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You've gone on more than a few dates, but you still aren't sure if your partner is "the one." Maybe you think they're super attractive but don't agree with them politically, or perhaps your partner's inability to get along with your friends has put a wedge between you. Regardless of the reason, you're not sure if this person is "Mr. or Ms. Right" or "Mr. or Ms. Right Now." Luckily, this quiz can help.

To help you figure out if your current relationship has serious potential, we've come up with a series of questions that test the compatibility between you and your current boo. From asking if you two get along with each other's families to querying whether you like the way your partner dresses, we're covering the gamut of common compatibility issues so you can determine if you two are meant to be. 

So, are you ready to find out what's going on in your relationship? We promise this will be more accurate than shaking a Magic 8 ball or checking your love horoscope for this week! If you want to know the truth, it's time to make yourself a cup of tea, put on some kickin' tunes and dive into this quiz!

Who does more housework?

Do you both want kids?

What do you most often fight about?

Do you like your partner's friends?

Has your partner ever brought you flowers?

Do you like how they dress?

Can you talk to your partner about ANYTHING, or are some topics off-limits?

How would you describe your partner's political beliefs?

Let's say that you meet someone at a party who really attracts you. How long would it take for you to mention that you're already in a relationship?

Do you think your partner's taste in music is, well, good?

Is your partner good at reading your body language and emotional cues?

When you tell your friends that your partner is coming to a group hang, how do they act?

Do your friends think your partner is "the one?"

Let's say your partner wants to go back to school to get a better job, but they need you to support them financially while they're studying. Would you say yes?

When you're together, does time fly?

Would you rather go on vacation with your partner or your best friend?

Is it easy for you two to make decisions together, or does it usually turn into a battle royale?

Who makes more money, you or your partner?

Are you proud of your partner for something? What is it?

Is your drive for intimacy stronger or weaker than your partner's?

Do you feel like spending time with you is a priority for your partner?

Do you BOTH want to get married within the next five years?

Is your partner funny?

Does your mom like your partner?

Why do you stay with your partner?

If you had to sum up your relationship with a quote, which of these would fit best?

How do you get along with your partner's family?

When it comes to hitting the sheets, do you two share similar tastes?

How did you and your partner meet?

Are you two close in age?

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