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How well do you remember The Good Wife? It's time to get down to business and head into court to see if you can answer all of these trivia questions now!

The Good Wife is a drama television show that focuses on _______ issues.

The show was inspired by real-life political scandals in the US!


Which of the following American politicians did NOT help to inspire the premise of The Good Wife?

Spitzer, Edwards and Clinton were all involved in sexual misconduct despite their prominent roles in US politics.


In which year did The Good Wife premiere?

The Good Wife premiered on September 22, 2009!


For how many seasons did The Good Wife run?

The Good Wife had a 7 season run comprised of 156 episodes. Its series finale was on May 8, 2016.


On which network did The Good Wife run?

CBS was home to The Good Wife for all 7 seasons. It is now available on Amazon and Hulu.


What is the lead female character's name?

Alicia Florrick graduated at the top of her class from Georgetown University Law Center in the mid-90s!


What is the name of Alicia's husband?

Peter Florrick is played by actor Chris Noth who was nominated in 2011 for a Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actor.


In which state does The Good Wife take place?

Though set in Chicago, The Good Wife was often filmed in New York City!


At the start of the series, what is the occupation of Alicia's husband Peter?

As the series begins, he resigns from his position as State Attorney of Cook County.


Following his stint as State's Attorney, for which position does Peter successfully run later in the series?

Despite serving as Governor of Illinois, the series ends with Peter resigning from the Governor's office amid another corruption charge!


Which actress plays the role of Alicia Florrick?

Julianna Margulies is also well known for her role as Nurse Carol Hathaway on the series ER which she played from 1994-2000.


What is the name of the law firm where Alicia works?

Lockhart & Gardner was also Stern, Lockhart & Gardner


With which of her fellow colleagues does Alicia have an affair?

Will Gardner is portrayed by actor Josh Charles who starred in 107 episodes of The Good Wife.


Actress Christine Baranski portrays this senior partner at Lockhart & Gardner...

Christine Baranski starred in all 156 episodes of The Good Wife. She was always nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actress for the Primetime Emmys though never won.


In Season 1, who does Alicia compete with for the one permanent position with Lockhart Gardner?

Cary Agos is portrayed by actor Matt Czuchry who is also known for his role as Logan Huntzberger on Gilmore Girls.


In Season 5, who is shot and killed in the courtroom by his client Jeffrey Grant?

Following his death, he appears on the show two more times in dream sequences, including the series finale.


Not including commercials, what is the running time of The Good Wife episodes?

The Good Wife aired on Sunday nights at 9:00pm EST.


Which of the following did NOT appear in all 156 episodes?

Chris Noth was considered a recurring character, not main, at only 101 episodes throughout the 7 seasons.


A tagline of The Good Wife is: "His scandal. Her _______."

Another tagline was "Don't let the name fool you."


What color is Alicia Florrick's hair?

Julianna Margulies actually wore a wig for her character Alicia!


What is the name of Peter Florrick's campaign and later chief of staff?

Eli Gold was portrayed by actor Alan Cumming who was often nominated for awards for his role in The Good Wife though never actually won.


Actress Archie Panjabi plays the role of this character who once worked for Peter Florrick.

Archana "Archie" Panjabi starred in The Good Wife for 134 episodes and won a Primetime Emmy Award in 2010!


What is the name of Alicia and Peter's teenage son?

Zach Florrick is portrayed by actor Graham Phillips and appeared in 76 episodes of The Good Wife.


Alan Cumming's portrayal of Eli Gold has been compared to this real life politician.

Rahm Emanuel was formerly Barack Obama's chief of staff who later became the Mayor of Chicago.


Alicia and Peter Florrick have a daughter named.

Grace Florrick is played by Makenzie Vega who once appeared on an episode of ER with Juliana Margulies.


At the end of Season 4, Alicia quits Lockhart Gardner and joins _______ in forming a new firm.

Alicia and Cary join forces to form their own firm appropriately called... Florrick Agos.


After winning the Governor's race, why does the ethics commission investigate Peter Florrick?

The ethics commission got hold of video footage showing Florrick's campaign switching the ballot boxes!


Who is named a partner at Lockhart Gardner after Will's death?

Michael J. Fox returned to television as a recurring character Louis Canning from seasons 2-7. He earned 3 Emmy nominations for this role.


For which public office does Alicia run in Season 6 of The Good Wife?

Eli conducts polling on Alicia's potential run for State's Attorney and discovers that she has a great chance of wining, so she goes for it!


Who does Alicia Florrick compete against for the office of State's Attorney?

Frank Prady is a talkshow personality. He and Alicia vow to run honest campaigns.


Why is Cary arrested and sent to jail in Season 6?

Cary is later cleared of all charges in part because Kalinda faked evidence!


At the start of Season 7, for which office is Peter Florrick now running?

Alicia decides to let Peter run for VP, as Hillary Clinton's running mate!


In Kalinda's absence, what is the name of the private investigator Alicia hires and befriends?

Jason Crouse became a main character in Season 7. He is portrayed by Jeffrey Dean Morgan who is now a cast member of The Walking Dead.


Jeffrey Grant, who shot Will Gardner, is prosecuted by this Assistant State's Attorney:

Finn Polmar is wounded as he tries to pull Will to safety after he had been shot. While he is recovering, Alicia seeks out Finn for answers to Will's death.


What is the name of Peter's meddling mother?

Though she is always hopeful that Peter and Alicia will reunite, Alicia has little patience and affection for her mother-in-law.


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