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You Shere you Khan beat this quiz? Do you have the Bare Necessities to answer all the questions correctly? Find out by taking this quiz on the plot and characters!

What Kind of animal is Kaa?

Kaa is the snake in the movie who encounters mowgli.


What is the name of the Tiger?

Shere Khan is the name of the Bengal Tiger in the Jungle Book


Who was Mowgli raised by?

Mowgli is raised by a pack of wolves.


Where does the movie take place?

The movie takes place in a jungle in India.


What does Shere Khan often refer to mowgli as?

Shere Khan often calls Mowgli a man-cub


Why does Shere Khan want to kill Mowgli?

Shere Khan doesn't like Mowgli because men had injured Shere Khan.


Besides the wolves, who is Mowgli's main guardian?

Mowgli's main guardian is Bagheera.


What is the famous song Baloo sings?

Baloo sings "Bare Necessities" which is a pun, since he is a bear.


What kind of animal is Bagheera?

Bagheera means panther in India.


How does Mowgli first meet Baloo?

Mowgli gets in a fight with Bagheera and leaves then runs into Baloo.


Who believes Mowgli should be with his own species?

Bagheera wants the best for Mowgli and thinks being with man is the best for him.


Mowgli and Bagheera encounter a snake with a hypnotic gaze, what's its name?

Kaa is the snake that hypnotizes Mowgli.


Who captures Mowgli away from Baloo?

The monkeys take Mowgli away from Baloo to bring him to someone.


Where do the monkeys take Mowgli?

The Monkeys bring Mowgli to King Louie because he wants Mowgli for something.


What does King Louie want to learn from Mowgli?

To make fire like a man.


What does Kaa want to do with Mowgli?

Kaa wants to eat Mowgli!! Thats why he hypnotizes him.


What event leads Mowgli to go back to the village?

Mowgli sees a young girl fetching some water.


Who first discovers Mowgli?

Bagheera is the first to see Mowgli, then leaves him with the wolves.


How does Mowgli end up with the wolves?

Bagheera is the one that finds Mowgli and takes him to the wolves.


Who is the leader of the wolves

Akela is the leader of the wolf pack.


What do the jungle animals refer to fire as?

The animals of the jungle refer to fire as the red flower.


What does Kaa say as he is hypnotizing Mowgli?

"Trust in Me" is what Kaa says, before trying to eat Mowgli.


Who sings the song “I Wan'na Be like You” ?

King Louie wants to be like Mowgli and know how to make fire.


What animal is King Louie?

He is not actually a monkey though, he is an ape.


What kind of snake is Kaa?

Kaa is a python. He wraps his big body around Mowgli.


What is the name of the first elephant Mowgli meets?

Hathi Junior is the baby elephant of the group, and the first to meet Mowgli.


What group of animals take Mowgli at the end?

The vultures are the ones in the end that agree to take in Mowgli.


What is the name of the elephants leader?

Colonel Hathi is the leader of the elephant heard.


Who first finds Mowgli as an infant?

Bagheera is the one to find Mowgli.


When Kaa gets a knot in his tail he says...

"This is going to make things more difficult" is what Kaa says when he discovers a knot in his tail.


Who tugs on Kaa's tail while he is hypnotizing mowgli?

Shere Khann wants to ask Kaa if he was seen a man-cub around.


What is the nickname that Baloo gives Mowgli?

Little bear is what Baloo calls Mowgli, since Baloo is a bear.


Out of all the animals, who is Mowgli's best friend?

Baloo and Mowgli have an amazing friendship.


What is the name of the place where the wolves gather?

The wolves gather at council rock when discussing issues and resolutions.


How does Mowgli scare off Shere Khann in the end?

Mowgli knows that shere Khann hates fire so he ties it to his tail.


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