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How well do you know the CTU?

Who plays Jack Bauer?

Kiefer’s full name is Kiefer William Frederick Dempsey George Rufus Sutherland.


Who plays Jack’s former mentor, Christopher Henderson, in Season Five?

Peter Weller played the original Officer Alex J. Murphy in the 80s film series, ‘RoboCop.’


Which Hobbit appears in Season Five?

Sean plays Samwise ‘Sam’ Gamgee, the faithful BFF of Frodo in all three ‘Lord of the Ring’ movies.


Who is the CTU mole in Season One?

She appears to help Jack all day and then kills his wife at the end.


How many seasons is it on-air?

'24' returns as a 12-episode series titled ‘24: Live Another Day,’ and as a spin-off ‘24: Legacy’ in 2017.


When 24 was on primetime, what network aired it?

The spin-off ‘24: Legacy’ will also be on Fox.


What agency is Jack a part of from Season One to Season Three?

In the show, the Counter Terrorist Unit is the intelligence’s arm of the Department of Homeland Security.


What makes this show so different from other shows on TV?

Each season covers 24 hours in Jack Bauer’s life.


How many children does Jack have?

Kim Bauer is played by Elisha Cuthbert can also be seen in the Netflix hit ‘The Ranch.’


Who kills Jack’s wife?

Nina Myers is played by Sarah Clarke, who can be watched on the Amazon original series ‘Bosch.’


Season One centers around _______?

Senator Palmer is a Democratic senator from Maryland.


Who plays Teri Bauer, Jack Bauer’s wife?

After ‘24’ Leslie goes on to play the tough-as-nails Secretary of the Navy Sarah Porter on ‘NCIS.’


What agency does Jack work for in Season Four?

He is working for the Department of Defense for the Secretary of Defense.


Season Two center around _________?

Jack needs to find out who is responsible for the threat of attack to avoid an unfounded war between the US and three Middle Eastern countries.


During Season One, what major political event takes place throughout the day?

In the 2016 Californian Presidential Primary Clinton beat Sanders 55.8% to 43.2%.


Who takes over as the head of CTU after George Mason’s death?

Tony is played by Carlos Bernard, who plays Henry Wainwright on ‘The Inspectors.’


Season Three centers around _______?

CTU tries to contain the Cordilla virus, which is a type 3 immuno-pulmonary virus that is similar to the Hantavirus.


In Season Three, what drug is Jack hooked on?

He picked up the habit while he was undercover with the Salazars.


What season does Kim start working at the CTU?

She works there because Jack wants to keep an eye on her.


What season is David Palmer poisoned?

A terrorist named Mandy poisons him.


Season Four centers around four separate emergencies, but the one that captures Jack’s attention is ______?

Audrey Raines is played by Kim Raver, who also played Dr. Teddy Altman on ‘Grey’s Anatomy.’


Who is the mastermind behind Season Four’s attacks?

He wasn’t going to stop with the attacks until the US surrendered.


Who is the second mole working at the CTU?

Jamey is a mole for Ira Gaines in his assassination attempt against Senator David Palmer.


Which season does Nina Myers and Sherry Palmer get killed?

Sherry is murdered by Julia, the last suspect in the killing of her husband, Palmer contributor, Alan Milliken.


Season Five centers around ______?

Jack is framed for the assassination of former US President David Palmer.


Jack ________ in Season Four?

The Chinese government demanded his arrest.


Season Six centers around _______?

Jack works with (not for) CTU to take down suitcase nuke-armed terrorists.


In the first episode of Season One, what time does the clock start ticking?

At midnight Jack and Teri send their teenage daughter, Kim, off to bed thinking that they’d have a peaceful night at home.


What is the name of President Palmer’s backstabbing wife?

Sherry is played by Penny Johnson Jerald, who also played the feisty police captain, Victoria Gates, in ‘Castle.’


Season Seven centers around ________?

The government firewall is breached by Warlord Ike Dubaku, as he attempts to cause massive damage.


How many times is the silent clock used during the regular seasons?

The silent clock is not used at all in Season Four.


Season Eight centers around _______?

This season set in NYC, with the CTU’s New York City office having neem re-activated.


Who are the bad guys from Season One that show up like a bad penny in Season Two?

Both Nina and Mandy are introduced in episode one, season one.


What is the name of Chloe and Morris O’Brian’s child?

Prescott is an English habitational name from Old English preost 'priest' + cot 'cottage', 'dwelling'.


What season did Chloe O’Brian arrive?

She arrives to help stop the virus threat.


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