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You are about to enter another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind. A journey into a wondrous land of imagination. Next stop, the Twilight Zone (quiz)!

In the first season’s iconic episode “Time Enough at Last,” what was Henry Bemis’ occupation before he became the last man on Earth, with plenty of books but also a pair of broken glasses?

Bemis (the first of Meredith’s four Twilight Zone characters; he also narrated the 1983 film) was a bank teller. He survived the nuclear blast that ended civilization because he was reading in his bank’s vault at the time.


What is Marsha White’s secret identity—unknown even to her—in the first season episode “The After Hours”?

Marsha (Anne Francis) is a department store mannequin who overstays her allotted month-long visit to the human world. The 1985-89 Twilight Zone revival remade this episode, featuring Terry Farrell (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine; Becker) as the mannequin.


Which of the following visual elements was never used in an opening title sequence during The Twilight Zone’s original run?

A rocking horse never appeared in any of the original series’ opening title sequences—although one was seen in the title sequence for the 1985-89 revived series, accompanied by music from the Grateful Dead.


Who was series creator Rod Serling’s first choice to narrate The Twilight Zone?

Serling wanted Orson Welles, of Citizen Kane fame (and, later, wine commercials), to narrate The Twilight Zone. When Welles proved too expensive, Serling was persuaded to narrate and, eventually, appear as the on-camera host himself.


What nightmare does Norma (played by Lois Nettleton) suffer from in the third season episode “The Midnight Sun”?

Norma dreams the Earth is moving too close to the Sun. When she wakes up, viewers learn the opposite is true.


In the first season episode “Walking Distance,” how does Martin Sloan, while visiting the past, get the limp he walks with when he returns to the present?

Young Martin falls off a merry-go-round, so older Martin limps when he returns to his present. One of series creator Rod Serling’s personal favorites, “Walking Distance” is also notable for featuring a brief appearance by a young Ron Howard.


Which iconic Twilight Zone episode is about an “ugly” woman in bandages whose cosmetic surgery, at the hands of doctors and nurses with grotesque faces, fails?

The second season episode “The Eye of the Beholder” is one of the most recognized—and parodied—episodes of The Twilight Zone. Baywatch star Pamela Anderson, for example, played the “ugly” patient when hosting Saturday Night Live in 1997.


Which first season episode features the Archangel Gabriel as a character?

In “A Passage for Trumpet,” veteran character actor John Anderson plays “Gabe,” who helps suicidal trumpeter Joey Crown, played by Jack Klugman, choose to keep living.


What’s the final object that sidewalk peddler Pedott gives Fred Renard in the first season episode “What You Need”?

Pedott (Ernest Truex), who has an uncanny knowledge of the future, gives the bullying thug Renard (Steve Cochran) a pair of slippery shoes. While running on slick pavement, Renard falls and is hit by a truck—and Pedott is finally free of Renard’s attacks.


How can Lieutenant Fitzgerald, in the first season episode “The Purple Testament,” tell when one of his Army infantry comrades is about to be killed in action?

Fitzgerald (played by William Reynolds) sees a strange glow on the soldier’s face. At the episode’s end, he catches sight of his own reflection in a mirror—and sees the light on his face. Serling drew on his own combat experience in World War II when writing the script.


What is Jimbo Cobb’s extraordinary power in the second season episode “The Prime Mover”?

Cobb (played by Buddy Ebsen, best known as The Beverly Hillbillies’ Jed Clampett) has psychokenesis. He manipulates dice to help his friend Ace (Dane Clark) win at gambling.


Who does Brother Jerome have in custody in his monastery at the beginning of the second season episode “The Howling Man”?

Brother Jerome (played by classically trained John Carradine) holds the Devil (Robin Hughes, known especially for Dial M for Murder) captive until David Ellington (H.M. Wynant) sets him free. Shortly after, World War II breaks out. Ellington spends the rest of his life trying to recapture Satan.


What historical event does Peter Corrigan travel back in time to try and prevent in the second season episode “Back There”?

Corrigan (played by Russell Johnson, best remembered as the Professor on Gilligan’s Island) tries, but fails, to prevent Lincoln’s assassination. Serling’s script “The Time Element,” about a time traveler who attempts to stop the Pearl Harbor attack, aired on CBS in 1958; it helped spark network interest in what would become The Twilight Zone.


What exceptional talent do experimenting Martians give the unsuspecting Luther Dingle in a second season episode?

The Martians give Dingle (played by Burgess Meredith) super strength in the appropriately titled “Mr. Dingle, the Strong.” At the episode’s end, Venusians give him superior intelligence.


What wish does Henry Corwin (played by Art Carney) make in the second season episode “Night of the Meek”?

Corwin wishes he could distribute gifts all the time. His wish is granted when, at the episode’s close, he finds elves and a sleigh pulled by flying reindeer waiting for him in an alley.


What hidden physical feature eventually betrays Mr. Ross's true identity, in the second season episode “Will the Real Martian Please Stand Up?”

Ross (played by John Hoyt, who also starred in that season’s “The Lateness of the Hour”) hides a third arm. Unfortunately for Ross, he reveals his identity to Haley (Barney Phillips), an incognito Venusian and enemy of Mars, who’s been hiding a telltale third eye under his short order cook’s cap.


Which of these famous comedians did NOT appear in an episode of the original Twilight Zone?

Bob Hope never starred in a Twilight Zone episode. Carol Burnett starred in “Cavender is Coming,” the only episode originally aired with a laugh track. Buster Keaton, silent film veteran, starred in “Once Upon a Time.” Jonathan Winters co-starred (although not in a comic role) with Jack Klugman in “A Game of Pool.”


