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Is having a spark and sharing wild chemistry enough to make a relationship last? While fairy tales might want us to believe so, the truth is it takes a lot more than that. Most of all, longevity takes compatibility. True love needs more than just sparks, no matter how hot and heavy those sparks are. If you're wondering if you're compatible with your partner, you've come to the right place. 

Back to those fairy tales! While Cinderella might have found her happiness in the eyes of a guy she had just met, in real life, things work a bit differently. There are no knights in shining armor or princes randomly wandering around on their stallions, and girls are not princesses who wait around for a handsome stranger to save them—at least most of them aren't. 

In the real world, no two people are a perfect match by default. It's normal and expected to experience difficulties and to question your relationship, especially as you get to know your partner better and start noticing the differences between the two of you. 

In some cases, opposites attract, while in others, couples share tons of interests, but what all long lasting, loving couples share is one thing: compatibility. It can happen between two people who are the complete opposite of one another, just as it could happen between those who feel they are like twins. 
How about you and your partner? Are you compatible? Are you ready to find out? 

If someone asked you how compatible you are with your partner, what would you answer?

Does your partner ever hang up the phone and not call you back after an argument?

Can you see yourself with this person in three years or more?

Do you and your partner often argue about small things?

In case your partner didn't like a certain band you happen to adore, would they still go to that band's concert with you?

If you could spend a month alone together on a desert island with your partner, what would you do?

How do you deal when something really bothers you in this relationship?

Do you share the same view on finances and spending money in general?

When it comes to having children, do both of you know where the other one stands, and do you agree with each other's opinions?

Would you say your partner is generally thoughtful when it comes to you and your feelings?

How do you feel when your partner needs to spend some time away from you, like for a business trip or a holiday with friends?

Do you often talk about your future together?

When it comes to religion, how do your views match with those of your partner?

How do you most often spend your free time as a couple?

When it comes to going out and socializing, does your attitude match your partner's?

During holiday season, how easily do the two of you decide whose family you're visiting?

Are there things about your relationship you'd like to change that you haven't yet discussed with your partner?

How soon would you like to get married to this person?

Do you sometimes get the feeling the two of you are so similar, it's surreal?

Do you believe in real love, and if you do, do you think this is it?

Have you ever been troubled about how slow or how fast your relationship is going?

How do you react to your partner's criticism?

How close are you and your partner when it comes to intimacy (hugging, kissing, cuddling)?

Do your political views match those of your partner?

Would you say you regularly laugh together as a couple?

Where does this relationship stand on your list of priorities?

According to you, which of the following is the most important aspect of a loving relationship?

If someone asked you to describe your current feelings for your partner, what would you say?

What kind of a relationship do you have with your partner's parents?

Are you comfortable being yourself around this person?

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