorations so Lucille’s Hispanic staff wouldn't take May 5 off as part of their "war on May the 5th"?

The Cinco de Cuatro festival grew over the years and was eventually embraced by the Hispanic community. The annual event concludes with a boat parade called "The Festival of Lights," a phrase the Bluths wanted to reclaim.

The name of the folk group formed by Tobias, Lindsay, and Maeby in the mid 1990s is:

The band was underwritten by Natural Life Food Company, and once promoted Teamocil and Zanotab. G.O.B.'s wife was a big fan of the group, feeling that their song about Teamocil spoke to her.

“And As It Is Such, So Also As Such Is It Unto You” is a Miracle Network television program featuring religious discussions between the two hosts and guests. While appearing on it, G.O.B. announces:

“And As It Is Such, So Also As Such Is It Unto You” stars Pastor Terry Veal and Father Marsala.

Mommy, What Will I Look Like? is a photo-aging service for parents who want to see what their children will look like in 50 years time. It was one of Lindsay's businesses and it failed because:

Signs for the company are used by the Fünkes to usher a duck into their mansion's oven (season 4, episode 3 "Indian Takers"). Signs are also kept in the back of Tobias' Volkswagen Cabriolet (season 4, episode 5 "A New Start").

The actress that played G.O.B.’s accidental wife is:

Amy Poehler, who plays the accidental wife, was in fact, Will Arnett's (the actor who plays G.O.B.) wife at the time.

While traveling down to Mexico to find George Sr, Michael promises George Michael that he will talk to Ann while in the car to get to know her better. He doesn't, and he:

In "Let 'Em Eat Cake" (2004), Alessandra Torresani played George Michael's girlfriend Ann, and her brief performance was singled out for praise by the rest of the cast on the DVD commentary for the episode. By Season 2, however, Ann was played by the very different-looking Mae Whitman. This casting change is possibly a joke, since Michael repeatedly forgets what Ann looks like, and Maeby jealously calls her "No Face".

What has NOT happened to the stair car during its notorious existence?

The stair car was one of the few remaining modes of transport available to the Bluth family, and was frequently driven by Michael Bluth. It was originally paired with the company jet, which was sold off to help deal with the company's financial woes. It had a large Bluth Company logo on the side.

The model home is located in which subdivision built and owned by the Bluth Company?

The model home is the residence of Michael Bluth, George Michael Bluth, Tobias Fünke, Lindsay Bluth Fünke and Maeby Fünke. G.O.B., Buster Bluth and George Bluth have all, at times, lived there.

What does George Sr use as his yarmulke when he first converts to Judasism?

George's first encounter with religion is in season 1, episode 9 "Storming the Castle" when he sees a Star of David shadow cast by the bars on his solitary confinement cell in prison. His new godly way of life cause the guards to fear him but annoys Lucille.

Barry Zuckerkorn, the Bluth familly's incompetent defense attorney, is played by:

In one episode, Henry Winkler looks in a mirror, starts to comb his hair, then puts his arms out, just like Fonzie in the opening credits of Happy Days (1974).

The yacht purchased by G.O.B. after he becomes the CEO of the Bluth Company, is named

Later in the series, George Michael visits G.O.B. on the yacht and punches him when he discovers that he is dating Ann. George Michael tries to use The C-Word to flee to Mexico to avoid Maeby and the rest of his family.

How much does Buster buy Lucille Austero for in the first charity bachelorette auction?

Lindsay, who spent a miserable afternoon in the actual wetlands, was a complete mess and no one was bidding on her. Michael, proud of her effort, bid $1,000 to save her from embarrassment. Lucille gave Buster $10,000 to bid on her but he accidentally bid on Lucille Austero.

The name of Lucille's often verbally abused housecleaner is

Lupe frequently wears incorrectly themed sweaters at Bluth family events.

Lindsay attempts to persuade a nature activist out of a tree on the Bluth property so that it can be cut down and is forced to spend the evening in the tree with him. This activist’s name was:

Later Johnny Bark mistakes Lindsay’s nostalgia for attraction and leaves the tree he is protecting to profess his feelings for Lindsay.

