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The Sandlot is a movie set in 1962 that follows Scotty as he finds his place with a group of kids and gets himself and his friends into some trouble along the way. How well do you remember the quotes from the movie? Take this quiz to find out!

Who said: “It was in the greatest summer of my life, when he taught me to play baseball, and he became my best friend. And he got me out of the biggest pickle I’d ever be in.”

Scotty said this at the very beginning of the movie. He gave this introduction as a brief overview of what was about to happen to him and his friends in the movie! He said variations of this line throughout the movie as well.


Who said this to themselves: "Don't be a goofus, don't be a goofus, don't be a goofus!"

Scotty said this line to himself when he went to retrieve the baseball. He knew that this would be his chance to make friends with the other kids, but he was still afraid of the barking and rattling coming from the other side of the fence!


Who said this surprising line: "Run around, scrape your knees, get dirty. Climb trees, hop fences, get into trouble for crying out loud."

Scotty's mom said this line to Scotty because she was concerned about him. She was concerned that he hadn't made friends yet and wanted him to get out of his room and do the things that kids are supposed to do.


Who said this: "Now the key to this game is keeping your eye on the ball. No matter whether you're in the field or at bat, eye on the ball, okay?"

Bill said this to Scotty when he tried to teach him how to play baseball. Scotty wanted to learn how to play the game so that he could fit in with the other kids and make friends. He did his best to do what Bill told him and become better at the game.


Who asked this question: "I'm gonna go play some ball and we need an extra guy, you wanna go?"

Benny asked Scotty if he wanted to play some ball. He witnessed what had happened when Scotty tried to catch the ball earlier and thought that he might like to come play with the kids. Scotty was reluctant but eventually went with Benny to play.


Who said this: "I'm the Great Bambino."

Ham called himself the Great Bambino in front of the other kids. Scotty and Benny walked up behind and overheard. Scotty asked who that was and the kids stepped back in disbelief.


Who said: "Yeah, yeah, so does my sister but I don't bring her."

Yeah-Yeah said this line to Benny after he invited Scotty to play with them. Yeah-Yeah didn't want Scotty to play with them and tried to make a point to Benny about Scotty by comparing him to his sister.


Who said: "No, I got a B once. Actually, an A minus, but it should have been a B."

Scotty said this line to Benny after he asked if he gets straight A's. Benny told him in order to play baseball he had to stop thinking and focus on the fun of the game.


Who said this comedic line: "It's about time, Benny, my clothes are going out of style."

Squints said this line to Benny after he took too long for the boys liking to help Scotty out with catching he ball. Benny ran back to hit the ball and let Scotty try to catch it and this time he did!


Who said this: "This is baseball, not tennis."

Ham said this line after Kenny pitched him the ball. Ham didn't hit the ball and Kenny pitched again. This time Ham hit the ball and it landed in a yard next to the sandlot. All the boys were upset and started throwing and hitting Ham with their gloves.


Who said these instructions: "Go to that fence real slow and be quiet."

Benny said this line to Scotty so that he could understand why they would never be able to get their ball back from the yard. Scotty was extremely scared but listened to Benny's instructions anyway. He ran back to the boys after seeing the beast behind the fence!


Who asked this question: "I haven't had anything yet, so how can I have some more of nothing?"

Scotty said this line to Ham when he asked if Scotty wanted to have a s'more. Scotty had never had a s'more and didn't understand that Ham was offering him some of the dessert. Ham showed him how they're made and let him try one.


Who said this: "The legend of the beast goes back a long time, before any of us could even pick up a baseball."

Squints said this to the rest of the boys. It was the beginning of the story he was telling them about the beast behind the fence and how he came to be what he was at this time.


Who said this: "You guys are just making this up to scare me."

Scotty said this to the rest of the boys. He didn't believe the boys and had his doubts about the story they had told him. When they told him to look out the window into the yard, he started to believe the boys!


Who said: "Ah, Squints was pervin' a dish."

Yeah-Yeah said this to Benny when he asked where they had been. Squints saw Wendy Peffercorn walking down the street and had a crush on her. He was late to the sandlot because he was admiring her.


Who said: "Oh god, he looks like a dead fish."

Bertram said this out loud after Squints was saved by Wendy Peffercorn. A few seconds later, Squints opened his eyes and made a face at the boys. He had pretended he was drowning to get closer to Wendy.


Who said this insult: "You aint good enough to lick the dirt off our cleats."

