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How well do you know Pope Alexander VI?

Rodrigo Borgia is also known as _________?

After Pope Innocent VIII dies in 1492, Rodrigo bribes his way to become the elected Pope.


When Rodrigo becomes Pope Alexander VI, he makes his bastard son ______ the Archbishop of Valencia?

A year later he becomes a cardinal, but what he wants to be is in command of the Papal army.


How many times does Lucrezia Borgia marry?

The first one flees in fear of Cesare, while the second one was strangled by Cesare.


How does Rodrigo die?

In 1503, both Rodrigo and Cesare caught malaria from attending a party at a cardinal’s house in Rome.


How many seasons is ‘The Borgias’ on air?

It was supposed to be on for four seasons, but Showtime had enough of the high production costs and axed it.


How do they release the two-hour finale?

In 2013 show creator Neil Jordon published the script as an e-book named, “The Borgia Apocalypse.”


Rodrigo is part of the __________Church.

The Roman Catholic Church is also known as the Catholic Church with more than 1.27 billion members.


Who is furious that he lost the election to Rodrigo?

He travels across Italy and France looking for allies to help him become Pope.


Who plays Rodrigo Borgia?

Jeremy can be seen as Alfred Pennyworth in ‘The Justice League.’


Cesare has a _______?

Cesare kills anyone who interferes with the family or who he considers a romantic rival.


Who is the matriarch of the family?

Vannozza is the mother of the pope’s children and a courtesan.


Who is Giovanni Sforza?

Sforza is a horrible man who rapes Lucrezia repeatedly at the beginning of the marriage.


Why does Rodrigo marry Lucrezia off to Sforza?

He betrays the alliance with the Borgias.


How does Lucrezia get out of her marriage with Sforza?

The Borgias convene the College of Cardinals to have the marriage annulled on the grounds of impotence.


Who does Lucrezia have an affair with during her marriage to Sforza?

Paolo is a young servant who is the father of Lucrezia’s child.


Who murders Paolo?

Juan kills Paolo and then hangs him to make it look like a suicide.


Who is the apple of Rodrigo’s eye?

Lucrezia is played by Holiday Grainger, who can be seen in ‘Tulip Fever.’


Who is the Pope’s mistress?

Giulia lives next to the Vatican to make it easy for the Pope to make his clandestine visits.


Who is an inept coward?

Although he is the Gonfalonier of the Papal Armies, Juan is a coward and a drug addict.


How does Juan die?

He is murdered by Cesare and Micheletto after he leaves an opium den.


What does Micheletto do for Cesare?

Micheletto carries out ruthless killings under the order of Cesare to keep the Borgia family in power.


Why does Micheletto leave Cesare?

Micheletto takes a male lover who he discovers is a spy for the Sforza family. Cesare orders him killed. Afterwards, a heartbroken Micheletto abandons Cesare.


Who is Joffre Borgia?

The young boy is married off to Sancia of Naples to secure an alliance with the kingdom.


Why does Cesare murder Ursula Bonadeo’s husband?

After the assassination of her husband, Ursula is wracked with so much guilt she ends it with Cesare.


Who is Sister Martha?

After Ursula leaves Cesare, she joined the nunhood and takes the name Sister Martha.


What happens to Sister Martha?

She is killed when the Convent of Saint Cecilia is destroyed by Charles VIII, on his way back to France after retreating from Rome.


How does Cesare avenge Ursula/Sister Martha’s death?

He takes a band of mercenaries to raid and destroys the French army, wiping out their entire war machine.


Who is Cardinal Orsino Orsini?

He is poisoned at the instruction of Cesare Borgia.


Prince Cem is a rival to what throne?

The Ottoman Empire exists from 1299 to 1923, and after WWI emerges as the country of Turkey.


Why is Prince Cem with the Borgias?

They host Cem in exchange for a financial reward.


Caterina Sforza is also known as _______?

She is an enemy of the Pope, who Cesare has sex with instead of convincing her to come to Rome.


Who is the commander of one of the most feared armies in Europe?

The Pope makes him the King of Naples only to discover that Naples is devastated by the plague.


Juan is supposed to marry ______?

She is the illegitimate daughter of the King Alfonso II of Naples, who Juan takes on as a mistress instead of a wife.


Lucrezia’s only true love is _______?

They have a long-term incestuous relationship despite the various marriages and affairs between them.


Who captures Forli?

He does so by firing a barrage of cannonballs at the point where the tunnel of the old Roman mine meets the wall, causing the wall to cave in.


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