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Supplies of petroleum are nearly exhausted following a global nuclear war. "Mad" Max Rockatansky roams the now-depopulated and desolate desert scavenging for food, water, and fuel. Remember Max, the Feral kid, the Gyro Captain and the most hard-core chase and action scenes ever with this Road Warrior Trivia Quiz.

What actor portrays Max Rockatansky?

Although Mel Gibson became famous for his portrayal of Mad Max, it was a role that had more action than dialog. In fact, Mel Gibson only had 16 lines of dialogue in the entire film, and two of them were: "I only came for the gasoline." Arnold Schwarzeneeger as the Terminator also didn't have many lines in his movies, The amount of lines is similar to Arnold Schwarzenegger's portrayal of The Terminator. He had exactly 16 lines, with 17 sentences spoken.


Who is the character who flies in a ramshackle gyrocopter?

The Gyro Captain is a wanderer who looks for fuel and supplies. However, instead of driving a car, the Captain flies in a ramshackle old gyrocopter powered by a VW air-cooled engine. Time's reviewer Richard Corliss called the Captain "a deranged parody of the World War I aerial ace: scarecrow skinny, gaily clad, sporting a James Coburn smile with advanced caries"; despite his quirks, however, the Captain proves to be wily and courageous.”


What do Max, his dog and the Gyro Captain have to eat together?

Dinky-Di Dog Food was the can of food the three had to eat. The flavor of Dinki Di was meat and vegetable. The dog food brand Dinki-Di was created for the film, and was never a real brand. In Australian slang, Dinky-di means the real thing, genuine


Who said this? No! It's *my* snake, I trained it, I'm going to eat it! I got a recipe for snake. Delicious. Fricassee of reptile. You are what you eat.”

Max outsmarts the snake protecting The Gyro Captain’s helicopter and is going to eat it when the Gyro Captain says this line. Although Mel Gibson was the protagonist, because he was relatively unknown in the US, the trailers did not feature him, but instead focused on the chases and action scenes.


Who killed the Golden Youth?

The Feral Kid, a boy who lives in the wasteland near the refinery settlement, killed the Golden Youth. The Feral Kid is portrayed by Emil Minty. After Mad Max 2, Minty had minor parts in two films. In 1990 he appeared in a few episodes of A Country Practice. Minty withdrew from acting in 1992 to become a jeweler at Chris Lewis Jewelers in Sydney's Gladesville, where he has worked for 23 years.


What is The Feral Kid’s weapon of choice?

The Feral Kid defends himself with a lethal metal boomerang which he can catch using an improvised mail glove. He doesn’t have any lines but speaks in growls and grunts. The narration of the opening and closing sequences, provided by Harold Baigent, is revealed to be that of the Feral Kid, grown to adulthood by then, and remembering the circumstances of his youthful encounter with "Mad" Max.


What is the name of the character who avenges the death of The Golden Youth?

Wez, a mohawked, leather-clad biker serves as Lord Humungus' lieutenant in the gang. Vincent Canby, the New York Times reviewer called the Wez character the "most evil of The Humungus's followers...[a] huge brute who rides around on his bike, snarling psychotically.”


What does Wez ride?

Wez (Vernon Wells) rode a motorcycle with The Golden Youth right behind him. Empire magazine listed Wez as the greatest movie henchman of all time. He is best known to international audiences for this role and as Bennett in the military action film Commando. After Mad Max 2, Wells began appearing in Hollywood films, such as Weird Science (1985) and the science fiction comedy Innerspace (1987). In the 2000s, Wells acted in the television series Power Rangers Time Force portraying the series' main villain Ransik.


Pappagallo plays what type of character?

Pappagallo is the idealistic leader of the settlers in the barricaded oil refinery. Even though the settlers' compound is besieged by a violent gang, Pappagallo "...carries the weight of his predicament with swaggering dignity." Pappagallo is played by Michael Preston, a boxer turned singer and actor. He had three Top 40 hits in the UK Singles Chart, including reaching #12 with his cover version of "Mr. Blue" in November 1959. He has also had a long career in films and TV.


What is the female character’s name that distrusts Max when Max first arrives?

Women are both protector and protected. The Warrior Woman, who is distrustful of Max, and Big Rebecca are good fighters and protectors. The Warrior Woman is portrayed by Virginia Hey, an Australian model turned actress known for this role as well as her role as Pa'u Zotoh Zhaan in Farscape and various roles in television drama series, such as lawyer Jennifer St James in E Street. The Captain’s Girl is a beautiful young woman among the settlers who rejects the Gyro Captain's offer to escape together.


Who says this? “Greetings from The Humungus! The Lord Humungus! The Warrior of the Wasteland! The Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla!”

Toadie is much like a brown-noser, who flatters and fawns after Lord Humungus. He is the gang crier. Toadie takes pleasure in physically abusing helpless prisoners, but the gang has little respect for him. Toadie is portrayed by Maxwell John Phips, who was nominated for an AFI award for his role in Stir.


