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How well do you know Nurse Jackie?

What hospital is the center of the show?

The show uses the Newman Vertical Campus for the exterior of the fictional All Saints Hospital.


'Nurse Jackie' is a show about a ________?

Sociopaths tend to be thrill-seekers by nature, and they are more likely to indulge in risky behaviors, including drug and alcohol abuse.


How many seasons did 'Nurse Jackie' air?

It aired from June 8, 2009 to June 28, 2015.


What pharmacist feeds Jackie's drug habit?

Jackie trades sex for drugs with Eddie but Eddie thinks it's love.


Who does Jackie take under her wing?

Zoey a spunky, but inexperienced, nursing student from a community college who manages to smooth out Jackie's rough edges at work.


When Grace is young, she worries about ________?

Grace worries about everything from cleanliness to fires to someone breaking into the home.


Jackie's husband is _________?

Kevin is a laid-back honest man who after discovering the truth about Jackie, divorces her.


What are Jackie's drugs of choice?

Jackie's excuse for why she takes drugs is that she hurt her back.


______ is the giant in the ER?

Thor is a male RN in the ER. He's a big burly fella who steps in to take care of the difficult patients.


What city is All-Saints Hospital located?

The fictional hospital is in Manhattan, which is the most densely populated borough of New York City.


Dr. Cooper has two ________?

Maureen Cooper and Mrs. Scheinhorn are his two mothers. Cooper is devastated when his mom's divorce.


Eddie is let go from the hospital the first time because he is being replaced by an _________?

The machine is a Pill-O-Matix and the staff gives it the nickname the 'Candy Machine.'


Who is the temp nurse that gets on Jackie's bad side?

When Sam first arrives at the hospital he is abusing drugs. When he returns, he is in recovery and drives Jackie crazy as he knows she is an addict.


What name does Jackie take on so that she can pick up prescriptions?

Jackie steals the identity of a homeless nun to pick up her illegal medications.


Whose DEA number did Jackie steal?

Dr. Roman is an ER physician who falls in love with Dr. Cooper.


Jackie's youngest daughter is ________?

Fi loves her mother more than anything and hangs on Jackie when she is around her. When Fi finds out about the drug use it hurts her to the core.


The fun-loving doctor who no one takes seriously is ________?

Dr. Cooper jokes around too much and plays with toys. He prefers people to call him Coop.


Dr. Cooper has a nervous tic that has him __________?

When Coop gets nervous he reacts with inappropriate sexual touches. He says it's like Tourettes.


Who takes Zoey's stethoscope?

Dr. O'Hara takes the stethoscope on purpose and gets a kick out of the ways Zoey tries to get it back.


Grace doesn't tell her parents that she boarded a bus to ______?

When the bus leaves Grace at the rest stop, she calls Zoey and Jackie overhears the conversation.


While married to Kevin and having an affair with Eddie, who shows up at Kevin's bar to find out what's going on with Jackie?

Right after Jackie breaks up with him, Eddie shows up at the bar and befriends Kevin. He uses his friendship with Kevin to keep Jackie with him.


Who is the hospital administrator?

Gloria is a no-nonsense woman who is a stickler for the rules until a friend is in need. However, if a friend lies to her and she discovers it, she turns into that person's worst nightmare.


Who is the trauma surgeon and the Chief of Emergency Medicine that hooks up with Zoey?

Dr. Prentiss never really fits in to civilian life and reenlists in the milatary, leaving Zoey behind.


Jackie dates _______ after her break-up with Eddie and her divorce from Kevin?

Frank Verelli is an NYPD Sergeant who has two sons with the oldest son making moves on Grace. Once Jackie finds out about Frank's son, she breaks up with him.


Jackie likes to snort ________?

She likes to take it up through the nose because it hits her body like a bolt of lightning.


Who is Kevin's second wife?

Mia is played by Laura Benanti who can be seen as Sadie Stone on 'Nashville' and Amalia on 'She Loves Me.'


When Jackie loses her nursing license, she enters the Diversion Program and works at the hospital as a ______?

Nancy has to transport dead bodies and clean up behind the doctors and nurses.


When Eddie gets fired the second time from the hospital, he lands a job as a ________?

Pharmaceutical sales representative are salespeople employed by pharmaceutical companies to persuade doctors to prescribe their drugs to patients.


Who plays Nurse Jackie?

Edie can be seen as Sylvia in 'Horace and Pete' and as Jackie Leavey in 'Leavey.'


When a Norwegion company buys the hospital, it is going to turn it into ______?

Each condo is to have three bathrooms so that no one has to wait to go to the bathroom in the morning.


Who plays Zoey?

Merritt can be seen as Dr. Denise Cloyd in 'The Walking Dead' and as Mary Agnes in 'Godless.'


_______ loves to yell out of his window to people on the sidewalk?

Donald,who thinks he's God, is played by Michael Buscemi. Michael can be seen as Kurt in 'Smothered by Mothers.'


_______ is Jackie's BFF who after giving birth, moves back to London?

Dr. Eleanor O'Hara is played by Eve Best who can be seen as Anna Clayton in 'Stan Lee's Lucky Man.'


Who plays Dr. Cooper?

Peter can be seen as Dr. Cullen in the 'Twilight' movies and as Maxwell Lord in 'Supergirl.'


When the series ends, it appears that Jackie _______?

Jackie snorts a powered substance from a patient that is transferred to Bellevue. She collapses on the floor of the ER. She opens her eyes at the end of the show which leads the audience to believe that she is not dead.


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