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Who doesn't remember "It's the shrinkage! It's the shrinkage!" George Costanza of the '90s hit sitcom series "Seinfeld" has some of the best lines from a sitcom which produced hundreds of great one-liners. 

As Jerry Seinfeld's best friend, George creates a long list of schemes, ploys and silly antics which land him in trouble. Whether it's women or work, even when handed to him, George seems to make a mess of things. After all, most people have lied on a resume, but George brought it to a new level with his fake company.... Oh, wait, that's for you to answer. But, did you know that for the length of the series, that company name was a popular addition to thousands of resumes across the country? And what was George's beef with the soup Nazi? It created a heck of a problem for his soup-addicted friends!

While we've all had a friend similar to George, there really is no other George. He is the bumbling, bald and overweight guy who sometimes succeeds with women and somehow lands a job with arguably baseball's greatest franchise. But, did you know that George's character was actually based on a real person? If you give it some thought, you might be able to figure out who that is.

So, step into George's shoes for a few minutes and take this quiz to see if you are the "Seinfeld" fan you think you are!

What are the first names of George’s parents?

Frank was played by Ben Stiller’s father, Jerry.


George worked as a ______ model.

Like so many things with George, this job was short-lived.


What holiday did George’s father launch?

The Festivus was “For the Rest of Us.”


George’s character is based on:

Larry David’s reaction to Jason Alexander’s calling George a “schmuck” was the basis of an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm.


What was the last name of George’s gym teacher who continually mispronounced his name?

The gym teacher called him “Cantastanja.”


Kramer made a statue of George out of:

Kramer always had a flare for the dramatic.


George secures his job with the Yankees by:

Steinbrenner is voiced by co-creator Larry David.


What was George’s ATM code?

Bosco was the bee’s knees in the 50s.


What actor owned George’s car before he purchased it?

Voight starred in "Midnight Cowboy", set in NYC


What was the name of George’s fiancée?

Susan died licking envelopes.


What was George’s beef with the Soup Nazi?

The Soup Nazi’s name in the show was Yev Kassem.


What is George’s nickname?

George's nickname given to him by Kruger, after seeing George wave his hands in the air with a monkey in his hand.


George says there’s a vegetable that you can eat like an apple. What is it?

He's talking about a particular type of tomatoes, called Hampton tomatoes.


One of George’s girlfriends was incarcerated for committing what crime?

The prison was minimum security.


What was the nickname of the attorney George dated to get a visa for someone?

The visa was for Babu.


In "The Movie" episode, over which film do Elaine and George disagree ?

Elaine didn't like it; George did.


What celebrity winds up in the hospital after playing a baseball game?

Bette Midler’s favorite shaved ice: pineapple.


When George and Jerry try to interest the Japanese in their idea for a sitcom, they give them what fruit?

Pitching sitcoms was a common plot-point element in the early episodes of the show.


For Elaine’s birthday, how much money did George give her?

Jerry gave her double the money that George did: $182.


What is the name of Frank Costanza’s cousin?

The cousin was “lost.”


Among the four principals on the show, who initially won the infamous..."contest"? (It's later revealed that he cheated.)

The episode was controversial when broadcast because NBC thought that masturbation was not a topic suitable for prime time television. As a result, the word "masturbation" is never used in the episode.


What does George say he does when asked about his profession?

George does a lot of everything else in this series, just not much in the way of architecture.


What is the name of the library detective?

Larry David loves to play word games.


What is George’s middle name?

There was a conscious decision by the writers not to get too cute when it came to the names of the major characters.


What name does George want to give his first child?

He wants to name his firstborn after Mickey Mantle's jersey number.


Which magazine fills George with an uncontrollable need to pleasure himself?

The pleasuring took place in his parents' living room.


Which newspaper does George say is his only reason for getting up in the morning?

The newspaper really took off during the run of Seinfeld.


Who was on the cover of the TV Guide that Elaine took from George’s dad?

Al Roker was just starting to make a name for himself at the time.


What character refers to himself in the third person to George and others?

He tells George, for example, “These are Jimmy’s training shoes.”


In trying to keep getting unemployment, George says he has interviewed at what company?

George gave Jerry’s phone number as Vandelay’s.


Who was responsible for the phrase “yada yada yada”?

When Julia Louis Dreyfuss hosted Saturday Night Live, she did a sketch based on yada yada yada with Larry David.


How did George meet Susan?

In the aftermath of her death, Susan's parents, played by former Twin Peaks cast members Warren Frost and Grace Zabriskie, organized a foundation in her honor and appointed George to be on the board, a position he did not relish.


Who does Mr. Morgan look like, according to George?

Sugar Ray Leonard was named after another great boxer, Sugar Ray Robinsons.


What high school did George attend?

Jerry also attended that high school.


George explains the physics of the home run to which two Yankees?

Neither player was much of a home run threat.


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