Where does 19th-century wagon train pioneer Christian Horn find himself when he travels “A Hundred Yards over the Rim” in that second season episode?

Horn (played by Cliff Robertson, whom a new generation knew as Peter Parker’s Uncle Ben in the Sam Raimi-directed Spider-Man films) finds himself in 1961. He has gone in search of medicine for his sick child, and manages to bring it back from his future by the episode’s end. This episode also features a brief appearance by John Astin, most famous as Gomez from The Addams Family.


What planet do “The Invaders” of whom Agnes Moorhead is so afraid come from?

The invaders are actually human astronauts who land on a world populated by giants. “The Invaders” is one of the few Twilight Zone episodes containing almost no spoken dialogue.


How does Jamie Tennyson win his bet with Archie Taylor in the second season episode “The Silence”?

Tennyson (played by Liam Sullivan) has his vocal cords damaged in order to stay silent for a year and win half a million dollars. Unfortunately for him, when it is time for him to collect, Taylor (Franchot Tone) cannot pay the debt.


You probably know that To Serve Man, in the third season episode of the same name, is a cookbook. What is the name of the alien species who wrote it?

The Kanamit are the aliens who write recipes for dining on homo sapiens. In Damon Knight’s original short story, the Kanamit look more like pigs than the tall, dome-headed visitors seen on screen.


Which fresh-faced future movie star played the Angel of Death in the third season’s “Nothing in the Dark”?

Robert Redford plays policeman Harold Beldon, who is eventually revealed as a benevolent angel of death sent to usher Wanda Dunn (Gladys Cooper) gently from this world.


Who is the monster living in the little town of Peaksville?

The monster, according to Serling’s introduction to the third season’s “It’s a Good Life,” is six-year-old Anthony Fremont, played by Billy Mumy. If you don’t keep Anthony happy, watch out—he may just “wish you into the cornfield!”


Who among the following is NOT one of the “Five Characters in Search of an Exit” in the third season episode of that name?

There’s no Magician doll among the five toys seeking a way out of a charitable collection bucket in the episode. The other two characters are the Tramp and the Bagpipe Player.


What made the fourth season of The Twilight Zone different from the series’ other seasons?

All fourth-season episodes were an hour long, a format change that failed to lead to increased ratings for the series. Rod Serling admitted the series worked best in its half-hour version.


Which future Hollywood A-lister appeared in the fourth season episode “The Bard” as a self-involved Method actor?

Burt Reynolds played Rocky Rhodes, a character intended as a parody of Marlon Brando. In “The Bard,” Rod Serling’s satire of the TV industry, not even scripts penned by back-from-the-dead William Shakespeare proves immune to network meddling.


Which of these short stories by acclaimed science fiction author Ray Bradbury was the only one of his works adapted as a Twilight Zone episode during the original series?

Despite repeated attempts to adapt Bradbury’s stories or have him write for the show, only “I Sing the Body Electric” made it to air, in the third season, adapted by Bradbury himself. His stories “The Elevator” and “The Burning Man” would be adapted during the 1985-89 Twilight Zone revival.


Why does Brian stop calling Miss Elva (played by venerable British actress Gladys Cooper) from beyond the grave in the fifth season episode “Night Call”?

In a moment of terror, Elva orders Brian, her dead fiancé, to stop calling her. Brian tells her, “You said, leave you alone. I always do what you say.” She repents her hasty words, but Brian stays true to his—Elva never hears from him again.


Which episode of The Twilight Zone was a winner at both the 1962 Cannes Film Festival and the 1964 Academy Awards?

“An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge,” based on a short story by Ambrose Bierce, was a French short film edited and adapted to fit The Twilight Zone’s format when the series was over budget during its fifth and final season.


Which fifth-season episode starring a pre-Star Trek George Takei was, for decades, deemed too controversial to be rerun?

In “The Encounter,” Takei played the son of a Japanese-American traitor at Pearl Harbor. This rewriting of history proved offensive to many viewers, resulting in the episode’s absence from U.S. syndication packages. Released on home video in the interval, it was not broadcast in the U.S. again until January 2016, as part of SyFy’s annual Twilight Zone marathon.


What is the name of the toy that terrorizes Telly Savalas in the fifth season episode “Living Doll”?

Talky Tina is the murderous plaything. She was voiced by June Foray, who also provided the (far more benevolent) voice of Rocky the Flying Squirrel in the beloved “Bullwinkle” cartoons.


Which of these classic episodes was not adapted to the silver screen as part of the 1983 Twilight Zone anthology movie?

“Nick of Time”—the second season episode in which William Shatner plays a man addicted to a tabletop fortune telling machine—was not part of the 1983 film. Director John Landis’ all-new (and ill-fated) segment was entitled “Time Out.”


Which modern epic fantasy author worked as a writer and story consultant on the 1980s CBS revival of The Twilight Zone?

George R.R. Martin, now most famous as the author of the Game of Thrones novels, worked on the 1980s Twilight Zone series. Shortly thereafter, he wrote for ABC’s Max Headroom and was a writer and producer of CBS’ Beauty and the Beast.


Which of the following actors hosted the short-lived 2002-03 revival of The Twilight Zone?

Forest Whitaker hosted UPN’s attempt to revive The Twilight Zone. The series combined new stories with some remakes of original episodes ( “The Eye of the Beholder” and “The Monsters are Due on Maple Street”) and a sequel to the original episode “It’s a Good Life.”


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