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The Great Depression began in 1929 and lasted until 1939, wreaking havoc in the United States and in the global economy. How well do you know one of the most difficult times in U. S. history?

What was FDR's program for combating the Depression?

The program included the creation of dozens of government agencies, including the Securities anad Exchange Commission.


What president helped vanquish the Great Depression?

Once in office, he made it his mission to end the depression.


What was the popular movie where the main character got swept up by a tornado to a magical land?

The movie was released in 1939 by MGM and was a box-office flop that barely broke even and wouldn’t make a profit until the 1949 re-release put it firmly in the black.


What war finally brought the United States out of The Great Depression?

The economic demands of World War II finally put a lid on the hard times.


________ peaked.

The average suicide rate for the previous thirty years had been 17.8 per 100,000 people. That rate rose to 20.5 in 1931, with a total of 20,000 suicides for the year.


The stock market hit an all-time high on _______?

Professionals and amateurs bought shares "on-margin" meaning it was through credit and not cash.


The stock market crashed on ______?

This date in history is named Black Thursday, when security values lost six billion dollars.


What was a Hooverville?

A community made up for shanties, shacks, and packing crates, usually set up near a dump so that residnets could pick over garbage for tehir meals.


President _______ refused to deliver Federal Aid.

He thought aid would sap the initiative of the middle class and make them lazy.


Within six months of the crash _________ Americans were out of work?

By winter of 1931, eight million Americans were unemployed, by the end of 1931, 13.5 million.


Many Americans went without ______ and _____ in their homes.

People barely had money for food. Utilities was a luxury.


What replaced meat as the main meal?

If a person cpuld not afford food, he or she wuld have to scrunge through the garbage.


The main sponsor of the American bread lines was ______?

The Salvation Army was founded in London's East End in 1865 by one-time Methodist Reform Church minister William Booth and his wife Catherine.


What hit song defined the period and became the lament of a nation?

Written in 1930 by lyricist E. Y. "Yip" Harburg and composer Jay Gorney, and sung by Bing Crosby.


Over a __________ banks failed and closed in 1930?

Rumor of impending closing frequently brought out mobs of depositors and investors who tried to pull tehir money out before the bank went under.


What was a Hoover blanket?

Because many slept in the streets after being unemployed for months; a derogatory reference to President Herbert Hoover.


What was a bank holiday?

The banks would close temporarily to prevent "runs" from panicky depositors.


What would the movie theaters do to draw a larger audience?

One night a week, a certain amount of money, or dishes, were given away to the lucky person or family whose name or number was drawn.


A breakup was ______?

Broken bread crusts and bread that faied to rise that was sold cheaply by bakeries to the poor.


Young men would hang out in a social club called a _________?

The social clubs were in the cellars of tenement buildings in large cities.


What was the Civillian Conservation COrp?

An organization initiated as part of the New Deal to pit 500,000 youths to work in national forests and parks.


What was a free food dump?

Any open spot near a Hooverville or otehr location where free food was dumped, free for teh taking, by restaurants, organizations, and proviate citizens.


A Hoovercart was _______?

Originated amoung North Carolina farmers who were too poor to buy gasline and spare parts.


Another name for empty pockets was _____?

Another disparaging reference to President Herbert Hoover.


The NRA stood for ________?

The NRA was a governnment agency thagt was part of teh New Deal to legislate prices and wages abd to administer codes of fair practice as means of countering the effects of the Depression. The Supreme Court declared the agency illegal in 1935.


Oakies were _________?

The refugees were from the Midwest dust bowl and packed up all their belongings by the thousands and headed west in search of a better life.


No ___________ program existed during the Despression.

Only 1/4 of the people who qualified for relief actually received any help as there wasn't any funds avilable.


People had dance parties called _______ to raise money.

The dance party was held at a person's home to collect money from neighbors to help pay the rent. Music was usually swing or jive.


A popular humorist of this era was _______?

He had a down-home wit that cut politicans down to size and elevated teh hard-working little guy.


In 1932 the ________ kicked 700,000 vagrants from its trains.

The railroad was founded as a land holding company in 1865, later acquiring the Central Pacific Railroad by lease.


More than ________ children roamed the U.S. as drifters during the Depression.

The Children's Bureau was a government agency formed in 1912 by activists Florence Kelley and Lillian Wald dedicated to childrens issues.


The __________ work week was adopted.

Millions of people who usually worked six days per week increasingly had Saturdays off.


________ outpaced immigration.

Many Americans sought jobs in Russia.


The most popular slogan of 1930 was _______?

President Herbert Hoover said this at a dinner of the Chamber of Commerce of the United States on May 1, 1930.


Who was a popular actor during the Great Depression?

Clark Gable solified his heart-throb status in "Gone with the Wind," the movie about a romance set during the American Civil War was released in 1939.


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