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The first presidential debate was expected to be one of the most controversial events in decades. Find out which candidate had the intelligence, agility, strength and charisma to survive the process.

Softball questions to start...Where was this thing?

The first Presidential debate was held at Hofstra University on Long Island, NY.


Who hosted?

Lester Holt, anchor of "NBC Nightly News" moderated Monday's presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.


What topic did Donald start speaking about at the beginning of the debate?

Trump's main campaign agenda is to bring more jobs to the U.S. and outsource less from other countries such as China.


Who did Donald Trump threaten to invite to the debate?

Trump threatened to invite Gennifer Flowers, an American model and actress who obtained notoriety after revealing a sexual relationship with former U.S. President Bill Clinton


Which audience members shook hands before the debate began?

Bill Clinton and Melania Trump were seen shaking hands before the presidential debate.


Who wore what?

Hillary wore a red pantsuit and Donald sported a blue tie for the Presidential debate on Monday night.


The TV audience was predicted to surpass 100 million Americans. How many people really watched?

Based on those early numbers, the first in a series of three presidential debates brought in about 70-80 million viewers. With cable and online streaming factored in – and those numbers will be coming in throughout the day – the Clinton/Trump showdown will have attracted the largest viewing audience of any political debate in history.


Which "Donald Trump" showed up?

Near the start of the debate, Trump double-checked with Clinton if "Secretary Clinton" was okay, then told her, "I want you to be really happy."


Best zinger?

Our vote for best zinger goes to Clinton for her comment on being prepared!


Best comeback?

This is a matter of opinion of course, "That makes me smart" was a pretty good little zinger. Clinton may have gotten the last word the next day, however, when she tweeted, "Not paying taxes doesn't make you smart, Donald. It makes you a tax evader."


Trump stated he would release his Tax Returns after what?

Pressed on his refusal to release his tax returns, Mr. Trump repeated an oft-used line that he is facing “a routine audit” that precluded him from releasing the information. Mr. Holt noted that the I.R.S. had said he was free to release anything he wanted. Mr. Trump said he would “release my tax returns, against my lawyers’ wishes,” if Mrs. Clinton agreed to release a cache of her emails.


What did Clinton call Trump's economic policy?

She points out that his policy helps the wealthy 1% by lowering their taxes to nonexistence and doesn’t help the middle or lower class get any benefit from tax incentives.


What’s a major economic difference between Clinton and Trump?

Clinton mentions how she used to watch her father hand make his products in his factory. Where Trump had the privilege of borrowing $14 million from his father to start his own business.


Mediator to Donald: How are we going to bring back labor into this country from overseas? His answer:

Trump went off topic a little with this question at first then came back to say that he wants to stop companies from leaving the country in the first place by adding import taxes that would make outsourcing not worthwhile.


What did Clinton say caused the great recession of 2008?

Clinton believes that Trumps outsourcing policy will have similar repercussions as the 2008 recession and is fearful that it will only help the wealthy instead of the majority.


What deal did Trump try to make with Clinton?

Trump tells the audience that he will release his tax information if Clinton releases her deleted emails. Clinton comes back with explaining how she has released her tax returns for the last 30-40 years.


The nintey minute debate was split into how many segments?

The ninety minute debate was divided into six segments, each fifteen minutes long. They attempted to explore two three topic areas including achieving prosperity, America’s direction and securing America. I think we all know the candidates got a tad distracted.


What does Clinton think is Trump's main claim to becoming president?

Clinton believes that Trump has stiffed a lot of people over the years from paying them for work done.


On the issue of race, the mediator asked: “How do you heal the divided?” What was Clinton’s response to this question regarding the police?

There is currently a necessary concern about the police and race issues. As Clinton so eloquently stated, she will try to reteach the community and the police to trust one another and not be against each other.


What was a major difference between Clinton and Trumps parental leave programs?

Clinton and Trump have different views on having children, their care and also their education.


What is Trump opening on Pennsylvania Avenue right next to the White house?

