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The domestic comedy genre was alive and well during the 1980s. With sitcoms like Growing Pains, the decade becomes more memorable as we see families at the center of the show. Think you can remember enough of that program? Take this quiz and find out!

What year did Growing Pains debut on air?

This ABC network sitcom aired its pilot on September 1985.


In what year did the show end?

The last episode aired April 1992.


The show’s story takes place in which US state?

The show family’s residence is in Long Island, New York.


What is the name of the family featured in this show?

The sitcom revolves around the domestic life of the Seaver family in a suburb in Long Island.


What is the name of the father of the Seaver household?

Jason Seaver was played by Alan Thicke.


What is dad Jason’s occupation?

Jason is a psychiatrist, to be exact.


What is the name of the Seaver mom?

Maggie was played by Joanna Kerns.


In this domestic role reversal storyline unusual in the ‘80s, who gets to stay at home?

Dad Jason stays at home where he runs his medical practice, since Mom Maggie needs to work outside of the house.


What is Maggie’s profession?

Maggie worked for a newspaper during the first few seasons.


Maggie later had a job offer and a change of jobs. What was that newer job?

Maggie worked as a news anchor, but later left this job, too.


Towards the end of the show, what job did Maggie have?

Maggie became a columnist so she can work from home.


What is the name of the eldest Seaver child?

Mike was played by Kirk Cameron.


Mike is often described as being of this kind of a person.

Even though Mike is sort of a heartthrob, he’s had serious relationships as well.


What is the name of the second Seaver child?

Carol was played by Tracey Gold.


What is Carol Seaver’s characteristics as a teen?

Carol Seaver is obviously the achiever of the lot.


What is the name of the third Seaver child?

Ben was played by Jeremy Miller.


This future movie superstar was once a guest on the show.

Brad Pitt played a transfer student which was being paired to Carol.


What age was Ben when he suddenly becomes a big brother to the youngest Seaver child?

Mom Maggie actually goes into labor during Ben’s 12th birthday bash.


In which university does Carol end up studying?

Columbia University is considered as an Ivy League institution.


What is the name of Mike’s close friend during the first half of the show’s run?

Boner was played by Andrew Koenig.


This famous son of actor Alan Thicke also made a guest appearance in the show.

Robin played a teen character named Ralph.


This longtime publication included Jason Seaver in their list of 50 Greatest TV Dads of All Time.

To be included in this list of TV Guide certainly makes the show important.


This Friends star appeared in the show as a recurring guest with a poignant role.

Matthew played Sandy, Carol’s boyfriend.


What happened to Carol’s boyfriend Sandy, which led to his exit from the show?

The producers thought that a death would deliver a timely message to teen viewers of the show.


What was the cause of death of Sandy?

The producers wanted to show what might happen when teens drink and drive, so this death is a cautionary tale of sorts.


What is the name of the youngest Seaver child?

Chrissy was played by Ashley Johnson.


This future movie superstar became a regular cast member during the final season of the show.

Leo played Luke, a homeless kid taken in by the Seavers in the show.


This other future movie superstar also appeared in the show as a pre-teen guest.

Hilary played a classmate of the kids.


Kirk Cameron’s sister, also an actor, guested several times in the show. What is her name?

Candace Cameron played Ben’s classmate on the show.


This serious illness was suffered by Tracey Gold in real life, partly affected by the jokes written in on the show.

Due to many fat body shaming jokes in the script, Tracey got affected in real life, making her one of the earliest spokespersons about this condition. She was able to recover, though.


Another real-life change, this time with Kirk Cameron, sometimes affected the reel life of the show. What was this change?

Kirk converted to being a born again Christian during the height of his popularity in the show, which sometimes caused conflicts with producers and co-stars due to a clash with his new beliefs.


It is said that Kirk had recurring guest actress Julie McCullough fired from the show because she posed for this magazine.

Due to Kirk’s new faith, it was reported that he disliked this fact about Julie, who was playing his girlfriend, so he had her replaced.


How was Julie McCullough’s girlfriend character written off?

Mike got another girlfriend after this one left, though.


How many reunions did this show have?

The reunion episodes of the show were made into TV movies.


The first reunion was called The Growing Pains Movie. What was the second reunion show called?

This second TV movie appeared in 2004.


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