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Nanu-Nanu! How well do you remember the crazy antics of "Mork & Mindy", the beloved spin-off of the hit show "Happy Days"?

What did Mork say when he greeted people?

While saying, “Nanu nanu,” Mork would spread his fingers apart and give his acquaintance an Orkan handshake.

Who did Mork contact at the end of each show?

Orson had to send Mork to Earth because humor was not permitted on Ork.

Where did Mindy live?

“This is Mork signing off from Boulder, Colorado, until next week.”

In the show, which celebrity did Mork resemble?

When Mork met Robin Williams, he complained that everyone was tearing his clothes off and throwing him in the air because they thought he was the comedian.

What do (almost) all Orkans lack?

In “Mork’s Mixed Emotions,” Mork first tries to bottle up all his emotions by locking them behind a door in his head. Once they get out, he has a difficult time controlling them.

Mork made his first appearance in a "Happy Days" episode entitled “My Favorite Orkan.” When did that episode first air?

Originally, the episode was supposed to be Richie’s dream. However, the ending was changed in reruns to set up "Mork & Mindy."

What types of jokes did Mork tell about his boss?

Mork’s jokes about Orson’s weight were probably the main reason he was sent to study Earth.

What did Mork and Mindy's neighbor Mr. Bickley do for a living?

Tom Poston, who played the part of Mr. Binkley, also appeared regularly in Newhart and many other television series.

What was Mork’s favorite snack?

“I was hoping you’d go for the trail mix. I can’t believe this man’s actually grazing in front of me.”

In “Mindy Gets Her Job,” where did Mindy get a job?

One of the kids from the daycare center where Mork worked told Mindy she should apply at the local TV station. During the scene, Mork told her, “If you’re real good, I’ll take you to see Popeye again.” Coincidentally, Robin Williams would go on to play the starring role in the movie Popeye.

How do Orkans drink a glass of orange juice?

The writers would create gags to help stir up conversation and spread the word about the show. Mork drinking from his finger was one of these.

When Mork caught Mind-itis, how did he get over it?

Mork’s allergy was really a fear of closeness, so when Mindy hugged him it went away.

While Mork was arranging for their hotel room on their honeymoon (on Ork), where did Mindy disappear to?

Mindy became a tourist attraction during their honeymoon on the planet Ork.

How did Mork and Mindy get their child in season 4?

Because Orkans evolved from chickens, Mork gave birth to an egg through his naval and then sat on it until it hatched into a fully-grown man with an infant's brain (because Orkans age backwards).

What name did they give him?

Jonathan Winters, the actor was portrayed Mearth, was one of Robin Williams' idols.

Which group of aliens kidnapped Mork and tortured him by tickling him with a feather and forcing him to sit in a hot tub?

Necrotons were always the enemies of Orkans, but prior to Mork’s encounter, Orkans did not know what Necrotons looked like.

In “A Mommy for Mork,” how old did Mork make himself?

Although Mork’s machine could turn his mental age into that of a 3-year old, it did not alter his body in this episode.

What was the name of the villain in “Gotta Run”?

Kalnik blows up Mork and Mindy’s apartment in part two of this three-part episode. The house from the show where Mark and Mindy lived is located at 1619 Pine Street and still a popular tourist attraction in real life.

Which actor played Exidor, the self-proclaimed prophet first introduced in “Mork Runs Away”?

The character of Exidor is probably Robert Donner’s most well-known television role, second only to T. J. in Adam-12.

Exidor joined (and founded) many religions. In “Mork the Gullible,” which football player did he try to convince Mork to worship?

In addition to worshipping O. J., Exidor also worshiped Venusians and became a reincarnation guru before moving on with his plans to rule the world.

In which episode did Mork go to a different dimension to help a girl named Mandy to overthrow the ruler of her country?

The Wonderland Mork visited wasn’t as charming as the one Alice fell into because the leader was stealing electricity to make people miserable.

What was the name of Mork’s Orkan pet, introduced in “Putting the Ork Back in Mork”?

Who was taking care of Bee-bo the naugachomp all the years Mork was on Earth?

According to the episode “Mork Runs Away,” what did Mork like about basketball games?

Mork liked dancing during the national anthem at the start of the game.

In “Dr. Morkenstein,” what was the name of the robot Mork befriends?

Chuck might have been a dying robot, but he lived life to the fullest for the few days he was alive.

When Mork told Orson he wanted to marry Mindy even though Orson forbid it, what did Orson do to him?

Mindy had to tell Orson she would marry Mork even if he were a dog before Orson relented and let Mork be himself again.

Who played the voice of Mork’s Orkan boss?

Ralph James was also famous for playing Mr. Turtle’s voice in commercials for Tootsie Pops.

In “Mork’s Best Friends,” which pet did Mork bring home?

“Well, now that we’re here, let’s relax. Sit down. Put your feet up; put your feet up; put your feet up; put your feet up; put your feet up."

Who adopted Mork in “Little Orphan Morkie”?

“Exidor, you’re brilliant!” “If we could bag what I just said over there, we could double the corn crop in Kansas.”

What types of books did Mork frequently read?

“I hid it in Merv Griffin’s autobiography. I thought nobody’d ever look in there.”

On the first day of Orkan school, what was beamed up instead of Mearth?

“Oh, Mind, he’s gone.” “So’s my couch, Mork.”

What did Mork help Mearth build for a science project?

“I think MILT is getting a little too big for his oscillator.”

When was the final episode of "Mork and Mindy" aired?

Although the show’s first season rank (#3) beat Happy Days, by the fourth season it had dropped to #60, in part because of the constant time-slot shifting during season 2.

What was the name of the dessert that made Mindy act like an Orkan?

When Uncle Dave came to visit, Mindy had the misfortune of eating Mork’s Flek just before he arrived, which caused her to act strangely.

Who was the primary director for seasons 1 – 3?

Howard Storm also directed episodes of "Laverne & Shirley", "Joanie Loves Chachi", and "Full House."

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