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"Interview With The Vampire" was a landmark modern-day vampire movie, introducing a newer, sexier take on these creatures of the night. Take some big bites of fun and information in this "Interview With The Vampire" quiz!

Why was Daniel Molloy, the reporter, following Louis?

Molloy knew that everyone had a story. He knew that if he lucked out with a really good story, he could turn that into an article.


When talking about himself, with what does Louis begin?

Louis decides to be a bit of a storyteller, and omits his normal life. He begins his storytelling to Molloy with how and when he became a vampire.


Where was Louis living when he was still alive?

Given Louis' colonial culture, it's no surprise that his story begins in New Orleans.


What was the first "ability" that Louis demonstrated?

Vampires can move much faster than normal humans, to the point where they look like they can teleport. As Louis explains, it's a physical ability in itself, even though he is still very much made of flesh.


What was Louis' reason for watching movies?

Louis finds that he likes watching movies to see the bright colors of day, and even the sunrise. As he says in the beginning, he loves the light.


Who played the role of Louis?

Brad Pitt snagged the role of the brooding vampire, Louis.


Which Hollywood A-lister played the vampire, Lestat?

It was rumored that many top celebs wanted to play Lestat, even the singer, Sting, who composed a song for the film. But the part went to Tom Cruise.


"Interview With The Vampire" came from the imagination of American author, Anne ___.

Anne Rice wrote "Interview With The Vampire." She had reservations about Tom Cruise's casting, but reportedly mellowed down when she saw the performances.


What was Louis’ "rich person" stature before he became a vampire?

Louis was a well-off plantation owner. Even at the age of 24, he was already a successful man by the standards of his time.


In the movie, why was Louis practically self-destructing while he was still alive?

In the movie version, Louis was falling into depression and self-destructive behavior because his wife and unborn child had died. In the book version, though, it was because his brother had died. Hollywood revisions!


Who said the famous line, "I want some more?”

Claudia's famous line was perfect for how big a mix she was of a child and monster. This continues throughout the rest of her screen time in the film.


Before she became Spiderman's Mary Jane, this young Hollywood actress portrayed Claudia.

Kirsten Dunst brilliantly played the child vampire, Claudia, when she was just 12 years old. Even at that young age, she was already impressive alongside Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt.


How does Louis first meet Lestat?

While Lestat has chosen Louis well before they meet, the first time Lestat shows himself to Louis is when he saves Louis from a mugging. That's also the first time Lestat bites him.


What is the choice that Lestat seems to love talking about?

Lestat's amusing idea is to give someone the choice of becoming a vampire or not. It's not clear in the movie if he would have killed the person if they said no, or if he makes it such that the target would really want to become a vampire. Either way, it's "the choice he never had."


In the movie, how does one turn into a vampire?

In the Anne Rice vampire world, you have to drink the blood of a vampire (if you're allowed to…) to become one. In the books, it's more about magic than biology. In the movie, it's unclear which it is.


As mentioned in the movie, what two classic "anti-vampire" things don’t really work?

In the beginning of the movie, Louis and Molloy talk about the usual anti-vampire things. Apparently, crucifixes and wooden stakes don’t work.


Though it's not explained in detail, what is one traditional vampire object that seems to be needed in the movie?

Coffins are still needed in the world of "Interview With The Vampire, though it's not very clear why. In the books, vampires actually bury themselves in the ground if there is no coffin.


In the movie, how do normal humans react to the vampire's bite?

Unless the idea is to be violent, as with the Theatre des Vampires, if done properly, the vampire bite is pleasurable. Lestat is the one who seems to do this the most.


Who were the first to suspect that Louis and Lestat were probably not human anymore?

The slaves on Louis' plantation were the first to suspect of his new stature. In the movie, it was probably since, at first, they did not eat as much.


What's the one kind of blood that's not a good idea for vampires to drink?

In the movie, Lestat is shown becoming very sick and disoriented because he drank blood from a dead child. It's not explained why, but blood from already-dead people seems to be bad for vampires.


Why was prepubescent Claudia turned into a vampire?

Claudia was initially a victim of Lestat's actions. But after seeing Louis' issues, Lestat decided to turn Claudia into a vampire, to create a "wonderful little family" of vampires.


New Orleans is a port city with a lot of graveyards. In what state is it located?

New Orleans is the largest city in the state of Louisiana, and a major port as well. It's no surprise that it would be the setting for a country-hopping vampire to get some new blood, as it were.


Why is it seen as a sin by traditional vampires to make one as young as Claudia?

One major reason for vampires not to turn children is that they become twisted by the knowledge that they can never really enjoy adulthood, even if they have become adults in their minds.


What was the Theatre des Vampires all about?

The Theatre des Vampires had a novel style. They would kill onstage. That way, people would think it was just really gruesome makeup and theater tricks.


Where were the Theatre des Vampires based?

The Theatre des Vampires were a coven that made itself at home in Paris. With the development of theatrical art, it was easy for vampires to hide and kill in plain sight. They're the "accidental discovery" of the New Orleans vampire family's trip to France.


Why did the Theatre coven kill Claudia and her nanny-companion, Madeleine?

It's an old vampire rule, again. Vampires are not supposed to kill their makers, meaning the vampires who turned them. In the case of Claudia, she was killed for attempting to kill Lestat.


Where is Lestat originally from?

Lestat was from France. His clothes and manner of acting and dressing suggest that he was either nobility, or from a rich family. However, his other stories also imply that he may have had to get away to America out of necessity.


Desperately seeking same: What was the big disappointment in Louis and Claudia's travels, at least until they came to Paris?

Louis and Claudia found that while there were many stories of vampires in their travels, there were very little traces of real vampires. Of course, they really should beware what they wished for... as they eventually find some. Or they found them!


What makes Armand unique among the vampires?

Armand says that he is the oldest vampire he knows of. In the books, though, he's not exactly that old, but he is among the most active of the older vampires.


Which Spanish-born actor played Armand?

Antonio Banderas wore a wig for his role as Armand. He had a successful Spanish cinema career long before Hollywood picked him up for good.


After decades of being apart, how did Louis find Lestat in New Orleans in the 1990s?

Louis sensed what he called "old death" in New Orleans. It was hard for him to explain, since vampires have senses that are very different from normal people.


Who portrayed Molloy, the interviewer?

Christian Slater played Daniel Molly, the journalist who stumbled upon interviewing a vampire. He's currently doing TV work, particularly in "Mr. Robot."


After all those vampiric stories, what was Molloy's conclusion?

After all the horrific stories Louis told Molloy, the reporter wanted to become a vampire.


What is the movie's cliffhanger ending?

For all the efforts to kill Lestat, it looks like he's still alive. And yes, it looks like he's going to turn Molloy into a vampire.


How did Lestat react to Louis' voice on Molloy's interview tapes?

Lestat looked bored and disappointed that Louis was still feeling existential conflict about being a vampire. But then, Lestat apparently loves being a vampire. To each his own bite!


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