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Ally McBeal belongs to this type of TV series.

Even though it is technically a drama, the show also has comedic elements, thus also being categorized as a comedy-drama.

Ally McBeal debuted on 1997 over the Fox Network. Who created the show?

The prolific TV writer-producer is married to Hollywood actress Michelle Pfeiffer.

Who played the titular role of Ally McBeal?

Flockhart is married to Hollywood actor Harrison Ford.

In the pilot episode, Ally is introduced as a new employee of this kind of office.

Ally eventually becomes a partner in this new law firm.

In which city does the story of Ally McBeal take place?

Boston is the capital of the state of Massachusetts.

At the beginning of the series, Ally starts working in this fictitious Boston law firm named after her ex-classmate and his business partner. What was its name?

Ally actually left her previous law firm due to a sexual harassment case.

What is the name of Ally’s ex-classmate, the co-owner of their law firm, characterized as an extroverted person who enacts sexual fetishes from time to time?

Fish was played by Greg Germann.

What is the full name of the other owner of Ally’s law firm, the lawyer whose trademark is whistling through his nose?

Cage was played by Peter MacNichol.

Ally strikes up a close friendship with her boss John Cage because they both have something vivid, which produces occasional hallucinations. What is this vivid thing?

Co-workers often describe the two of them as variations of being eccentric.

Perhaps the most famous hallucination of Ally involves this creature, a symbolism of her biological clock.

The dancing baby is already a popular Internet image during the 1990s prior to being used in Ally McBeal.

A unique but also progressive characteristic of the Cage and Fish law firm is having this kind of bathroom.

The unisex bathroom featured many comedic subplots within the series.

The series’ running theme is more about Ally’s personal than professional life, especially her eternal search for this famed persona.

Ally dates lawyers and non-lawyers alike throughout the series’ run.

Majority of the show’s early seasons had Ally carrying the torch for this ex-boyfriend of hers. What is his name?

Thomas was played by Gil Bellows.

To her surprise, Ally becomes her ex-boyfriend Billy’s colleague in the law firm. To her even bigger surprise, she finds out this fact about Billy.

As it turns out, Billy is already married to a lawyer who also joins Cage and Fish later.

What is the name of Billy’s lawyer wife?

Georgia was played by Courtney Thorne-Smith.

What is the name of Ally’s female best friend?

Raddick was played by Lisa Nicole Carson.

Ally’s brutally honest best friend, Renée, also works in the legal profession in this capacity.

In one episode, Renée ends up defending Ally in a lawsuit during a supermarket altercation.

What is the name of Ally’s perky and quirky office secretary?

Vassal was played by Jane Krakowski.

What is the unique invention of Elaine which she tried to market in an infomercial?

Elaine’s invention was allegedly copied from a relative, so she ended up being sued by her aunt.

Perhaps this Ally McBeal actress is the only person to actually have some legal background in real life.

An Australian by birth, De Rossi studied law at the University of Melbourne.

Nelle Porter’s sarcastic demeanor and biting one-liners earned her this nickname.

Nelle is a sort of femme fatale which the other women found as aggressive.

Nelle introduces this other sarcastic future associate in Cage and Fish, also known for being cold and ferocious.

The presence of Ling Woo during the '90s to early 2000s became significant for Asian-American female representation on television.

Ling Woo is partly depicted as a mysterious Asian woman who possesses "sexual secrets from the orient.” Naturally, she attracts this male colleague, with whom she has sexual relations later.

In one episode, Richard and Ling perform fetish-like foreplay like dropping hot wax on his body.

It was in season four when Ally meets a lawyer who could potentially be “the one.” What was his name?

Show creator David E. Kelley rewrote the episode where Ally and Larry should have gotten married when the actor playing Larry ran into some trouble.

Which Avengers star portrayed Ally’s supposed fiancé Larry Paul?

Downey’s role was written out due to the actor’s real-life legal problems.

This operatic pop singer appeared in two significant series enders of the show.

Groban played a high school senior who sued this girl for promising to be his prom date then later backed out.

Aside from the office, the Cage and Fish associates and employees also converge in this kind of establishment from time to time, usually after office hours.

This piano bar was graced by real-life musical celebrities in cameo appearances.

This singer sang the main theme of the show, as well as covers which became popular soundtrack pieces of the show.

Shepard released the soundtrack album Songs From Ally McBeal in 1998.

John Cage actually channels this R&B crooner’s songs when he wants to get “into the zone” of things.

White also became popular through his other song entitled "Can’t Get Enough of Your Love, Babe."

On the third season, Billy Thomas suddenly died of a cerebral hemmorhage, to Ally’s devastation. Where did he die?

Billy collapsed after giving his closing arguments in which he also mentions his sustained love for Ally.

When Billy Thomas died, he occasionally appears to Ally in this form during the later episodes.

Actor Gil Bellows was about to star in The Agency during the time he was doing Ally McBeal, so he had to be written out.

When Billy died, Ally begins the day after by being chased by this singer to provide her emotional soundtrack of sorts.

Throughout this episode, Ally gets “chased” by more disco music.

This Friends co-star had a recurring role during the last season of the show.

Jon Bon Jovi and Christina Ricci also had recurring roles during this season.

As a prelude to the season finale, a girl named Maddie Harrington was introduced as Ally’s daughter, the result of an egg bank mix-up where Ally deposited her eggs a decade ago. Which Heroes co-star portrayed the daughter?

Panetierre currently plays Juliette Barnes in the TV series Nashville.

In the series finale, Ally is about to leave Boston to move into another city. Which city was this?

Ally wants to join her daughter Maddie in New York.

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