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Do you appropriately respect the authoritaaah of South Park? Those kids can teach us all a lesson. Take this 35-question quiz and see what you know about the show.

Who does Cartman live with?

In the episode "Tsst," Cartman's mother hires the dog whisperer to teach her son discipline after two television nannies fail. Only Cesar Millan can tame Cartman.


Which character usually dies?

Although Kenny typically came back the next episode, the show creators decided to kill him off for good in season 5. They left him dead for most of season 6 before finally bringing him back. Even the creators couldn't keep Kenny from coming back to life.


What religion is Kyle?

Cartman and Kyle have developed a rivalry on the show that is driven by Cartman's anti-Semitic language towards Kyle and Jews in general. Cartman often demeaningly calls Kyle a "Jew" while Kyle calls Cartman "fat." Boys will be boys though.


What does Stan's dad do for a living?

Although Randy is a geologist, he has taken on other jobs for various reasons. He once took a job as a mall security guard because he wanted to get into the mall before all the Christmas shoppers.


In what state is South Park?

While there is an occasional episode during the summer or other seasons, South Park is almost always in the middle of winter with snow on the ground and characters wearing winter clothes.


Which character wants to change the South Park flag?

In the episode "Chef Goes Nanners," Chef's anger leads him to convert to Islam. He changes his name to "Abdul Mohammed Jabar Rauf Kareem Ali." By the end of the episode, Chef admits his anger almost made him a racist.


What is the name of the talking piece of feces during Christmas?

Mr. Hankey is a Christmas based character in the show that gives gifts to kids who had diets strong in fiber. There was a Christmas CD released called "Mr. Hankey's Christmas Classics" that included songs sung during Christmas specials on the show.


Tom Cruise locked himself in:

In the episode, Tom Cruise sees himself as a failure in the eyes of L. Ron Hubbard's reincarnation, which is Stan. Stan tells Cruise that his acting is just okay causing Cruise to lock himself in a closet. Cruise only comes out after the president of Scientology admits that the religion is a scam.


What is Cartman's name when he thinks he is a Vietnamese prostitute?

After a bull riding accident, Cartman suffers memory loss and thinks he is a Vietnamese prostitute. When he regains his memory, Cartman believes it was all a dream and part of the dream included him making love to Leonardo DiCaprio. DiCaprio pulls up in a limousine and thanks Ming Li before pulling off.


What is Kenney's superhero name?

Mysterion's first appearance was in 'The Coon." His superhero power is eternal life, as he was brought back to life each time after he died. This explains Kenny's resurrections after being killed in previous episodes.


In the show, who does the Japanese blame for dropping the Atomic Bomb?

In the episode "Whale Whores," the Japanese begin killing whales and dolphins because the Americans gave them a picture of a whale and dolphin dropping the atomic bomb. Stan stops the killing by telling the Japanese that cows and chickens actually dropped the bomb.


What is the cure for AIDs in the show?

When Kyle and Cartman go to Magic Johnson after contracting HIV, they realize that his life longevity is due to the large amount of cash that he keeps around him. As an experiment, they both have money injected into them and are cured of the disease.


Who gives Butters a black eye in "Butterballs?"

When Butters shows up to school with a black eye, the other kids tell him to talk to his grandmother about the problem. This only leads to her bullying him more. Butters eventually stands up to her and tells her that she can't hurt him.


What is the name of the song in Butters' viral music video?

When Canada goes on strike, Cartman comes up with a plan to make money for them. This plan results in the song "What, What In the Butt," sung by Butters. It becomes an instant sensation on YouTube as they try to make internet money.


Terrance and Phillip are stars on what fictional TV show?

The show is based around fart gags by Terrance and Phillip. The show has little other merit behind it, but the kids of South Park find the show hilarious, while their parents fail to understand the comedy.


What is the first episode of South Park called?

This episode premiered on August 13, 1997. The episode set the idea of childhood innocence against the rude behavior of its cast made up of children. This is a theme that would make the show popular for years to come.


What does Cartman fail that makes him the 1%?

Due to Cartman's failure, his classmates start protesting that they shouldn't be punished for Cartman failing the test, which is referred to as class warfare.


Who starts sarcastaball?

It all started as a joke until Randy suffered brain damage and went around warning people about the dangers of sarcasm.


Who helps the people of South Park fight the Jerseyites?

When all seemed lost in South Park, al-Qaeda saved them by crashing planes into the Jerseyite invaders.


Who doesn't want to join Facebook?

Everyone wants to be Stan's friend on Facebook, but all he wants is to delete his account.


What does Cartman say about ginger kids?

While saying they don't have souls, Cartman also says ginger kids can't survive in sunlight. When Kyle says he has red hair, Cartman calls him a daywalker, who is still a ginger with no soul but can go out in the sun.


Who's ashes does Cartman accidentally eat?

After Kenny's soul is pulled from Cartman, it enters a pot roast. Later, Rob Schneider eats the roast and is possessed by Kenny.


What does Randy compete with Bono over?

After having the title taken from him, Randy trains to win the title back, which he eventually does.


Who's hologram does Sharon sleep with?

Even though it is a hologram, Randy is furious when he finds out Sharon slept with him.


What is the name of the sword than Randy gives Stan in the Warcraft game?

Stan uses the Sword of a Thousand Truths to kills the griefer who has absolutely no life outside of the game.


What kind of cake did Satan want for Halloween?

Satan is angry when he gets an Acura cake after his Ferrari cake was destroyed.


Why does Randy give himself cancer?

After standing in front of an open microwave, Randy wakes up the next morning with testicular cancer. The first thing he ask the doctor for is a prescription for medical marijuana.


Why does Cartman's mom pull a gun on him?

Cartman wants to finish a movie but his mother wants him to go to bed. This leads to a heated debate where they both pull a gun on one another. Plenty of love to go around in that family.


What animal does Honey Boo Boo get a heart from?

After suffering multiple heart attacks, Honey Boo Boo gets a pig heart transplant. She is quite proud of it too.


Why does Cartman lick his living room carpet?

Cartman, Stan, Kenny, and Kyle are attracted to the substitute teacher in their class, but she is a lesbian. Without knowing what a lesbian is, they try to become one to attract her.


Why does Wendy beat up Cartman?

After Wendy humiliates Cartman by beating him up, all the other kids reveal that they never liked him in the first place when he seeks their approval. Poor Cartman, they can't even pretend to be his friends.


Randy is secretly which singer?

Randy became Lorde after disguising himself as a female to use the women's bathroom at work.


What does Towelie always ask people?

Towelie thinks he needs to get high to come up with good ideas.


What does Randy encourage Stan to cheat on?

Randy builds a derby car for Stan that uses illegal material which results in the car reaching warp speed. This sets off a series of events that leads to the Earth being banned from the intergalactic community. Winning isn't everything, at least not in this case.


Why did Apple Inc. kidnap Kyle?

When Kyle is kidnapped, Steve Jobs uses him for a new invention called the HUMANCENTiPAD. It's not a pleasant experience for Kyle.


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