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How well do you know Red and the Blacklist?

Who is the former U.S. Navy officer turned high profile criminal, that voluntarily surrenders to the FBI?

When he surrenders, Red is number four on the FBI's Most Wanted List.


Red has an unexplained interest in ________?

When Red starts to take an interest in Keen, she is an FBI profiler.


What is Elizabeth Keen's birth name?

She was born in Moscow to Katarina Rostova, a Russian intelligence agent whom everyone regards as a "myth".


What network airs 'The Blacklist?'

The National Broadcasting Company started in 1926 as a radio network and grew into broadcast televison starting in 1939.


Red tells the ________ that he has a list of the most dangerous criminals in the world.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is the domestic intelligence and security service of the United States, which also serves as the nation's prime federal law enforcement agency.


Red is willing to inform the FBI on the operations of the dangerous criminals in exchange for _________?

Immunity from prosecution is a legal status where an individual or entity can not be held liable for a violation of the law to facilitate societal aims that outweigh the value of imposing liability in such cases.


Before going on the run, Elizabeth Keen is a _________?

FBI profilers work in a major branch of the FBI's Crisis Incident Response Group. This department investigates and researches the behavior of serial and violent criminal behavior.


Who blocked Elizabeth's memories to the fire?

Reddington eventually regains her memory of the event when she killed her father to protect her mother. Reddington had been trying to protect her from the knowledge when he blocked her memories.


Who is Elizabeth Keen's husband?

At the start of the show Tom is an elementary school teacher.


Tom Keen is not actually a teacher, but a ______?

Tom is a covert operative for a man who goes by the name of Berlin.


Who is Berlin?

Milos is number eight on the Blacklist and is one of Reddington's nemeses between the first and second seasons.


Who is a professional thief known for stealing money and information from China, Iran, and the United States?

Luther is number twenty-one on the Blacklist and typically organizes his operations to take place during wars, natural disasters or other upheavals and take advantage of the surrounding chaos to cover them up.


What is The Cabal?

The Cabal is a shadow government orchestrating assassinations and international conflicts, that is responsible for many key events in the series.


The core members of The Cabal are greatly concerned with retrieving the ________?

The Fulcrum is a blackmail file that can bring down many of the most influential men and women in the world.


Who is Leonard Caul?

He is a former CIA agent and specialist in technology who is another member of Alan Fitch's faction.


Who is Alan Fitch?

Before his death, he is the Deputy Director of National Intelligence and the head of the Cabal.


Elizabeth kills _______ before she goes on the run?

is the US Attorney General, who is a good friend and colleague of Harold Cooper who, before his death, he had coerced Cooper's doctor to fake Cooper's cancer and planned to destroy the other Task Force members.


Red throws "The Director" from a _______?

He crashes through a house's roof, killing him.


Who is "The Director?"

Peter is the CIA's National Clandestine Service and became leader of the Cabal after Alan Fitch's demise.


Red's right-hand man is ______?

Dembe is Reddington's trusted and loyal bodyguard, driver, factotum, and confidante, who is introduced as a Muslim former freedom fighter from South Sudan.


_______ is a senior FBI agent who is a stickler for procedure?

Ressler's father was an honest policeman who was betrayed and killed by his corrupt partner after refusing to take bribes. His father is one of the main reasons he sticks to FBI's procedures.


"Straight as an arrow" Ressler developed an addiction to _____?

Elizabeth is the one who discovers Ressler's addiction. After she tells him to get help, he says that he can do it on his own. He eventually does kick his addiction.


_______ is the head of the covert FBI task force assigned to pursue the criminals on the Blacklist?

Harold is the former Assistant Director of the FBI and was attacked and put into a coma by Berlin's men at the end of season one.


Diane Fowler assigns CIA field agent _________ to Reddington's security detail?

In season 1's finale, "Berlin: Conclusion", she is killed in a nightclub by an escaped convict who slits her throat.


Who is ex-NSA on the team?

He worked for the NSA for 14 years before being hired by Harold Cooper for his mad computer skills.


Who plays Elizabeth Keen?

Megan played Lauren Stanton in the short-lived series "Law & Order: LA" and can be seen as Sloane in "Family Games."


__________ is Reddington's personal "cleaner" who comes in to scrub crime scenes?

Mr. Kaplan is a woman who Red trusts with his life and Elizabeth's life.


Who orders the Director to eliminate Liz before she can testify about the Cabal?

Laurel Hitchin is the national security advisor to the President of the United States.


Reddington's ex-wife is ______?

Carla Reddington is known now as Naomi Hyland and is married to Frank Hyland. She and Red have a daughter named Jennifer.


____________ is a double agent for Reddington assigned to spy on Niko Demakis?

Vargas should have known better than to cross Red. However, Vargas is revealed to have been in league with the Cabal associate Matias Solomon and is fatally shot by Reddington for his treachery.


Who plays Tom Keen?

Ryan can be seen as Leif in 'Lovesong' and will be seen again as Tom in 'The Blacklist: Redemption.'


By the end of season three, it is suggested that Red set everything up so that he could become part of the _________?

Laurel Hitchin meets with Red in her office after she publicly exonerates Elisabeth's and expose the Cabal's existence.


Who plays Donald Ressler?

Diego can be seen as Alan in 'Lavender' and Mike Faber in 'Homeland.'


________ is a high-ranking Cabal operative?

Matias Solomon is formerly a CIA asset in Ethiopia, working with Laurel Hitchin, but the agency ended its relationship with him when he proved to be too brutal even for them.


Who plays Raymond 'Red' Reddington?

James Spader has lead a long successful career from playing Jimmy in 'Team-Mates' in 1978, to Alan Shore in 'The Practice' to Reddington in 'The Blacklist.'


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