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Veterans Day honors the brave men and women who put the safety of their country above their own freedom, and sometimes, their own lives. Take our quiz to see how much you know about the history and origins of this annual holiday.

What was Veterans Day called before it got its current name?

An armistice is a temporary end to fighting and hostilities. Before getting its current name, the holiday we now know as Veterans Day was simply called Armistice Day and was a means to honor a time of peace.


What year was the first Armistice Day celebrated?

President Woodrow Wilson acknowledged the first Armistice Day on November 11, 1919.


What treaty ended World War I?

Although the Treaty of Versailles officially ended World War I when it was signed in June 1919, fighting actually stopped the year before, signaling the start of an armistice.


When did fighting in the Great War actually end?

Fighting between Germany and the Allies in World War I ended and an armistice began on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month of 1918 -- November 11, 1918.


Which of these was established during a November 11 ceremony in 1921?

Armistice Day in 1921 featured a ceremony during which the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery was established.


When did Congress first establish November 11 as a national holiday?

By 1926, many states had already declared Armistice Day a holiday, so it was no surprise that Congress passed a declaration that year that flags would be lowered on government buildings each November 11 to commemorate the end of the Great War.


What year did Armistice get changed to Veterans?

By 1954, the U.S. had lost vast numbers of soldiers in World War II and Korea. It only made sense to broaden the November 11 holiday to honor Americans who fought in all wars by changing the name from Armistice Day to Veterans Day.


Starting in 1971, Veterans Day would always take place on this day of the week.

Signed in 1968 and effective in 1971, the Monday Holiday Law established that Veterans Day would be celebrated on the fourth Monday in October each year, rather than on November 11.


Which two states defied federal orders and kept Veterans Day on November 11 in 1971?

Just two states, South Dakota and Mississippi, decided to keep celebrating Veterans Day on November 11 -- despite federal laws moving the holiday to the fourth Monday in October starting in 1971.


What year did Congress finally move Veterans Day back to November 11th for good?

It only took four years for Congress to realize that people wanted to celebrate Veterans Day on the same day every year. In 1975, it passed a law attaching the holiday to November 11. Veterans Day has been celebrated on 11/11 every year since the law took effect in 1978.


According to the federal government, which of these is correct?

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs specifies that the holiday is meant to honor Veterans, and doesn't necessarily belong to them, so Veterans Day is actually the correct way to write the name of this holiday.


Veterans Day honors only the dead.

The holiday celebrates all veterans -- not just those who have died. Memorial Day is actually dedicated just to those who have made the ultimate sacrifice.


What color flower is frequently associated with Veterans Day?

Red poppies are often worn to commemorate those who've given their lives on Veterans Day but are actually more closely associated with Memorial Day in the United States.


What poem gave red poppies their wartime association?

John McCrae's 1915 poem "In Flanders Field" -- which begins "In Flanders Field the poppies blow" -- helped associate poppies with war remembrance, especially on holidays like Veterans Day or Memorial Day.


What is Veterans Day called in Canada?

The United Kingdom, Canada and Australia celebrate soldiers on Remembrance Day -- the equivalent to Veterans Day in the United States.


Remembrance Day is always on this day in the United Kingdom.

Remembrance Day is always held on the Sunday closest to November 11 in the UK, while Canada and Australia celebrate the holiday on November 11 -- just like in the United States.


Where is the official Remembrance Day celebration held in the United Kingdom?

The official UK Remembrance Day celebration takes place at Whitehall with the placement of a wreath on the Cenotaph -- or Tomb of the Unknown Solider. The ceremony takes place just as Big Ben tolls 11 a.m. in memory of the World War I armistice.


What month is the actual Veterans Day celebrated in the UK?

The UK first celebrated Veterans Day in June 2006, though the name of the holiday was changed to Armed Forces Day in 2009. Unlike Armistice Day, which commemorates the end of the war, Armed Forces Day celebrates those serving in the military.


What month is Armed Forces Day celebrated in the U.S.?

Like the United Kingdom, the United States has its own Armed Forces Day. The holiday is designed to honor those currently serving in the military and takes place on the third Saturday in May each year.


What year was the first official Armed Forces Day celebrated in the United States?

Prior to 1949, each branch of the military had its own independent day of celebration to honor service members. Starting in 1949, the branches joined forces to honor their members all at once on Armed Forces Day.


What was Memorial Day originally known as?

Memorial Day was established in the 1860s. It was originally known as Decoration Day and was designed as a day when families would decorate the graves of soldiers who had died in battle.


When did Memorial Day become a federal holiday?

It wasn't until the National Holiday Act took effect in 1971 that Memorial Day became a federal holiday, held annually on the last Monday in May.


What city is home to the oldest Veterans Day parade in the U.S.?

America's Parade in New York City started in 1919 to commemorate the end of World War I. The United War Veterans Council continues to host the parade each year.


Where is the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier located?

The Tomb, which plays an important role in Veterans Day celebrations, is located in Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia -- just outside of Washington DC.


What year was the first National Veterans Award given?

Congress authorized the presentation of a National Veterans Award in Birmingham, Alabama, starting in 1954. The prize is awarded at a dinner each November in Birmingham.


Who won the first National Veterans Award?

Congressman Ed Rees of Kansas, who spent nearly a decade working to have Veterans Day established as a national holiday, won the first National Veterans Award in 1954.


How many Americans are veterans as of 2016?

There are around 21 million vets in the United States as of 2016 and roughly 16 million of those served in at least one war. That's plenty of people to celebrate on Veterans Day -- or any day you choose.


Which war produced the most U.S. veterans?

Around 16 million Americans fought in World War II, compared to 8 million in Vietnam and fewer than 5 million in Korea.


What day was Armistice Day celebrated on in 1920?

As Armistice Day was starting to find its way as a holiday in the U.S., it was celebrated on a Sunday in 1920. This gave churches around the country a single day to hold services dedicated to peace and honoring lost soldiers.


How many Americans fought in World War I?

World War I was the war that launched November 11 as a holiday to celebrate veterans around the world. About 5 million Americans fought in the Great War, and the last veteran of that conflict, Frank Buckles, passed away in 2011.


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