What does Toadie wear?

The gang must make do with the clothes that have been left behind after the nuclear war. Toadie wears a decorated mink stole as a hat and has many automobile badges and hood ornaments on his clothes. He is also thin and wears glasses. Max Phipps who played Toadie is well known for this role as Prime Minister Gough Whitlam in the television mini-series The Dismissal (1983), Sir Frank Packer in True Believers, and Queensland Police Commissioner Terry Lewis in the TV documentary drama Police State (1989).


Why is Lord Humungus’ face never seen?

Lord Humungus, the violent, yet charismatic and articulate leader of a vicious gang of post-holocaust, motorcycle-riding vandals who "loot, rape, and kill the few remaining wasteland dwellers" is portrayed by Kjell Nisson. Nisson is a former Swedish Olympic-class weight lifter and actor. Time magazine's Richard Corliss stated that in Nilsson's portrayal, "malevolence courses through his huge pectorals, [and] pulses visibly under his bald, sutured scalp."


What creates the gate of the compound?

Controlling the gate controls who comes in and out of the compound. The gate is made with a working school bus which can be driven to provide access to the outside world. Highly protected, it has kept the occupants safe until now.


Who says this? “They've got you wrong. You're not a coward. STUPID, maybe. But not a coward.”

The Gyro Captain is portrayed by Bruce Spence who is best known for this role as well as Jedediah the pilot in Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, and as "Zedd" in Legend of the Seeker. He won an AFI Award for Best Actor for his role in the 1971 comedy Stork. He performed the voice of Chum in Finding Nemo, the Mouth of Sauron in The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, the Trainman in The Matrix Revolutions, and Tion Medon in Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith.


Who said this? “I am gravely disappointed. Again you have made me unleash my dogs of war.”

Lord Humungus says this. It’s fortunate the line stayed in the original cut. The original cut of the film was more bloody and violent, but it was cut down heavily by Australian censors. Entire scenes and sequences were deleted completely or edited to receive an "M" rating. When it was submitted to the MPAA in the United States, two additional scenes (Wez pulling an arrow out of his arm and a close-up shot of him pulling a boomerang out of his dead boyfriend's head) were shortened.


Who says this? “The last of the V8 Interceptors... a piece of history! [Picks up the booby trap he just removed] Would've been a shame to blow it up.”

The Mechanic says this as he inspects Max’s car inside the compound. After Mad Max (1979) was finished and before that film's release, all of the cars were supposed to be destroyed, including the black Interceptor, but someone thought the Interceptor was too good to lose, so they saved it from the crusher. When the sequel was in its planning stage, someone found out the Interceptor had somehow survived, so they tracked it down, and bought it back.


What is the name of the dog in the movie?

The Australian Cattle Dog, is called “dog” on and off screen due to the fact he came from a local dog pound and didn’t have a name. Dog was trained to perform in the film. Because the sound of the engines upset him (and in one incident, caused him to relieve himself in the car), he was fitted with special earplugs. After filming was complete, he was adopted by one of the camera operators. He may have another name now.


Who says this? Two days ago, I saw a vehicle that would haul that tanker. You want to get out of here? You talk to me.”

Max is trying to convince Pappagallo to give him his car and petrol in order to get the vehicle they need to escape the compound. The ratty compound was more expensive than it looked. It helped to make the cost of production one of the most expensive sets ever constructed for an Australian film. This desert compound was built in the desert of Broken Hill, New South Wales. The production also boasted the largest explosion ever created for an Australian film, which destroyed that very set.


Who says this? “Do you think you're the only one that's suffered? We've all been through it in here. But we haven't given up. We're still human beings, with dignity. But you? You're out there with the garbage. You're NOTHING.”

Pappagallo is trying to convince Max to stay with them, to fight and to build a life. Once he gets to the compound Max looks a bit rough. According to George Miller, it was Mel Gibson's idea to make Max look as rough and ragged as he did. Before filming began, he cut his own hair and eyebrows, cut the sleeve off his leather jacket, and tore up his gloves.


What happens when Nathan and other defenders try to leave the compound?

A group of defenders attempts to break out of the compound, but the marauders capture, torture, and kill all but one of them, who is rescued by Max. Max makes a deal with the mortally-wounded sole survivor, Nathan. The deal is that he will bring him back to the compound in exchange for a tank of fuel. David Downer plays Nathan. Downer has a career that spans over 35 years on stage and screen. Besides this role, he is known for his roles in The Killing of Angel Street, Norman Loves Rose and The Settlement.


Who says this? “YOU! You can RUN, but you can't HIDE!”

Wez says this prior to a chase scene. According to the trivia book "Movie Mavericks" by Jon Sandys, one of the more spectacular stunts in the film was actually a serious accident. One of the motorcycle-riding raiders hits a car, flies off the bike, smashes his legs against the car, and cartwheels through the air towards the camera. This was a real, genuine accident: the stuntman was supposed to just fly over the car WITHOUT hitting it. But the near-fatal incident looked so dramatic that it was kept in the movie. The stuntman broke his leg badly, but survived.


