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The ultimate quiz on one of the most popular bands in the world, The Doors! Any hardcore Doors fan will ace this, but someone mildly curious about Jim or the band will find it challenging and interesting. How do you stack up?

How old was Jim Morrison when he died?

He died July 3, 1971 at the age of 27.


Who directed the 1991 movie, The Doors?

Manzarek refused to collaborate on Oliver Stone’s film primarily because he felt the film was about Morrison and not the Doors as a group, but also because he felt Stone neglected to represent Morrison’s poetic side.


Which movie from 1994 was about a simple man who liked to run and featured numerous songs by the Doors?

Forrest Gump contained six songs written by the Doors.


What was Jim Morrison’s nickname?

The nickname, The Lizard King, came from a poem/ performance piece titled ‘Celebration of the Lizard’ included in the album Waiting for the Sun.


Where is Jim Morrison’s grave?

He went to Paris on vacation to write poetry and died of a heart attack related to drug usage there.


Which record was the first to credit each songwriter under his name instead of generically crediting The Doors?

Jim Morrison reportedly did not want people to think he had written a song that told people to “get their guns” (“Tell All the People”).


What instrument did Ray Manzarek play?

Manzarek primarily played the combo organ, but also performed vocals (especially after Morrison’s death) and played the guitar.


Who was the oldest member of the Doors?

Ray Manzarek was born in 1939 (Jim Morrison–1943, John Densmore–1944, and Robby Krieger–1946).


What is the name of the first live album released by the Doors?

Absolutely Live was released July 20, 1970 and was the only live album released while Jim Morrison was still living.


In which song did the Doors mock an Ajax ad?

“Touch Me” was written by Robby Krieger, and the original title was “Hit Me.”


For which of the following albums did Jerry Scheff play bass in studio recordings?

Jerry Scheff was among other bassists who played on the Doors’ studio recordings. Ray Manzarek played bass on his combo organ during concerts.


Which song was so similar to “Hello, I Love You” that royalties are paid to the artist who wrote it instead of to the Doors when it is played?

Ray Davies just wanted the Doors to admit they stole the riff from “All Day and All of the Night,” but his publicist insisted on suing for royalties.


What was the ultimate inspiration for the name, “The Doors”?

The Marriage of Heaven and Hell says, “If the doors of perception were cleansed every thing would appear to man as it is: Infinite.” Aldous Huxley wrote a book based on this statement called The Doors of Perception, which inspired band members.


Which song was the last one recorded before Morrison died?

“Riders on the Storm” entered the Billboard Hot 100 the day Morrison died. It was only performed twice live—in Dallas and New Orleans.


Morrison was upset that the other members of the Doors were going to allow Buick to use which song?

Jim Morrison threatened to destroy a Buick on stage if they went through with the deal, and Buick decided to market to older people instead of the young generation.


What compilation released by Elektra upset Morrison because on the cover a younger image was used of him?

Morrison offered to shave for the 13 photo shoot, but Elektra wanted a Christmas album that had more sex appeal so they used an older photo on the cover.


Where was Robby Krieger born?

Robby Krieger’s parents were part of the Los Angeles Jewish community.


Who wrote the song “Gloria”?

Van Morrison originally released the song with his band, “Them”, in 1964, but The Doors performed it live from 1968-1970.


Which instrument did Ray Manzarek play in “Love Me Two Times”?

Many people thought Ray was playing the clavichord until he stated he played the harpsichord in the book Light My Fire: My Life With the Doors.


The Doors producer Paul A. Rothchild quit after hearing which song?

“Love Her Madly” drove Paul to exclaim the Doors were making “cocktail music” and walk away from them in disgust. Amazingly, “Lover Her Madly” peaked at #11 on the charts after its release and was only surpassed by “Hello, I Love You” (#1-1968), “Light My Fire” (#1-1967), and “Touch Me” (#3-1969).


Who fought against the use of the name “The Doors of the 21st Century”?

John Densmore wrote about his legal battle in the book titled The Doors Unhinged: Jim Morrison’s Legacy Goes to Trial.


When was the last live performance of The Doors as the original four-man band?

On December 12, 1970, the Doors played at the Warehouse in New Orleans. Jim was so out of it during the performance, he smashed the microphone into the floor and laid down for about 20 minutes halfway through.


Which album primarily consisted of Jim Morrison reading the poetry he wrote in a beatnik style?

An American Prayer upset Paul Rothchild when it was released because he felt it did not represent what Jim Morrison wanted to do with the recordings of his poetry.


During which song would the band act out Morrison getting shot?

Although Jim Morrison’s dad was in the military, Ray Manzarek was the only member of the Doors to have served. “The Unknown Soldier” was written as a protest against the Vietnam War, and having Morrison shot by guitar on stage added to the realism of it.


In “Break on Through,” Morrison sings, I found _____ in your arms.

He finds an island in her arms. “Break on Through” was on the first album released by the Doors and never became as popular as some of their other songs.


Jim Morrison hated commercialization. Which other band member complained about it?

John Densmore believed Jim Morrison’s spirit told him not to commercialize the band.


In which of the following songs can you hear Robby Krieger singing?

Robby sang in not only “Land Ho,” but also in “Runnin Blue” and in several songs performed after Morrison died.


Which two albums were released by the Doors after Jim Morrison’s death?

The Doors rank was starting to fall prior to Jim’s death because of his conviction for indecent exposure, so Other Voices and Full Circle did not do well on the charts either.


In “Wishful Sinful,” the “sun is shinin’…”?

Robby Krieger wrote “Magic risin’, Sun is shining deep beneath the sea, but not enough for you and me and sunshine.”


Who was the audio engineer for the Doors and ended up producing L. A. Woman for them?

Bruce Botnick often refuted the legend that his television was thrown out the window by Morrison when caught watching a Dodgers game.


What song did many people call “Follow Me Down”?

“Tell All the People” was released in June of 1969 and reached # 57 on U.S. charts.


Which band member was also in the Butts Band and The Doors of the 21st Century?

Robby Krieger has also played with the Blue Oyster Cult and Experience Hendrix.


Which Doors song was used in the 1987 movie The Lost Boys?

As a vampire flick, it is no wonder they chose “People are Strange” to open it. The Lost Boys launched the careers of Kiefer Sutherland, Jason Patric, and Corey Haim and was loosely based on Peter Pan.


What was Side A of Morrison Hotel called?

Many people refer to this album as “The Hard Rock Café” because that was the title of Side A.


What sport did Ray Manzarek play in high school?

When his basketball coach told him he had to play point guard instead of his favorite positions, center or power forward, Manzarek quit the team and turned to music.


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