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The highly popular A-Team is a program that showcased big, bombastic movie-like scenes and scenarios on the small screen, to the delight of a weekly audience. Think you know enough of the show to be a fan? Find out by answering this quiz!

The A-Team is a TV show falling under this kind of genre.

The show tried to include "high-octane type" of production values being used in action-adventure films.


While the storylines of the show involved many gun-firing and bomb-blasting in every episode, producers claim that it’s not really violent because of this.

Enemies are seen escaping from bombed vehicles or they’re shown as being alive even if they were sprayed with bullets. Fancy that.


Who created this show?

Most of Cannell’s TV shows involved crime-drama story-lines.


The A-Team always starts each episode with this kind of storytelling technique.

The narration is usually accompanied by a montage of video clips to show what the voice is narrating.


It is revealed that the A-Team were originally a group of soldiers involved in this war.

Though the Vietnam War started during the 1950s, heavy American involvement during the 1960's and 1970's crept into the subconscious of the public, which were reflected in pop culture.


The opening narration reveals that the team members were court-martialed and sentenced, but they were able to do this.

The team escaped from a maximum security stockade, which says something about the extraordinary abilities of these men.


It is said that the guys were found guilty of this.

Due to a botched up Vietnam War operation, the former soldiers weren’t able to produce evidence of their innocence.


As the A-Team, these group of ex-soldiers turned into this kind of people who could “help” you in a "certain" way.

As mercenaries without any kind of legal or ethical bounds, they try to help people solve the problem they are presented with.


How many members comprise the A-Team?

The four ex-soldiers all have their varied specialties.


Who is the leader of the A-Team?

Smith is a brilliant tactician.


While Smith is the team leader, he is otherwise known by this name.

All of the team members had their designated nicknames.


To characterize Hannibal, what kind of item does he always have in his person?

In real life though, George Peppard smoked cigarettes rather than cigars, which gave him lung cancer.


Aside from being the team leader and tactician, Hannibal also possesses this unique quality.

The disguises are useful in covert operations.


Who is the team’s second in command?

Peck was a First Lieutenant ex-US Army Special Forces Commando.


Peck also had a nickname. What was it?

Face is smooth and suave, so he can use his charms to acquire stuff or information for the team.


Who is the pilot of the team?

Murdoch’s real name wasn’t revealed in the show.


Since he is committed in a mental institution during the earlier seasons, Murdoch also has this nickname.

Unlike the men, he wasn’t sentenced during the court-martial even if he was the pilot of the Vietnam operation. He just ended up being interned in a psychiatric hospital.


Murdoch’s psychiatric nuances is sometimes written as storylines. One storyline involves him having this kind of invisible pet.

The invisible dog’s name is Billy.


Who is the mechanic and the muscle of the team?

BA Baracus was a Sergeant First Class Commando.


The BA in Baracus’ name stands for Bosco Albert, but his team mates also say it stands for this.

BA has anger issues sometimes, so the name is apt.


BA has this irrational fear which tends to be a hindrance of some plans of the team. What was it?

The team drugs him or knocks him out when they need to fly.


If someone wants to contact and hire the A-Team for a job, they always talk to one person, which turns out to be him.

Hannibal always shows up in disguise in order to assess if the situation is not a trap for the team.


He is the designated con man of the team.

Face usually sets up scams and pulls off hustles in order to get what the team needs.


BA’s hair is usually styled in this manner.

The mohawk style became even popular ever since the A-Team became popular.


Murdoch is always seen wearing this on his head.

His baseball cap goes well with his leather flight jacket.


What kind of vehicle does the team have?

The A-Team van has become an icon itself.


Due to the popularity of the A-Team as a show, this toy manufacturer made a toy version of their van.

The Hot Wheels A-Team van is a cute replica of the real thing.


What is Hannibal’s signature catchphrase?

Even though the plan is not entirely by him, he always says this line when the guys all pitch it, and a plan is formed.


Because of his fear of flying, BA also has this catchphrase.

Well, as they say, famous last words. He flies anyway, but unconsciously, thanks to the guys.


Surprisingly enough, with the bad attitude persona enveloping him, BA doesn’t consume this.

The no-alcohol drinking tough guy actually prefers drinking milk.


The two female characters who appeared during the first seasons had this similar profession.

The two female journalists acted as "tag-along" characters in the adventures of the males.


This commander was the first real antagonist of the team.

Lynch was the commander of the fort where the team escaped, so he pursued the "escaped convicts" at the beginning.


When Col. Lynch wasn’t able to pin the team down, this second antagonist was assigned to do that job.

Decker and Hannibal had some animosity since their Vietnam War days, so this pursuit is revenge-driven. But again, to no avail.


This beloved professional wrestler guest appeared as himself on the show.

One A-Team episode, aptly titled “Body Slam," featured other wrestling personalities aside from Hulk Hogan in cameo roles.


Due to the high-testosterone storylines and all-male plotlines, the show was criticized for being this.

Even if the producers tried to insert female characters, the show still remained a very masculine show.


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