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Need some more Narcos in your life? Season 2 is finished and there is potential for a 3rd (yes, that's right)! What better time to recall the facts and and challenge yourself, with this quiz on the Netflix original, Narcos!

What is the main character's name?

Based in the country of Columbia, Narcos recounts the rise of Pablo Escobar from humble origins to the biggest drug dealer in the world!


What was Pablo's biggest fear?

Escobar’s greatest fear was being extradited to the United States. He was terrified of spending the last years of his life in an American jail. He even offered to pay Colombia’s debt in an attempt to change the extradition law, which totaled about $10 billion!


Who were the two characters, Murphy and Pena?

Steve Murphy and Javier Pena were based on two real life agents who actually went after Escobar!


In the intro episode, Murphy says “The hippies had been replaced with _____”

"The hippies had been replaced by Colombians, and these guys didn't wear flip-flops.” Speaking of the drastic change from being an agent in America vs. Columbia!


On the show, when Pablo was arrested in 1976, the DAS agents that confiscated the truck with cocaine were _______.

In reality they were not! They were honest and refused to accept a bribe from him! The officers were later murdered!


What is a Sicario?

Pablo Escobar had many sicario's working for him as hit men!


In the show, the character Gacha, is shown entering a party to do what?

Rodriguez Gacha enters the party and murders everyone inside! This did happen. Gacha decided to eliminate his old associate Molina in his mansion killing 18 people!


Who is Gustavo?

Gustavo is Pablo's brother-in-law. He had strong ties with Pablo and was arrested with him!


According to the producer, Narcos was originally supposed to be:

According to Producer Eric Newman, once they started discussing how in-depth they wanted to get with the backstories of both the good and the bad characters, the team knew there would be way too much content for a movie. The story was just too good!


Who narrates the series?

Holbrook’s role as real-life DEA agent Steve Murphy on “Narcos” has thrust him into the spotlight in a way no one could have predicted when the show began filming last year on location in Bogota, Colombia. Holbrook’s voiceovers alone — a history lesson on drug trafficking in South America!


Where does Pablo's mom go, that ends up leading attackers back to the family?

The enemies end up following her back to the house where the family is hiding and Tata's brother ends up being killed!


What country does Pablo's family try to flee to?

Escobar’s wife, mother, and children aren’t allowed to escape to another country. If they can make it into Germany (the country they choose to flee to), they’ll be safe. Back in Colombia, they’ll be threatened by Los Pepes! Germany's immigration laws were very lax at the time!


What Platform is responsible for the show?

Narcos is on Netflix exclusively, alongside many other Netflix original series! It was Originally supposed to be a Netflix Original Documentary!


What does Pablo's father do?

Pablo goes to visit his father and hide out. His father disapproves of him!


The names of the two founders of the Cali Cartel are Miguel and what?

Miguel and Gilberto Rodriguez Orejuela, the founders of the Cali Cartel, were Pablo Escobar’s biggest rival. The cartel made several assassination attempts on Escobar!


After the Medellin Cartel is diminished, who takes over?

Season 2 ends with the Cali Cartel being the only cartel of Power - and there is talk of there reign being the door to season 3!!


What is the name of Pablo's wife?

Pablo got married when he was 27 and Tata was only 15!


What was the name of the president of Columbia?

César Gaviria, the president of Colombia in 1990-94 oversaw Escobar's downfall!


What was the name of Murphy's wife?

DEA agent Murphy and his wife went back to visit the country, for the first time taking their two twenty-something daughters, whom they adopted as babies in Bogotá and Medellín!


Pablo is killed at the end of which season?

"We'd always intended to kill Escobar at the end of Season 2, but I will be honest — I've really regretted not building it into four seasons or five seasons, and not just because Wagner is so good as Pablo Escobar, and he is brilliant!


Who controlled Los Pepes?

The highly effective resistance group,Los Pepes (or PEPES), controlled by the Cali Cartel, and the Colombian government, in collaboration with the Cali Cartel, right-wing paramilitary groups, and the United States government!


Where was Pablo murdered in the end of season 2?

The death scene of Pablo in NARCOS season two was shot exactly at the same place where Pablo died in reality.


Who was the founder of the Medellin Cartel?

At the height of its operations, the Medellín Cartel smuggled tons of cocaine each week into countries all over the world and brought in at least $420,000,000 per week!


What is the name of the actor who played Pablo?

Wagner Moura learned to speak Spanish and gained 40 pounds to play Pablo!!


When Pablo and his family are hiding out, his family gets very cold. What does Pablo burn to keep them warm?

Pablo once burned his $2 Million dollars just to keep his Daughter and Wife warm!


Who is Pablo's son?

Born Juan Pablo Escobar, (now) Sebastian, has been very open about his opinion of the show, claiming that the series insults Colombia and the victims of drug trafficking!


What was the name of the Colonel who led the Search Bloc for Pablo?

Maurice Compte who portrayed Colonel Carrillo, the leader of the Search Bloc going after Pablo Escobar in Narcos played a hit man for a Mexican cartel in Breaking Bad.


Who is “Los Pepes?”

“Perseguidos por Pablo Escobar” (People Persecuted by Pablo Escobar), or “Los Pepes.” The group became notorious for hunting down and killing scores of people who worked for or even associated with Escobar!


Who was the main Journalist whom had tied with Pablo?

Escobar was well known for his love affairs, and Virginia was one of his most famous mistresses. Vallejo was not only a journalist, anchorwoman, and socialite at the time. She was also considered to be one of the most beautiful women in Colombia! Los Pepes murdered her!


These two men, helped writers fill in the gaps of the show.

Murphy revealed that he and Peña “flew to California to work with the writers. After that, we spent hours and hours on the phone and on email answering questions and filling in the gaps!


What year was Escobar killed?

Season two starts in 1992, although season one crammed over a decades worth of stories in!


When does the Narcos series end?

Narcos' producers state with confidence that the show doesn’t need Pablo Escobar as its antagonist in order to continue. “We plan on stopping when cocaine stops!”


Who did Los Pepes target?

Those who were not killed by Los Pepes surrendered to the government. Escobar became so terrified by all the violence that he bought plane tickets for his family to escape.


Who was working with the DEA to bring Pablo down?

The columbian government thought it would be best if Pablo died at the hands of a columbian officer!


What was Limon's cover job?

Limon, making what passes for a straight living driving prostitutes around town in his cab, the opportunity to serve Pablo undoubtedly means trouble. But he reaffirms much of what made Escobar so popular, “You’ve done so much for the poor of Medellín”


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