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When your super-power is recognizing terrorists and assassins you might want to “chuck” your abilities. But this average computer-whiz-next-door doesn’t have a choice. Remember more about the world of espionage, Chuck, Sarah and Colonel John Casey with this super-secret trivia quiz.

How did Chuck get his new-found abilities?

Chuck is only able to access information from this software program when it is triggered by faces, voices, objects and keywords.

What is the name of the actor who portrays Chuck?

Joshua Gomez portrays Morgan Grimes.

What is the name of the computer program?

It is called the Intersect which contains the entire merged database of the CIA and National Security Agency (NSA).

What problem was the Intersect supposed to solve?

However, the Intersect was originally built as a teaching tool, until the agencies got involved.

What happened when Chuck becomes the Intersect?

The CIA assigns Chuck handlers and uses him on top-secret missions and so starts Chuck’s life as an uncover agent.

Who were the creators of the Chuck TV show?

Josh Schwartz, also created and produced The O.C. and Gossip Girl. Chris Fedak is also known for writing and producing Untitled Houdini Project and Morgan's Vlog.

What are the names of the characters who are the CIA handlers for Chuck?

The correct answer is Agent Sarah Walker and Colonel John Casey played by Yvonne Strahovski and Adam Baldwin.

What was the name of the opening theme song?

“Smoke on the Water” is by Deep Purple. “Clocks” is by Coldplay.

Chuck had a home life, too. What was the name of his sister?

Sarah also starred in “Saved by the Bell: The New Class”, “ Everwood” and “What About Brian.”

Chuck also had a work life before the Intersect, where does he work?

Buy More is a fictional electronics store.

Who is Chuck’s best friend?

Chuck’s best friend is Morgan Grimes, who became manager of the Burbank Buy More later in the series and who has always been in love with Chuck’s sister.

Who is Chuck speaking to in this quote? Chuck: [after the Intersect was downloaded into his head]” Did you spike the punch?” “Something goes wrong, you blame me. After all these years, where's the trust? [pause] Yes, I did.”

The correct answer is Morgan.

Why must Chuck keep his CIA occupation a secret?

: If any evil person or nation wanted to get Chuck to reveal the information he has in his brain, his family could be taken and threatened with violence so that Chuck cooperates.

Why was Chuck expelled from Stanford University?

He had been expelled from Stanford University on trumped up charges that he cheated in one of his classes.

What is the “cover” for Agent Sarah Walker?

She poses as Chuck's girlfriend and takes a job at a fast food restaurant near the Buy More.

What is the “cover” for Colonel John Casey

Chuck is as much a liability as an asset to the government, he needs to be watched and protected from Fulcrum, international spies and intelligence communities.

Who is threatened by Chuck and the Intersect?

Chuck is as much a liability as an asset to the government, he needs to be watched and protected from Fulcrum, international spies and intelligence communities.

Who is “Captain Awesome”?

Chuck calls his brother in law Captain Awesome because "everything he does is awesome," including rock climbing, hang-gliding, speaking fluent Spanish, and flossing.

Why does Devon have difficulty empathizing with other characters?

Devon has difficulty empathizing with other characters due to his awesome nature; when Jeff asks, "Have you ever had a dream that's never come true?" Devon has to think for a moment before admitting, "No."

Who is “Big Mike”?

Michael "Big Mike" Tucker, portrayed by Mark Christopher Lawrence, is the manager of the Burbank Buy More. In the beginning of the series he prefers to work as little as possible and deal with his subordinates even less.

There is a fragile truce with a neighboring “big box” store concerning pranks and sabotage, what is the name of the other store?

The Burbank Buy More is often involved in vicious pranks between the stores, as shown in the episode "Chuck Versus the Predator".

Scott Bakula of NCIS: New Orleans, Quantum Leap, Murphy Brown and Star Trek: Enterprise, portrayed which character on Chuck?

Scott Bakula portrayed Steve Bartowkski, Chuck’s dad, in the episode "Chuck Versus the Colonel". In that episode Steve was able to get the Intersect out of his son but it was only temporary.

Who portrays the evil Ted Roark?

Scott Krinsky portrayed Jeff Barnes, Matthew Bommer played Bryce Larkin, and John Larroquette portrayed Roan Montgomery.

In what episode does Morgan ask Chuck to spy on Morgan’s on-again/off-again girlfriend? (Not realizing that Chuck is now an actual spy.)

"Chuck Versus The Best Friend". In the episode, Morgan and Anna had their big reconciliatory kiss, while Jeff performed Toto’s “Africa”.

What were some of the taglines used to promote the series?

This quirky action-comedy/spy-drama television series had a lot of great taglines. Answers “B” & “C” were from Season one whereas Answer “A” was from Season four.

What is Sarah Walker and John Casey CONSTANTLY saying to Chuck?

Sarah and John were always investigating dangerous situations. It was safer if Chuck just stayed in the car.

What two characters are speaking in this quote? “So you want us to break into a government controlled crime scene?” “It's the F.B.I., how hard can it be?”

It's obvious they are with the CIA.

In what episode did Morgan find out about Chuck’s spy career?

In “Chuck Versus the Beard” Morgan finds out about Chuck’s spy career and couldn’t be more excited. Oh yes, and in that episode there was also the real possibility of the Buy More gang being killed by The Ring . But Morgan's reaction was the best.

What is The Ring?

The Ring is primarily cell-based and consists of a large number of small and decentralized groups. Ring cells operate with a high degree of autonomy. The Ring is very interested in the Intercept.

How is Klingon used in “Chuck Versus The Nemesis”?

In the episode, Chuck is being held by Tommy at gunpoint. Bryce asks Chuck if he's wearing a bulletproof vest in Klingon. Chuck answers yes, and Bryce then shoots him in the chest, and then is able to take Tommy down.

What is the Cipher?

The Cipher was a critical component of the Intersect computer developed by Orion, which he stole when he chose to go into hiding and prevent further development by the government.

How many seasons did Chuck air?

Chuck aired for five seasons, enough time to develop the love relationship between Chuck and Sarah, have Chuck adjust and succeed in being a spy, and uncover Fulcrum, the Cipher, the Key and The Ring.

The series was going to be cancelled after season two. What happened?

Fans launched a "Save Chuck" campaign that gained momentum with the use of social-networking websites like Twitter and Facebook. A letter writing campaign was later added to the effort. The campaign was unique in that fans specifically targeted a sponsor of the show, the Subway restaurant chain, leading to the chain striking a major sponsorship deal with NBC to help cover costs of the third season.

What awards did the series Chuck win from the TV Guide Awards?

Critics and fans gave rave review for the show.

How else has the series, Chuck, been depicted?

Wildstorm, a DC Comics imprint, produced a six-issue mini-series. A trade paperback collection was published in July 2009. It also includes a public service announcement on brushing one's teeth from Captain Awesome and two gag adventures with Morgan based on film noir and The Odyssey.

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