Comparing his strategy for business to his strategy for the United States, "When we look at the budget, the budget is bad to large extent because we have people that have no idea as to what to do and how to buy. The Trump International is way under budget and way ahead of schedule. And we should be able to do that for our country." And that's how he plans to make America great again.


Regarding the criminal justice system, Clinton called for....

Private prisons are not being phased out throughout the federal government. The Justice Department’s Bureau of Prisons is phasing out its reliance on private prisons, but the Department of Homeland Security — which has more than 70 percent of its noncitizen detainees in private prisons — is studying the issue but has made no commitment to sever its ties to the for-profit prison industry. For this reason Clinton is calling for an end to Private prisions and more second chance programs.


Clinton stated she would devote $1 billion of her first budget to what?

Clinton has said she will devote $1 billion in her first budget to training and safety for law enforcement.


Trump was quoted as saying Clinton didn't have a presidential...

Asked about a remark he made that Mrs. Clinton lacked a presidential “look,” Mr. Trump repeated the claim, adding that “she doesn’t have the stamina.” In response, Mrs. Clinton ticked off some highlights of her tenure as secretary of state, saying Mr. Trump “can talk to me about stamina” when he accomplishes as much.


In the presidential debate did Trump say he was for or against the Iraq War?

Mrs. Clinton pressed Mr. Trump’s repeated claim, contradicted by public statements he has made in the past, that he had opposed the Iraq war from the beginning. “Donald supported the invasion of Iraq,” she said. “That is absolutely proved over and over again.” “Wrong,” Mr. Trump interjected. “Wrong.” Mr. Trump insisted again that he had opposed the Iraq war, calling any suggestion otherwise “a mainstream media nonsense.”


Which trade agreement was brought up during the debate?

Mr. Trump — criticizing trade deals approved by Bill Clinton, among others — suggested Mrs. Clinton had failed to improve people’s lives during her decades in public life. As Mrs. Clinton defended her record, he interrupted frequently. “You haven’t done it. You haven’t done it,” he said.


What did Trump claim Hillary had on her personal website?

Trump tells us "to go to her website and read all about how to defeat ISIS which she could've defeated by never having it get going in the first place. "


Clinton stated that Trump rooted for the Housing crisis back in 2006, what was trumps response?

Mrs. Clinton, seeking to portray Mr. Trump as an enemy of working people, said he had “rooted for the housing crisis” because of the financial opportunities it might afford him. “That’s called business, by the way,” he interjected.


By how much does Trump plan to lower taxes for businesses?

Trump wants to cut income tax rates while capping deductions for the wealthy. He would also reduce the business tax rate to 15 percent and eliminate the estate tax. The conservative Tax Foundation estimates that his plan would reduce federal revenue by $4.4 trillion to $5.9 trillion over the next decade, which is a lot, but down from $10 trillion in his original plan.


What did Trump state was his strongest asset?

Trump said, "I think my strongest asset, maybe by far, is my temperament. I have a winning temperament. "


Where did Trump claim our jobs were going?

Trump stated in the presidential debate that "Our jobs are fleeing the country. They're going to Mexico they’re going to many other countries. You look at what China is doing for the country in terms of making our product, they're devaluing their currency and there's nobody in our government to fight them."


Senator Clinton stated "We have to make the economy fairer. That starts with raising the national minimum wage", when was the federal minimum wage last raised?

The federal minimum wage has not been increased by Congress since 2009.


What did Trump say he would do if Clinton won the election?

Trump stated at the debate that "The answer is if she wins I will absolutely support her."


Who won the Post-Debate poll (according to CNN)?

Hillary Clinton was deemed the winner of Monday night's debate by 62% of voters who tuned in to watch, while just 27% said they thought Donald Trump had the better night. However, Democratic respondents outnumbered Republicans by a sizable margin in the CNN poll.


When is the next presidential debate?

The next presidential debates are scheduled for October ninth and Washington University in St. Louis and October nineteen at the University of Nevada Las Vegas.


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