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35 questions for the true Honeymooners fan! Test out your knowledge of this classic '50s sitcom and see how much you remember!

Where did Ralph threaten to send Alice?

Raising a fist he never would have really considered using, Ralph would yell some version of, "You're goin' to the moon!"


What character did Ralph play when trying to sell the Handy Housewife Helper?

We'll never forget "Better Living Through TV" and Ralph's petrified, "Chef-uh-duh-fewtchuh!"


What was the name of Ralph and Ed’s lodge?

Several Honeymooners episodes refer to or involve the Raccoon Lodge. Fun Fact: The word "raccoon" was spelled with only one "c" on the sign that hung in the lodge.


Making fun of what name got Ralph in trouble at the pool hall?

In "The Bensonhurst Bomber," Ralph makes fun of the name "Harvey," which gets him challenged to a fistfight.


What instrument did Ralph Kramden play?

In the episode, "Young Man with a Horn," Ralph plays his old cornet.


What was Alice’s pet name for Ralph back in the day?

In "A Matter of Record," Ralph records a make-up message for Alice, referring to himself as "Ol' Buttercup."


What food was the last name of the Kramdens' Italian neighbors?

While they are mentioned elsewhere, Mr. and Mrs. Manicotti appear in "Mama Loves Mambo."


What street did the Kramdens and Nortons live on?

Chauncey Street was selected because Jackie Gleason was born on Chauncey Street, Brooklyn.


What piano tune did Norton warm up with?

In "The $99,000 Answer," Ed plays the opening of "Swanee River" before beginning each song.


Who was the first actress to play Alice?

Pert Kelton played Alice Kramden in the original Honeymooners sketches on The Jackie Gleason Show.


Name the Kramdens’ local Chinese restaurant.

The Hong Kong Gardens is mentioned several times on The Honeymooners as a local eatery.


Which bus route did Ralph drive?

In "The $99,000 Answer," we hear that Ralph splashed water all over the show's host while driving his Madison Avenue bus.


Ralph gave Norton a tie. What did he get?

In "Twas the Night Before Christmas," Ed gives ralph a package containing a pair of spats that we never see.


What was Alice's sister's name?

In "Here Comes the Bride," Ralph throws a monkey wrench into the wedding plans of Alice's sister, Agnes.


Who runs Ralph's bus company?

In "Opportunity Knocks But," Ralph and Ed shoot pool at the home of Gotham Bus Company head, Mr. Marshall.


What was the name of Ed's childhood dog?

Ed reveals "Lulu" as the name of a childhood pet in an episode called, "The Sleepwalker."


What game show did Ralph appear on?

Ralph appeared on "The $99,000 Answer," in an episode of the same name.


What famous comedian’s son was a writer for The Honeymooners?

Marvin Marx, son of Groucho Marx, often appears as a writer in the credits for The Honeymooners.


What did costume party judges mistake Ralph’s spaceman costume for?

In "The Man from Space," Ralph's costume party creation is mistaken for an attempt at a pinball machine.


What did Ralph call Alice’s mother?

Ralph emphatically calls Alice's mother "a blabbermouth" in "A Matter of Record."


What test did Ralph try on a vacuum?

The same vacuum that failed the oatmeal test in "The Deciding Vote" also cost Ralph an election.


What dance did Carlos Sanchez teach to all of the ladies in the building?

The "Mama Loves Mambo" episode had the whole Chauncey Street building dancing.


What character did Norton play in the Handy Housewife Helper commercial?

In "Better Living Through TV," Ed appears as the "Chef of the Past."


What was Ralph’s signature mocking laugh?

Ralph "har harred" many "hardy har hars" in his day.


What is an “executive meeting” at the Raccoon Lodge?

This famous revelation is made by Ed Norton in an episode called, "A Dog's Life."


Where is the Raccoon National Cemetery?

In "The Loudspeaker," Ralph looks proudly forward to being Raccoon of the Year and eventual free burial in the Raccoon National cemetery, of Bismarck, North Dakota.


What bus company did Ralph drive for?

In "A Man's Pride," Ralph mentions that he "runs things" at the Gotham Bus Company."


What would Jackie Gleason do to let the cast know he forgot his next line?

According to many sources, Jackie Gleason would pat his stomach to let others know he had forgotten his lines.


When a lady willed "her fortune" to Ralph, what did he get?

In the episode, "Ralph Kramden, Inc.," a lady leaves Ralph her pet bird, "Fortune," in her will.


What dance did Norton teach to Ralph?

In "Young at Heart," Ed and Ralph dance to a recording of "The Hucklebuck."


Whose head was on the juicer Ralph gave Alice for Christmas?

As Ralph said in, "Twas the Night Before Christmas"—"You squeeze the oranges on Napoleon's head and the juice goes out his ears."


Who was Ralph’s loudmouth neighbor?

McGaritty appears in "The $99,000 Answer" and is mentioned in "The Loudspeaker" as having enjoyed a joke Ralph made up.


Where did Ralph and Alice go to dances when they were teenagers?

In the episode, "Young at Heart," Alice asks Ralph if he remembers the dances they used to go to at the Sons of Italy Hall.


What TV show did Norton put his “official space helmet” on for?

In the "TV Or Not TV" episode, Norton can be heard calling out, "Offical space helmet on, Captain Video!"


What was Ralph's weekly pay?

In "Brother Ralph," Alice shouts out Ralph's weekly salary, "Sixty-two dollars a week!"


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