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Journey back to the Alps and test your knowledge of the Sound of Music, set in Austria in 1938. Relive the drama, the danger, and the beautiful music that made this movie great.

The movie was released in 1965 but set in what year?

The Sound of Music was released in 1965, but set in 1938. The movie is set in Austria right before the Nazis invaded. The movie deals with the subsequent invasion.


The movie opens with the main protagonist singing, "The hills are alive with the sound of music / With songs they have sung for a _______ years / The hills fill my heart with the sound of music / My heart wants to sing every song it _______."

The protagonist is singing the title song, The Sound of Music. The movie is a musical. The main song was composed by Richard Rodgers, with lyrics written by Oscar Hammerstein II.


The Sound of Music was Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein's _______ musical.

Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein partnered for multiple musicals. They wrote and produced Oklahoma!, South Pacific, and The King and I, among others. The Sound of Music was their last collaboration. In 1960, Hammerstein died from stomach cancer.


The movie was based on what?

The Sound of Music was inspired by a play that opened in 1959. It was based on two German films about the von Trapp family, as well as a memoir by Maria von Trapp. The musically inclined von Trapps from Austria are the real life inspiration for The Sound of Music.


The main protagonist, Maria, is played by which actress?

Julie Andrews plays the main protagonist, Maria, in The Sound of Music. Julie Andrews might not have been cast, if not for Walt Disney. Richard Rodgers, the composer, knew that Julie Andrews would be the perfect Maria for the role after she auditioned for one of his musicals back in 1956. She ended up starring in My Fair Lady instead. No one was convinced that Andrews would work well on a movie screen in color until Walt Disney showed them clips from the post-production of Mary Poppins, and then Andrews was cast.


The male lead, Captain von Trapp, is played by which actor?

Christopher Plummer played Captain von Trapp, a retired Austrian naval officer. Plummer actually hated the film so much that he called it The Sound of Mucus. He drank and ate away his sorrows in Salzburg, which caused him to gain so much weight his costumes had to be let out. He also admitted on the DVD commentary that he was drunk when filming the music festival scene.


How many von Trapp children are there in the movie?

There are 7 von Trapp children in the movie. The Mother Abbess believes Maria would be happier outside the abbey. She sends Maria to the villa of retired naval officer Captain Georg von Trapp to be the governess to his children.


What are the names of the von Trapp children in the movie?

Captain von Trapp had 7 children with his first wife. In real life, once he married Maria, they had three more children.


The Sound of Music story is partially based on Maria von Trapp's memoir, The Story of the Trapp Family Singers, published in 1949. She wrote the book for what reason?

Maria von Trapp wrote a book about her family to help support them financially. Her husband had died of lung cancer on May 30, 1947, and they were left without a second income. She wrote the book to help promote her children's singing careers.


At the beginning of the movie, Maria is studying to become a nun. What is the name of the abbey where she is studying?

Maria loves music and the mountains. Her lack of discipline regarding her studies gets her into trouble with the nuns. She is eventually sent to be governess for Captain Georg von Trapp's seven children.


Who sends Maria to be a governess to the von Trapp children?

The Mother Abbess sends Maria to the von Trapp villa. She believes that Maria would be happier outside the abbey,


In the first part of the movie, while the Captain is away in Vienna, Maria makes play clothes for the children from what?

Maria makes the children play clothes from old curtains. The curtains were going to be thrown out and she decided to reuse the material instead. She leads them around Salzburg and the surrounding mountains, and she teaches them how to sing


When the Captain returns to the villa with Baroness Elsa Schraeder, a wealthy socialite, and their mutual friend, Max Detweiler, they are greeted by Maria and the children returning from where?

Captain von Trapp is very displeased by his children's clothes and activities. The Captain orders Maria to return to the abbey. At the same time, he hears singing from inside the house and sees his children singing for the Baroness. He is filled with happiness and joins in. After they finish, he apologizes to Maria and begs her to stay.


Who is so impressed with the children's singing that he wants to enter them in the upcoming Salzburg Festival?

Although the suggestion is immediately rejected by the Captain, Max is still intrigued. He persists and the Captain insists that he does not allow his children to sing in public. He does agree, however, to organize a grand party at the villa.


What dance do Maria and the Captain enjoy on the night of the party at the villa?

On the night of the party at the villa, the Captain notices Maria teaching Kurt the traditional Ländler folk dance. He cuts in and partners with Maria for the rest of the song. There is no denying their chemistry at this point!


Maria is confused about her feelings after she dances with the Captain. What does she do?

Maria is jealous of the relationship between the Captain and the Baroness. She leaves the villa and returns to the abbey. Mother Abbess learns that Maria has stayed in seclusion to avoid her feelings for the Captain. Mother Abbess encourages her to return to the Captain and tell him how she feels. When she does, she learns about the Captain's engagement to the Baroness and agrees to stay until they find a replacement governess.


The Captain's feelings for Maria, however, have not changed. What does he decide to do?