Phillips said this as an insult to the boys when they challenged him and his team to a game. He also said that his team plays on a real diamond, insulting the sandlot where the boys played.


Who said: "If I had a dog as ugly as you, I'd shave his butt and tell him to walk backwards."

Ham said this to Scotty when he was trying to hit the ball. He made him get three strikes and Scotty got mad at him. Ham was up to bat next and Scotty was the catcher.


Who said: “I thought you said the Great Bambi.”

Scotty said this line after he felt silly for not knowing who the Great Bambino was. The boys were still a bit unsure about Scotty, even after this. Benny tried to make him feel more welcome by introducing him to the rest of the boys.


Who says the line: "You're killin' me, Smalls!"

Ham says this line to Scotty throughout the movie. He usually says it when Scotty doesn't know about something, such as the s'mores incident and chewing tobacco.


Who said: "Way to go, school meat. I taught him everything."

Ham said this after Scotty hit a home run. Everyone was amazed that he had finally hit one, but they were disappointed that it landed in the yard where the beast was.


Who said this: "That ball you just aced to the beast is worth more than your whole life."

Benny said this to Scotty after he hit the ball into the Beast's yard. The ball was signed by Babe Ruth and Scotty still didn't know who he was. Benny tried to get him to understand the importance of the ball by saying this to him.


Who said: "Obviously, we're dealing with superior intelligence."

Squints said this after the boys attempted to retrieve their ball from the Beast's yard. He broke the contraption they had made and threw it back over the fence at them. The boys knew they had to come up with a better plan.


Who said these encouraging words: "Remember, kid. There's heroes and there's legends. Heroes get remembered, but legends never die."

Babe Ruth said this to Benny in his dream. He wanted to encourage Benny to be great and told him he would have to take the chance he's given in order to become a legend. This encouraged Benny to get the ball back.


Who said this: "Well, first time that anybody ever got the best of old Hercules."

Mr. Mertle said this when Scotty and the boys brought Hercules, Mr. Mertle's dog, back to his house. He told the kids that they didn't have to go to all the trouble they did and could have knocked on the door and asked him for their ball back!


Who finished Mr. Mertle's sentence by saying this: "You went blind."

Scotty said this to Mr. Mertle when he was telling him about playing baseball with Babe Ruth. Scotty and Benny were amazed to hear Mr. Mertle's stories and fascinated by his memorabilia.


Who said this: "Just stand out there and stick your glove in the air. I'll take care of the rest."

Benny said this Scotty to help him out while he was trying to learn how to play baseball. He was trying to make it as simple as possible for Scotty so that he could learn the game quicker.


Who said: "For-ev-er! For-ev-er! For-ev-er!"

Squints said this at the end of his spooky story about the Beast. He was trying to make it scary for the other boys and create an echo effect to dramatically finish the story.


Who said: "The kid is an L7 weenie."

Squints said this to Benny because he was upset that he let Scotty play with them. He was trying to convince Benny that Scotty wasn't right for the team and that he would never be able to play baseball. In his eyes, Scotty would only hold them back.


Who said: "Yeah, she even signed her name on it. Some lady named Ruth, Baby Ruth."

Scotty said this to the boys after the ball landed in the Beast's yard. The boys were in shock that Scotty would even take the ball out to play baseball with when it was signed by a legend.


Who said this line: "That's really nice of you, but that ball really is signed by Babe Ruth."

Benny said this to Mr. Mertle when he offered the boys his signed baseball. Mr. Mertle's ball was not only signed by Babe Ruth, but also the rest of the 1927 Yankees.


Who said this about themselves: "Face it, Mom, I'm an egghead."

Scotty said this to his mother after she confronted him about making friends. He didn't think he was cool enough to make new friends, but after some encouragement from his mother, things started to turn around for him.


Who said: "If you were thinking, you wouldn't have thought that."

Squints said this to Scotty when he first tried to hop the fence and get their ball back. Scott didn't know anything about the Beast at this time and thought he was helping everyone out. Squints let him know it was a bad idea with this line!


Who said: "I take it back. You're not in trouble. You're dead where you stand."

Mr. Mertle said this after he found out what had happened to the signed Babe Ruth ball. Everyone seemed to understand the importance of the ball except for Scotty himself. Mr. Mertle said this, but then he decided to help Scotty out anyway.


Who asked Scotty this: "Got a fireplace?"

Benny asked Scotty this because of the hat he was wearing. He told Scotty to throw it into the fireplace. When Scotty said that he couldn't because he didn't have another hat, Benny gave him his old one to wear.


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