What song does Max's music box play?

The music box is actually just the insides of a music box. It plays Happy Birthday to You and makes a friend out of the Feral Kid. He is an important ally throughout the film.


Who says this? [regarding Max's gun] Empty, all this time! That's dishonest! Low”!

The Gyro Captain says this after he has been held up and chained by Max. Did you know there were two gyrocopters used in the movie. One that flew, and which was never wrecked, and the "stunt" one which they simply dropped for the crash scene.


Who rescues Max after Wes runs Max off the road, wrecking his vehicle and severely injuring him?

Max is rescued by the Gyro Captain as he is trying to crawl back to the refinery. Wez ran Max off the road in a chase using Humungus's nitrous oxide-equipped vehicle. The marauders kill Max's dog with a crossbow, then attempt to siphon the fuel from the Interceptors tanks, but trigger an explosive booby trap, which kills some of the attackers. "Dog", the Austrian Cattle dog was picked out of a number of other dogs due to him picking up a rock off the ground and playing with it like a toy. The crew members realized the dog could have a real presence on film and had the potential to be trained.


The Seven Sisters Petroleum, painted on the side of the tanker refers to what?

Seven Sisters Petroleum, painted on the side of the tanker, is a reference to the oil companies that used to control world oil markets: Shell, Exxon, Mobil, Chevron, Texaco, Gulf and BP - the Seven Sisters.


Why was The Mechanic in a yellow sling?

For those who haven't noticed, the lead mechanic is a paraplegic, that is why he is always hanging around in the yellow sling. Also his legs are tied together.


Who becomes a leader after Pappagallo dies?

The Gyro Captain succeeds him as their chief and leads the settlers to the coast, where they establish the "Great Northern Tribe". Max remains alone in the desert, once again becoming a drifter. Years later, the Feral Kid, now the Northern Tribe's new leader (voice by Harold Baigent), reminisces about the legend of the mythical "Road Warrior" (Max) who now exists only in distant memory.


Max drives the tanker trunk that Lord Humungus and his gang follow and overcome. What is actually in the tanker truck?

Lord Humungus and most of his warriors pursue the tanker, leaving the remaining inhabitants free to flee, blowing up the refinery as they leave. While being chased, Max loses control of the tanker and it rolls off the road. As the injured Max carries the Feral Kid from the wrecked tanker, he sees not petrol, but sand, leaking from the tank. The truck and its trailer are thus exposed as a decoy, allowing the other settlers to escape with the precious fuel in oil drums inside their vehicles.


How many Mad Max movies have been made?

There are four films in all. The first three movies — Mad Max, Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior and Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome — starred Mel Gibson as Mad Max and were released between 1979 and 1985. Mad Max: Fury Road is the fourth film in the series even though it doesn’t star Mel Gibson.


How was the film received?

Mad Max Road Warrior received positive reviews and is regarded by many critics as one of the best films of 1981. The film earned a 98% rating based on the critics’ aggregator, Rotten Tomatoes, as of 13 May 2015. The fans also loved it. On a budget of 4.5 million dollars it took in 10.8 million dollars in Australia and 23.7 million dollars in Canada and United States.


Which of these Saturn Awards did the Road Warrior receive from the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films?

The film received much recognition from the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films. It won the Saturn Award for Best International Film. It received additional nominations for Best Director, Best Writing, and Best Costume Design. Mel Gibson and Bruce Spence received nods for Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor, respectively.


What other awards did the movie win?

George Miller won the Grand Prize at the Avoriaz Fantastic Film Festival. Mad Max 2 was also nominated for the Hugo Award for Best Dramatic Presentation and was awarded the Los Angeles Film Critics Association award for Best Foreign Film. The film was also recognized by the Australian Film Institute, winning awards for best direction, costume design, editing, production design and sound. It received additional nominations for the cinematography and musical score.


Which of these lists did the Mad Max The Road Warrior make?

In 2008, Mad Max Road Warrior was selected by Empire magazine as one of The 500 Greatest Movies of All Time. Similarly, The New York Times placed the film on its Best 1000 Movies Ever list. Entertainment Weekly ranked the character Mad Max as 11th on their list of The All Time Coolest Heroes in Pop Culture. And finally, in 2016, James Charisma of Playboy ranked the film number eleven on a list of 15 Sequels That Are Way Better Than The Originals.


What is the Road Warrior movie praised for?

Observers praised the visuals and Gibson's role. Noteworthy elements of the film also include cinematographer Dean Semler's widescreen photography of Australia's vast desert landscapes; the sparing use of dialogue throughout the film; costume designer Norma Moriceau's punk mohawked, leather bondage gear-wearing bikers; and its fast-paced, tightly edited and violent battle and chase scenes.


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