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Do you remember watching the Addams Family every week growing up? Take this quiz to test your knowledge on the horrors coming from the family's creepy mansion.

Although primarily a philanthropist, what occupation has Gomez Addams studied that he occasionally practices?

“And that Addams is really a lawyer.” “I don’t believe it.” “I checked.” “I still don’t believe it.”

How is the character Ophelia related to the Addams family?

The character of Ophelia was Morticia’s older sister and considered the “white sheep of the family.” She was played by Carolyn Jones (the same actress who played Morticia) wearing a blonde wig.

What is the address of the Addams mansion?

In “Thing Is Missing,” the address is clearly shown in a want-ad placed by the Addams to get Thing back. The address is also used in other episodes.

On which television station did the Addams Family originally air?

ABC created 64 half-hour episodes shot in black-and-white of The Addams Family. They collaborated with Charles Addams to bring his vision to life.

What provided the inspiration for the show?

Charles Addams created a single-panel cartoon featuring the Addams family that was published in The New Yorker magazine beginning in 1938. The magazine refused to publish cartoon’s containing the family while the series was running on television.

Who wrote the theme song?

Although Mizzy’s theme song was released as a single, it failed to chart. Mizzy also wrote the theme song for Green Acres.

What was the name of Wednesday’s pet spider?

“My spider’s quite a busy roamer, which is why I called her Homer.”

Which actress played Grandmama?

Edith Marie Blossom MacDonald (August 21, 1895-January 14, 1978) Marie Blake (or Blossom Rock as she was credited for the Addams Family) began her career in vaudeville. Just prior to her work on the show, she played the phone operator for the Dr. Kildare series.

What does Gomez do as a hobby?

“You meant to blow them up?” “Of course, why else would a grown man play with trains.”

What language does Morticia speak that drives Gomez mad?

“You meant to blow them up?” “Of course, why else would a grown man play with trains.”

What unique talent does Uncle Fester have?

Uncle Fester was Morticia’s uncle in the television series but became Gomez’s brother in the movies. However, his unique ability to store electricity in his body and stick light bulbs in his mouth to power them was used throughout.

Which instrument does Lurch play?

Lurch plays the harpsichord in the opening theme song and during many episodes. Although he is generally silent or only grunts, during the song, he interjects words to accent them, and in one episode, he was a sought after pop singer.

What does Gomez keep in his upper suit coat pocket?

Gomez’s pocket was lined with asbestos because he would pull a lit cigar from it or insert one into it. He also wore a watch on his wrist, but neither of his watches were set to the right time.

Which writer team was responsible for most of the episodes, including the last one?

Harry Winkler and Hannibal Coons wrote 23 episodes of the Addams Family. Winkler also wrote for Scooby-Doo, the Brady Bunch, and the Odd Couple. Coons also wrote for the New Addams Family, Dennis the Menace, and Petticoat Junction.

What was the name of Morticia’s pet man-eating plant?

“..that one [is] a regular little glutton.” “Cleopatra! Really!”

Where is Gomez from?

“Mamacita! We forgot our ancestral land: Spain.”… “You mad Castillian.”

What did the polar bear rug do when someone stepped on it?

The bear would growl if someone stepped on it. In episode 3, the bear was called “Bruno.”

What is the name of the Addams’ stockbroker?

Mr. Blucher appeared in many episodes and frequently thought about killing himself because of all the stress he was under from Addams. In one episode, Addams wanted him to bet on horses for him and he secretly did not- all the horses won.

Why did the creators name the Addams’ daughter “Wednesday”?

Her name came from the nursery rhyme: “Wednesday’s child is full of woe…” Only a few Addams had names prior to the 1964 television show.

According to the theme song lyrics, what is the Addams family house?

“Their house is a museum; when people come to see ‘em, they really are a scream, the Addams Family.”

What of the following is not an Addams family Halloween tradition?

The Addams family does not go on the roof and howl at the moon traditionally. Gomez does carve pumpkins to look like Uncle Fester and some of the footage for this was used in both Halloween specials that aired during the show’s run. The children also dress up in fancy clothes and the adults bob for apples (or crabs) in interesting ways.

Margaret Hamilton played Morticia’s mother in the series, but she is better known for her role as what?

Margaret Brainard Hamilton (December 9, 1902 – May 16, 1985) is best known for her role as the Wicked Witch of the West.

A portrait of a friend of Gomez’s hung on the wall in the Addams’ family living room. What was unusual about him?

The giraffe portrait showed up in most of the episodes. Although it was usually in the background, Wednesday talked about it in the first episode.

What does the sign outside the Addams’ mansion say?

The sign reads, “Beware of the Thing” and is frequently seen as visitors enter the gate. The gate calmly lets everyone in but slams and appears to lock after visitors enter.

What kind of instrument does Morticia play?

Morticia is seen playing the Japanese shamisen, a three-stringed instrument that is plucked with a bachi (or plectrum), in several episodes. She also appears to sing in Japanese, but it doesn’t drive Gomez as wild as when she speaks in other languages.

Gomez shares the most similarities with which comedian?

Nat Perrin (producer and head writer of had written scripts for Marx and based Gomez’s character off of Marx’s comedy: mustache, cigar, funny glasses, etc.

Charles Addams based the character of Morticia off which person in his life?

Addams modeled the character of Morticia after his first wife and picked her name because it was a modified version of “mortician” and “mortis” in Latin means death—he wanted something to signify death.

Was Thing primarily right- or left-handed?

Thing was played by (the same actor who played Lurch) and was primarily right-handed. At least two other actors played Thing when Lurch needed to be in the same shot, and both of them also used their right hands. The only time Thing was left-handed was when Lurch decided to change hands to see if anyone would notice.

When was the 1977 television film (reunion) aired?

The 1977 “Halloween with the New Addams Family” aired on October 30. Although it used many of the original actors to reprise their roles, Blossom Rock was ill and Jane Rose took her place.

Which actor played Pugsley?

Ken Weatherwax had difficulty finding any other acting jobs because of his role as Pugsley. He eventually worked behind the scenes instead.

At the end of many shows, the Addams would get a phone call or letter telling them what?

Thing would deliver a letter or Morticia would get a phone call at the end of many shows that explained what happened to a minor character who had appeared on the show.

Which wedding anniversary did the Addams celebrate during season 2?

They celebrate their 13th anniversary, and since they were married when they were 22, they are 35 in the second season.

One eclectic work of art in the Addams family living room is a stuffed swordfish with…?

According to “The Addams Family Tree,” Cousin Farouk reportedly owned the leg that was sticking out of the swordfish’s mouth.

Which actor played Cousin Itt?

Felix Silla got his start in the circus, but moved on to become a stuntman and eventually acted in movies. Although Cousin It was probably his most famous role, he was also an Ewok in Star Wars and played a child in Battlestar Galactica.

What line does Lurch deliver every time someone rings for him?

Lurch delivered the line, “You rang” in the pilot episode and because he ad-libbed it so well, he was given more lines to say.

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