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You want me to answer these Blossom questions? Whoa! Think you have what it takes? It's time to head back to the 1990s to see if you can ace this ultimate Blossom quiz!

Blossom ran on Mondays at 8:30pm until _________.

Blossom aired immediately after The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and the two shows were often cross-promoted.


Which of the following activities does Blossom do throughout the opening sequence of each episode?

Dancing ranged from belly dancing, to ballet to striking a vogue.


What is the name of the actress who portrays Blossom?

Mayim Chaya Bialik is best known for her role as Blossom as well as Dr. Amy Farrah Fowler on The Big Bang Theory.


What is the name of Blossom's father?

Nick Russo was played by Ted Wass. Wass actually directed 18 episodes of the series, including the series finale!


Who is the goofy, baseball player, ladies man and middle child of the family?

Joey Russo is played by Joey Lawrence as a teenager, but at age 11, he was played by his brother Matthew Lawrence, and at age 2, he was played by another brother Andrew Lawrence!


Who is Blossom's best friend?

Six refers to the number of beers her father drank in order to get her mother pregnant. Her full name is Six Dorothy LeMeure.


What is the name of the actress who portrays Six?

Jenna von Oy won two Young Artist Awards for her role in Blossom. The Best Young Actress Co-starring in a Television Series in 1993, and the Best Youth Comedienne in 1994.


Who is the recovering drug addict and alcoholic on Blossom?

Anthony "Tony" Russo is played by actor Michael Stoyanov. He left Blossom after only a few seasons to write for Late Night with Conan O'Brien.


What is Joey Russo's catchphrase?

"Whoa!" became a popular catchphrase in the 90s due to Joey Lawrence's popularity.


Why is Blossom's mother not around throughout the series?

With Maddy Russo gone, the show focuses mainly on the family's attempt to adjust and live without her.


What is Nick's occupation?

Nick plays different gigs with a range of bands. In the pilot episode, however, Blossom's dad was named Terry and he worked as an accountant!


Which professional sport does Joey play after high school?

Joey gets accepted to Arizona State University but decides to play professional baseball after high school instead.


What does Anthony do for a living?

Prior to becoming a paramedic, Tony worked at a doughnut shop!


Who marries Shelly in Las Vegas?

Tony and Shelly marry in Las Vegas after a night of drinking and gambling.


What is the name of Tony and Shelly's son?

Nash Metropolitan Russo was introduced to the series in November of 1994.


Who is Blossom's on-again off-again boyfriend?

Vinnie Bonitardi is played by David Lascher. He also had roles on Step by Step, Beverly Hills 90210 and Full House.


Which of Tony's girlfriends does Joey have a crush on?

Rhonda Jo Applegate was a Playboy bunny who was portrayed by Portia Dawson.


Blossom's dad tells her that she is named after...

Blossom Dearie was a great American jazz singer and pianist, mostly of the bebop genre and known for her light and feminine voice!


What is Six known for?

Jenna von Oy got the role of Six only after Melissa Joan Hart declined so that she could take the lead role of Clarissa Explains It All!


Who does Nick marry?

Blossom and Carol do not get along very well, but as the series goes on, their relationship improves.


What kind of men is Six fond of dating?

During a rough patch, Six once dated a married older man!


What is the name of Blossom, Joey and Tony's grandfather who moves in with them for a while?

Buzz Richman was played by Barnard Hughes. He is a war veteran who loves women, cigars, and alcohol!


Who has a crush on Joey?

Joey and Six once shared a kiss but never developed an actual relationship.


What did Blossom wear in every episode?

Blossom became a fashion icon for young girls and led to the popularity of the floppy hat!


Who does Nick treat like his own daughter?

Six is often over Nick's house hanging in the bedroom or living room with Blossom.


What was Nash Metroplitan Russo named after?

Nash was born in the backseat of a vintage Nash Metropolitan.


What color is the word Blossom as it appears in the opening credits of the show?

The opening sequence varied from season to season but "Blossom" was always pink.


In the opening credits, who does Blossom twirl around as a ballerina?

Blossom wears various outfits in the opening sequence - they change according to the the person she is dancing with.


In the opening credits, who is playing the piano as Blossom tap dances on top of it?

In this scene, Blossom is dressed in a top hat and tails with lace stockings!


What color hat is Blossom wearing as the opening credits end?

It is a white hat with a white and yellow flower on the front.


Blossom sometimes receives advice from _________ in fantasy scenes.

Mr. T, Hugh Hefner, Phylicia Rashad, David Spade, ALF and Will Smith all appeared in various dream sequences on Blossom.


In which year did Blossom premiere on TV?

Blossom debuted on July 5, 1990 as a pilot preview. It later ran as a mid-season replacement on January 3, 1991.


For how any seasons did Blossom run?

Blossom ran for 5 seasons for a total of 114 episodes!


On which network did Blossom run for all of its series?

Reruns of Blossom were syndicated for several years after the show ended. They ran on Superstation WGN, Hub Network, and most recently Discovery Family.


What is the theme song of Blossom?

The Blossom theme song was My Opinionation by Mike Post and Steve Greyer and performed by recording artist Dr. John.


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