Captain von Trapp finally realizes his true feelings for Maria. He breaks off his engagement with the Baroness. Maria and the Captain then get married.


While Maria and the Captain are on their honeymoon, what does Max do, in secret?

While the Captain and Maria are traveling on their honeymoon, Max enters the children into the Salzburg Festival. When the couple learn that Austria has been annexed into the Third Reich in the Anschluss, they return to their home quickly. A telegram awaits, informing the Captain that he is to report to the German Naval Headquarters in Bremerhaven, to accept a commission in the German Navy.


Strongly opposed to the Nazis and the Anschluss, the Captain tells his family what?

The Captain decided that the family must leave Austria immediately. That night, while attempting to leave, the von Trapp family is stopped by German soldiers waiting outside their villa. They are questioned and maintain they are heading to the Salzburg Festival to perform. The soldiers insist on escorting them to the festival, then they will escort the Captain to Bremerhaven.


The family reluctantly perform at the festival. They escape one by one during the last number to where?

The Mother Abbess hides the family in a nearby cemetery crypt. Nazi soldiers soon arrive and search the abbey, but the family is able to escape using the caretaker's car. The soldiers rush back to their cars but realize the nuns have removed parts of their engines. The family is able to escape over the mountains to Switzerland.


Julie Andrews learned how to play what instrument especially for the film?

Julie Andrews learned how to play the guitar for the movie. As the movie is a musical, there are numerous points where she brings out the guitar and sings for the children.


In real life, how did the von Trapps escape Austria?

The real von Trapps did not escape over the mountains. Had they done that, they would have ended up in Germany. The real family took a train to Italy.


How historically accuarate is the movie, when compared with the real von Trapp story?

The movie is not historically accurate. There were ten von Trapp children; not seven. The real Maria von Trapp left the convent to tutor one child, not to be governess to ALL the children. She and Georg von Trapp were married 11 years before the Nazis took over Austria. Maria wrote in her book that she did not love her husband when she married him. She stated: "I really and truly was not in love. I liked him but didn't love him. However, I loved the children, so, in a way, I really married the children.”


Financially, how did the movie perform for 20th Century Fox?

After the movie Cleopatra, 20th Century Fox was close to bankruptcy. The Sound of Music was so successful, it surpassed Gone With The Wind as the number-one box office draw to date. Today, the Sound of Music is the third-highest-grossing film of all time.


The Sound of Music won how many Oscars?

The Sound of Music won 5 Oscars. The movie won Best Picture, Best Director, Best Sound Mixing, Best Film Editing, and Best Music. It was a total success.


The song Edelweiss was written by Oscar Hammerstein at what point during the creative process?

The song was written for the musical and is little known in Austria. The song was the last that Oscar Hammerstein II wrote before he died in 1960. It is forever linked to the movie.


Did Christopher Plummer sing his own songs in the movie?

Originally, Christopher Plummer did sing his own lyrics in songs during filming. It was ultimately decided to dub all of his lyrics.


Maria's wedding train was how long?

When Maria married Captain von Trapp, her wedding train was 14 feet long. She married the Captain in a church in the village.


The lyrics to the song, My Favorite Things, list whose favorites?

The song My Favourite things is a reference to things Maria loves. It lists things such as "whiskers on kittens, bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens." These are the things she selects to fill her mind with when times are bad.


Finish this lyric from Do-Re-Mi: "Doe! - a deer, a female deer / Ray! - a drop of golden sun, / Me! - a name I call myself / Far! - a long long way to run / So! - a ____________."

The lyrics teach the solfège syllables by linking them with English homophones. As the song concludes, "When you know the notes to sing, you can sing most anything."


In 2015, The Sound of Music celebrated its 50th anniversary. At the Academy Awards of 2015, pop singer Lady Gaga sang a medley of which songs?

The appearance was to mark the 50th anniversary of the movie. It is believed that Lady Gaga did not know Andrews was there. The moment captured is priceless when Andrews and Gaga interact.


The film employed how many extras?

The filmed employed 4,500 extras. Principal photography began on March 26, 1964, and closed on September 1, 1964. A total of eighty-three scenes were filmed in just over five months.


The movie is how long?

The Sound of Music is 2 hours, 54 minutes long. Attribute the length to the long filming schedule, the complete plot, or what you may. It is one of the longest classic movies ever produced.


The movie was filmed in the United States and which other country?

The Sound of Music was filmed from March 26 through September 1, 1964. External scenes were shot on location in Salzburg, Austria, and the surrounding region, and interior scenes were filmed at the 20th Century Fox studios in California.


In the boating scene, which actress nearly drowned when she fell in the water?

The scene originally called for Julie Andrews to carry her out of the water, as Kym Karath couldn't swim, but Andrews fell out of the wrong side of the boat. In fact, they had to stop production in order to rescue Kym. In the movie, you'll see Heather Menzies (Louisa) carrying her out.


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