China Garden is:

China Garden wrote to Dr. Norman when he was in prison and when he was released they became lovers. They lived with Oscar Bluth and Heartfire on the border of US and Mexico and consumed maca.

George Michael asks his father about he and Ann hosting a Christian music bonfire at the house. What do they actually intend to happen at this party?

In this same episode, Ann is upset when she discovers that George Michael is hiding a "Jerky Boys" prank call record. They listen to it and share their first kiss.

The key distinguishing feature between Oscar Bluth and George Sr is

Oscar is a burnout who lived in a trailer on a lemon grove until he and his former lover, Lucille Bluth, rekindled their romance when George was on the lam in Mexico. He moved into Balboa Towers to be with her and his unwitting biological son Buster Bluth.

Who plays Maggie Lizer, the dishonest blind lawyer?

Maggie Lizer is a defense attorney in Newport Beach who was known for being blind. Although she has her vision, Maggie found that acting blind helped her cheat on her Law School Admissions Test (LSAT) and continued the ruse as it helped her get cheap pizza and win juries over. She even had a seeing eye dog named Justice to use in the act, but the dog was legally blind himself.

Which of the following is NOT true about the character Rebel Alley?

Rebel Alley has her wild side but also has a four year old son, Lem, who usually lives in France with his father.

What was the name of the pageant that Maeby (as Surely Wolfbeak) took part in?

Hope Loblaw and Ann Veal also took part in the Miss Inner Beauty pageant. As part of the talent portion, Hope Loblaw sang a song Lindsay wrote, with the main lyrics "Love Stain On You" and Ann Veal attempted to sing We Three Kings with a camel-toe.

Arrested Development was nominated for several Golden Globes over the years but won only one for:

The show has garnered a total of 50 awards and 86 nominations.

Prison warden Stefan Gentles is played by:

Stefan Gentles is a warden of Orange County Prison, is an aspiring screenwriter, and is infatuated with Lucille Bluth. He is portrayed by James Lipton and appears in five episodes of Arrested Development in Seasons One, Three, and Four.

What kind of farm does activist Marky Bark have?

Cindy is the name of Marky Bark's pet ostrich.

What is the name of the judge serving at the courthouse in Newport Beach, California that proceeds over multiple Bluth family trials?

Judge Ping is the first character to break the fourth wall on Arrested Development. He looks directly into the camera when telling the court to turn off all recording devices in season 1, episode 13 "Beef Consommé".

Dr. Miller is the Bluth family’s doctor and, in addition to administer extremely strong pain killers, he also like to:

In season 2, episode 6, Lucille blows Tobias' eardrums out with her rape horn and he gets his head wrapped in gauze. It is unknown if this was Dr. Miller's handiwork.

In the opening credits, the very first image of the Bluth family does NOT include:

Ron Howard narrates the series, and his role as the narrator was accidental. He was merely filling in on the pilot and his voice just "worked".

Herbert Love's campaign manager is named:

David's main role is to coordinate Herbert Love's fundraising, advertising, polling and helping him win the election.

How much money does Michael borrow from Lucille Two to keep the Michael B. Company afloat?

Michael attempted to seduce Lucille Two in order to get an extension on the loan but she rejected his advances.

Which of the following is NOT an area that Buster studied in graduate school?

Buster was a long-term graduate student due to the Bluth family's largesse. He definied himself as a "scholar" and enjoyed "scholarly pursuits". Ever since the SEC charged George Bluth and halted the Bluth family's funds, his studies have cut back drastically.

Stan Sitwell suffers from what medical condition?

Lucille incorrectly refers to him as an alpaca. Due to his condition, he wears wigs and fake eyebrows which often fall off into candy beans or become misaligned. He also can't drive convertibles without losing his eyebrows.

Which of the following is NOT one of Lindsay's charitable actions?

Lindsay is an on-and-off bleeding heart about a variety of topics. When she can muster the energy she will attempt to do charitable actions. She and Tobias were also known for their activist parties in Boston. Lindsay still finds herself passionate about some topics and attempts to be charitable, but usually for selfish reasons.

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